Where is the road

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This film is for backpackers who love walking

Finally, he stopped and went home. For all the questions, I just want to say, "I don't want to suffer any more."

I don't want to starve, I don't want to be frozen, I don't want to be on the pass, I don't want to have any despair in front of the snow mountain

Outdoor from beginning to end is not a game of life, nor is it a competition of equipment. It is to accept and enjoy the most difficult training of the body on the premise of ensuring the safety of life.

There is an attitude called "poor travel"

Poor travel is not a gimmick, not begging, but a journey of self challenge

There is a spirit of "Outdoors"

Outdoor is not equipment, is not crazy, is a daring journey

There is a life "on the road"

On the road is not escape, not romance, is a simple and simple time

Where is the way

Lugu Lake -- Daocheng Yading

9 days

40 kg load

260 km

3000 meters above sea level

Look at them if "three no crossing"

(no guide, no groom, no standard equipment)

Can I ask where is the way? The road is at the foot, the road is in the heart

Zeng Jin's travel notes

Let's go to the wild (Tiger Leaping Gorge · rain avalanche for 7 days) to enjoy massive high-quality pictures

Climb Yulong Snow Mountain when it's sunny

Going to the wild alone: 192 days of hiking in China (the first season)

One man through Motuo: a challenge of life and death

My posting habit is to tempt you with some truth first

Has anyone been to this position?

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Where is the road


When it comes to this line, we have to mention one person first - Joseph Locke

About Joseph Locke

Austrian American Explorer, botanist, geographer and linguist. At the beginning of the 20th century, he visited Yunnan Myanmar border and Tibet as an explorer, writer and photographer of National Geographic, Department of agriculture and Institute of Botany of Harvard University.

Based on the villages near Lijiang, Locke studied the local customs, animals and plants. Many articles in this period were published in National Geographic. It is also the articles of this period that inspired the writer James Hilton's creative inspiration, completed the famous novel the lost horizon, and achieved the beautiful legend of Shangri La.

Lugu Lake Yading line is also called Locke line. However, it remains to be studied how much of our route belongs to Locke line.

Lugu Lake - Yading, there are a line and B line, also known as the east line and west line

East Route: Wenquan Township → lijiazui village → Wujiao village → Wujiao Township → Yangpeng → fukeguduo pass → kale ranch → queershan → Qiongyin village → Ludu village → Tongtian riverside → dongla village → Dulu village → Sijia village → gold mine → galuo village → galuo ranch → galuo Yakou → xialuoduojiya → Chonggu temple

West Route: hot spring → Yiji Township → Kawa village → KUKE village → seku village → Russian Yatong Township → Dongyi District → KAS village → kasniupeng → Yading → Daocheng (because the east route is high mountains and has many branches, the actual route may be slightly different, which is related to the direction of choice.)

Compared with the western route, the eastern route is longer and takes 8 to 12 days. The scenery along the route is relatively beautiful, but it does not pass through Cass dungeon valley; The west route is short and takes seven to nine days. The scenery in the first five days is not as good as that in the west route, but the scenery from Cass dungeon Valley to Aden is beautiful.

Where is the road


Day1: Lugu Lake (2600) - old hot spring (2500)

Day29:30-17:27 old hot spring (2500) - lijiazui Village (2600) - Yakou (3000) - Wujiao (2700)

Day38:00-18:00 Wujiao (2700) - Yakou (3050) - Yangpeng (3500) - Pusa mountain - zigou Yakou

Day48:00-18:32 zigou pass pasture queershan pass (4200) - shuicaodi (3950)

Day59:30-16:59 shuicaodi (3950) - tasigou (3900) - Qiongyin Village (3000)

Day69:20-18:00 Qiongyin Village (3000) - Yakou (3800) - Shuiluo river / Tongtian River (2000)

Day79:00-about 14:00 shuiluohe / Tongtianhe (2000) - dongla Village

Day810:00-17:20 dongla village Baishuihe (2500) - galuo Village (3300)

Day910:00-17:30 galuo Village (3300) - galuoyakou (4500) - galuo ranch (4300)

Day108:30-14:30 galuo ranch (4300) - xialuoduoji pass (4800) - Luorong cattle farm (4000)

Where is the way? Equipment list


Outdoor equipment:

Backpack: 70 + 5L, shoes: myle multifunctional walking shoes

Assault suit (fleece), hiking socks (6 pairs), quick drying suit (2 pieces), climbing stick

Double aluminum pole tent, sleeping bag (summer: don't be too cold!)

Road dining equipment:

Firewood chopper (dog proof, firewood cutting), aluminum basin (boiling noodles and water)


Dried noodles (10 tubes), corn sausage, mustard, seasoning bag (6 bags), compressed biscuits, rice (6 Jin)

Chocolate (no) beef jerky (no) luncheon meat (no)

Generally speaking, except for a pair of walking shoes that I was asked to evaluate before, there is nothing that I can hold, only a heart that dares to walk.

Where is the road


There are quite a few people walking on this line. The three of us walked on the premise of no preparation. We thought that this line is the same as the crossing line I used to walk on. We don't have to prepare too much to get to the starting point and then we can get to the end point smoothly. So, we ignored the importance of the guide. Of course, we didn't have enough financial ability to hire a guide. Of course, we overestimated our ability. We started with a 50 Jin bag, so we had to accept all kinds of difficulties that we couldn't stick to.

The difficulty of this line is quite high. It's not as mature as Motuo. It's almost no man's land all the way. All of them have to be self-sufficient and last for a long time. If you want to try this line, please make enough preparations. Even if you have a solid caravan guide, you don't have to try it easily without certain physical fitness suggestions. As for the view index of this line, I think that there are several days of scenery that can be directly ignored. Even there are times when I want to give up. But until the last two days, I think it's worth all the persistence. It's worth nine days of hardship for me to see the three sacred mountains at a time.

Another piece of advice is, if you don't have enough outdoor experience, don't venture on your own. There are almost no signals along the way. They are all places where you can't get to the village before and store after.

Back to business, travel notes begin

We had a wild trip in Lugu Lake before crossing. We are singing wandering songs, carrying heavy backpacks, walking in strange places. Strangeness is not terrible. Nature beckons to us anytime and anywhere. We passed by the lake and the field. The old man worked here. Let me remember that we can live very freely in the miserable life. We are here to indulge in our youth and enjoy the nature with an easy mind.

They are the brothers I met on the road. Dongzi came back from Lhasa, and fan Chang came from Xinjiang to accompany me. They don't know the hardship and danger of this road, and my understanding of the next few days is unknown. All I have is an idea, a "go as you want" mentality. I thought I crossed Motuo and traveled around China by myself. It was a piece of cake to cross from Lugu Lake to Aden this time. Later, I realized how arrogant I was. According to a donkey friend's evaluation of us, we were gambling on our bodies.

From Lugu Lake to Yading, we chose a long route of 8 days. Our bags are all over 40 Jin. Due to economic reasons, we can't afford to hire a guide, to secure horses, or even to make it more exciting, we didn't even search for a strategy. It's not too much to use "the challenge from hell to heaven" to describe this crossing.

Of course, challenges belong to challenges. Outdoor life is not a joke all the time. Moreover, people who have lost their lives outdoors in recent years are not an example. I don't fight unprepared battles. I accept and enjoy the most arduous training of my body on the premise of ensuring my life safety.

What is the premise of safety? For me, a mature crossing route with a guide, a groom and a team is security. Someone has a way and a direction.

On October 11, Dali set out

It's the harvest season in autumn. At the foot of Cangshan Mountain, the Bai people are harvesting. I suddenly think of the lyrics of a song

Looking at the North

I look at the north and play the piano to sing

No one saw me, how sad I was

I sit in the same place, I look up at the sky

I can't find the Big Dipper, I only see the moon

I passed the village and I was on my way alone

I walked through the hills, I can't say sad

I went through the city, I lost my way

I went through life, I didn't hear singing

October 13, Lijiang Lugu Lake

On that day, we got off at the tunnel in front of the ticket gate of Lugu Lake and went down the mountain road, thus avoiding 100 expensive tickets. Please don't talk about our behavior. It's just a wordless resistance to the commercial development of domestic scenic spots wantonly charging tickets. We shuttled through the valley of the night, Dongzi said: "this is the outdoor I want." Could have expected that this is just a small warm-up.

Is this the real start? I can't say when and where we started our journey. We left Dali, Lijiang and Lugu Lake, every place I used to be familiar with, so I said these places were my starting points

Well, the bag is big enough, and there are plug-ins. Yes, this is me last year, or I used to be.

Now I'm still outdoors, even leading the team, but after this trip, I never carry my heavy luggage again. I've sealed them up.

Now I can start with a schoolbag. If you get rid of the burden, you can walk more easily. In other words, I no longer have the courage to imagine such a crossing. Even I don't have the courage to open these photos, including now, when I write this down, I can't help crying.

So, at that time, I was the state I wanted

However, now I am still in my favorite state

Fortunately, I always know what I want and have been in the right position

Arrive at Ninglang Yi Autonomous County, this fire like nation

From Lijiang to Lugu Lake, it's the best place after all, but it's just passing by every time

My little friend: Fan Chang

Along the way, I was beaten by Dongzi and me. Because he was really bored and had a good temper, he had to make fun of him

When he took a ride, he went to many places with many young people, including me, but it seemed that he didn't really go outdoors. He didn't know much about it all the way. He had good physical strength, but he always liked to support when he was weak. In fact, it was a big taboo to go outdoors. When he finally arrived at Daocheng, he couldn't do it.

Thank you, my partner, to accompany me through this bitter road.

The golden autumn of Ninglang.

Partner: Dongzi

Wow, great captain. Beiye's loyal fans are not afraid of heaven and earth. I don't know whether his wild experience is the practice of survival in the wilderness or the real shot. Anyway, with him, we don't have to worry about not having food.

Thank you, my brother. You are rare in life.

Ha ha, first set up the image of Wei'an

Even taking photos, you bully Xiaofan

It's not really boring. We have to have fun. For example, when you take photos, you can make a funny scene. For example, when you hit a stone on the ground with a climbing stick, of course, you can't help crying and howling

Do you have the feeling of four people crossing the zebra crossing.


That's what I want

Here comes the captain. It's a good look. Ha ha······

March 14, Lugu Lake

We must have been influenced by the pig boat in Lugu Lake, but we really don't have much money to enjoy this kind of entertainment, but we have captain Dongzi here. While we were taking pictures by the lake, Dongzi saw the boat, but he didn't pick up the boat and went out to sea. Sooner or later, the real captain came and wanted to go out to sea to cut grass. Captain Dongzi gave his uncle some cigarettes, so the three of us went out to sea

In Caohai, all kinds of Sao

Fan Chang is always the innocent man

There is a beach in Luowa, where a group of children are playing

But the customs here are completely commercialized

Take this group of children as an example. Let's take photos here. They will charge you. Some women will also charge us

I have formed bad habits since I was a child. I really worry about the development here

Lig, the photo costume is holy land

On October 15, April, Lugu Lake -- old hot spring

The reason why I only left this route, and did not leave any strategies of my predecessors, is that we are not willing to copy other people's bit by bit. If we go according to other people's itinerary, I will get nothing on the way. If there is no new idea, there will be no story. It's just a repetition of what others have seen. Just like the mountain I saw at the foot of the mountain, it will be really magnificent. But it's just a picture that I've seen in other people's strategy and has been deeply rooted in my mind. What can surprise me on the way?

There is only one road, but I think everyone should have their own story on this road. For example, when we are tired, we will lie on the mat and watch the clouds float by. When we see the fruit, we will forget our fatigue and go up to the tree to pick the fruit crazily. I always think that when I walk on the road with the unknown, there will be too many unexpected and interesting things. Isn't this the best reason why I choose to walk again and again?

Such a wonderful is good, but with the unknown there are a lot of adventure, hard. I have no scruples on the surface. I just don't want to add psychological burden to them. When a car full of backpacks passed by us, the burden on our heart suddenly lightened. Experience tells me that we will have a guide tomorrow.


We have to take a bus from Lugu Lake to the hot spring. If we want to go to the old hot spring in Lugu Lake, we have to charter a bus or take a bus from Lugu Lake to Yongning first. The general itinerary is to go to Yongning by car to buy good things, and then to the hot spring.

Starting from Lugu Lake

It's a good season to go to Lugu Lake in October. If you go in summer, it's hard to walk. It's hard to see blue sky and white clouds. In October, the sky is blue every day. Lugu Lake is only beautiful on sunny days, and the lake water is not excellent on rainy days. Besides, there are many gesanghua in October.

I came out of Lige and turned to the hillside in the direction of Ninglang, which surprised me again. Although the lake here is not big, the color here is definitely more than that of Lugu Lake I have seen. On the road, there are surprises everywhere

So, when we get here, it's all kinds of chaos

Continue to walk, after a "Coca Cola" or some company run hope primary school, this time we do not want to ride, or we are eager to have a car to take us directly to the hot spring.

I don't want to take a ride because I want to see more beautiful scenery here. I'm eager because I'm a little tired to carry my bag.

Later, we took a truck carrying wheat straw to the town. After eating in Yongning, we saw two cars full of backpacks driving towards the front. As the team leader, I was overjoyed.

Later, when we went to the hot spring, it was not surprising that a large group of Nanjing donkeys came to the hot spring hotel today. They are going to Yading on foot tomorrow, and they are on the same line with us. They feel saved in a moment

It's always my habit to go hiking without a guide or a groom. Maybe I'm lucky every time. I always meet other teams when I set out. In fact, it's a bit selfish to think about it. Is it called the team leader?

In fact, it really doesn't matter to me whether there is a guide for some mature routes, but this route is really guilty. Therefore, if we can meet a team here, we feel that we have picked up a straw. Our safety seems to be guaranteed. At least one of them will not get lost.

In the old hot spring, next to the hot spring hotel, there is a local hot spring pool to soak in. For the local people, it costs 5 yuan, while for us outsiders, it costs 20 yuan. Do you think we're going to spend 20 bucks to enjoy it? Of course not. We poor losers can only soak in the pool outside the hot spring. Second, young people are more happy.

It's the same to go to the new hot spring in the evening. Tourists from other places have a tourist price.

When we were having dinner, we bought a big basin with the landlady, which they used to wash dishes or hold rice. In the next few days, I would carry that basin on my back and go all the way. In the end, I didn't remember where it was and he disappeared.

What do you do with this basin? It's OK to cook noodles or water. This is Dongzi's temporary suggestion, so you have to have some experience in such outdoor activities.

Guess who it is!

Old hot spring on October 16, may

The beginning of the formal road to the unknown, so in this line we left a lot of the first time and hard to remember.

For example, the first time we fell behind, we didn't expect that we had a bad start and we would have fallen behind before we entered the mountain. Fortunately, I can find someone to find out the way and have the chance to catch up with them, but I'm really afraid of falling behind in the next few days; For example, for the first time, we personally cut firewood to find water to cook noodles. Our dry food was limited. We only had dried noodles, pickled mustard and a few packets of seasonings. We also extravagantly brought a few intestines and compressed biscuits. These were life-saving food, and we couldn't walk, When we are very tired, we can only choose to make a "delicious meal" with our tired body. But when we think about the children we see on the road and the farmers who work collectively, what is our hard work? At least, we are carrying on the spiritual level challenge without worrying about food and clothing. And what about them? Generations of people have lived in this material barren land. They work at sunrise and rest at sunset. The only thing is that they can at least live and work with love as they used to.

For the first time, so many people camped together at Yakou. At night, we couldn't sleep. We lit a campfire and chatted about the stories on the road. I think this kind of night is rare in our life.

This is the hot spring hotel. I forgot to say that we didn't stay in the hot spring hotel that day, but we put up a tent in the courtyard of their hotel to sleep well. In addition, their family is of Pumi nationality. Have you heard of this nationality?

Ha ha, I advertised my book going wild alone

The pot on the bag turned black later. From the hot spring hotel, there will be a T-junction, one side is the east line, the other side is the west line. Turn left to take our line.

It seems that just after the earthquake, there are relief tents everywhere. When passing by this village, you can see some clothes on the trees on both sides. It is said that if the local people get sick, they will hang clothes and trousers on the trees when something goes wrong. It should be a form of disaster relief here.

Here, I feel more and more poor. Especially when we went, there was no dealer in the field

At that time, when I saw so many women digging in the field, I thought, is there still a collective life here? Later, I found out that the land belonged to a primary school nearby. These women were the parents of the school students who came together to dig potatoes for the school.

When chatting with them here, the Nanjing team unconsciously disappeared in our sight, and we didn't notice it, so we lost our way for the first time. Walking along the road, I went into a village. There was no one in the village. Maybe they all went out to work. When we got to the innermost part, we met a man who told us that we had made a mistake and should go to the right and climb the mountain on the right. So we turned around in a hurry, for fear that we would fall behind and not catch up with them. We can't do without them in the next few days.

Finally, they caught up with them at Yakou. They had a rest here and were ready to make a fire to cook.

However, they have a coachman. They don't have to pick up firewood or water by themselves. One by one, they are enjoying themselves on the grass, jumping and taking pictures. Two, the three of us had no choice. Although we were too tired to move, we were excited to think that this was our first road meal. We were busy picking up firewood. Dongzi went to pick up some big stones and built a stove. There are a lot of trees here, and there are a lot of dry wood on the ground. Just pick up pine needles and small pieces of wood. Gas cooking? Those things may not be available for the time being. Anyway, I've only heard of that thing.

The firewood knife beside Dongzi is powerful and domineering.

We are just pretending to take a picture. Let's leave the life to brother Dongzi.

It's down there. The saliva is all over.

But the altitude here is high, and the noodles are never cooked

In fact, it tastes delicious, but in fact, it's mixed with a packet of seasoning bag, which is really paste

Take a nap after eating.

I think part of the reason why it's so attractive on the road is that life on the road can be very casual.

The horses they rented here are basically made of Tuo materials. And these horses all have temperaments and are very human. Every time they stop to rest, when things are down, the horses start rolling on the ground.

I remember getting up one morning and the groom said that in the evening a horse ran back with some ponies. So, the old horse knows the way. In fact, it's good to have this horse team on the road. At first we went the wrong way, and then we ran to the mountain. In fact, I'm not sure if we went the right way. When I was resting on the hillside, I heard the sound of camel bells, so I didn't worry. That kind of worry at that time was the same as the fear that there was no direction or supplies in the desert. And in the evening, we live in tents. I think everyone should have some worries. After all, it's in the forest. After all, those places are deserted. If something happens, it's evaporation. Fortunately, we have a horse team. They watch us at night, so that we can at least sleep better. That day, I heard the groom say that they ran back. In fact, they were very sad. They really worked hard. Later, they were chased back by the groom. It was really sad. This kind of bitterness is like the bitterness of a partner, just like when we were in the college entrance examination, our parents paid attention to our bitterness and watched us study day and night. They couldn't bear to look at it directly, but there was no way to give us a direct help.

There is a river under the campsite at night, so there is no problem in making a fire and cooking

On that day, we continued to be excited. We cut a lot of firewood and lit a fire at night. We didn't have much contact with our friends in Nanjing team during the day. We can sit around and chat, look at the stars and pass the boring outdoor night when everyone has nothing to do.

Oct. 17, June

Today's journey is very long. The caravan of Nanjing team got up early to cook. They didn't have a tent and stayed out all night in the heat of the fire. In order not to fall behind, we set out half an hour ahead of time. Maybe because of not having a good rest, the three people are not in the state. They have to stop for a few steps and have a few breaths. On the hillside, we met a similar person. His name is Yu Yi. From Yakou to Wujiao village, it's all downhill. The tense pace becomes relaxed and pleasant with the continuous expansion of vision. When we arrive at Wujiao village, it's 11 o'clock, and they don't stop. We choose to soak bowl noodles here to save the time of chopping firewood and cooking noodles. But we had no idea that we would have to face greater challenges after we had been so careful with our time.

Today, we need to walk around the road and then up the mountain, but we don't know how far it will take. According to Yu Yi, a shortcut in the strategy is to pass a bridge and then go up the mountain. When we saw a similar intersection, we did not hesitate to cross the river and go up the mountain. This is not the first time to climb on the plateau. However, this seemingly low mountain makes us feel how difficult it is to climb on the plateau with a heavy load for the first time. When we rise 100 meters, we have to stop and rest several times. However, this kind of fatigue is just the beginning. If we finally challenge the 4800 meter Charlotte Doji pass, at this time, we are just on the way to the foot of the mountain. When we climb the hillside and go back to the main road, we have only one idea to catch up with them as soon as possible. The road is no easier than climbing. There are countless curves ahead of you to go around one curve. We were all exhausted, but we didn't catch up with the team, and none of us wanted to stop. But it was already dark when we got to the bottom of queer mountain. We knew it would be dangerous at night. We decided to sleep in the Tibetan houses on the roadside, light a fire and bake shoes at night, and climb again tomorrow. The altitude is a little high... Have a rest early!!

The morning glow here is very good. I remember when we took the video that day, there was a scene where Dongzi ate breakfast to save time. We didn't make a fire to cook noodles. Dongzi ate compressed biscuits pitifully. Behind the second scene was the Nanjing team. They were eating a hot breakfast. Did they feel a little sour?

In order not to fall behind, we started half an hour ahead of them. On the way, we met a more powerful person than us, Yu Yi. We saw it on the hillside. At that time, we saw a tent like thing below. When we went down, we found that someone was there. Where was he collecting the tent and preparing to leave. There was a feeling that it was too late to meet each other. Since no one else was afraid to come out, there were three of us. What else were we afraid of?

Down from the hillside is a village and a piece of grass. It is said that there will be a canteen here, which is also the last one along the way

Group photo with sister Xiaoyang in Nanjing team. Along the way, we also thanks to her care and encouragement.

This is the leader of their team - enzu

I'm going to the buffet. I need to check my ID when I go in here.

A few of us had a rest in the canteen, ate bubble noodles and bought some food. And what about them? We had to go to the camp in front of us to cook because it was said that the next step was to walk along the road and then go up the mountain. There was only one way, so we didn't walk with the team. It's also to save cooking time. But later······

Later, we went the wrong way. Yu Yi read the strategy. After we passed the village, we followed the road, then crossed the bridge and went up the mountain. But we crossed the bridge ahead of time, and we didn't go to the front of the bridge we should cross. We crossed the river, and then went up the mountain with great efforts. In the end, we didn't catch up with the team. After climbing up the mountain, we walked on the highway. We have to go up the mountain and go to gouyakou last time. Along the way, we were sure that we were right and didn't go wrong, but we didn't see any trace of them or any trace left by them. We had to climb the mountain. When we got to the top of the mountain, we met a few women whose Putonghua was not very good. It seemed that we were turning "Bodhisattva mountain" and zigouyakou was still in front of us

So we had to walk along the road to find a place to go up the mountain. But none of us knows where we have to go up the mountain, and no one knows whether our route is right or not. Let's go along the highway. There will be obvious marks on the place where we go up the mountain.

Taking the road, in fact, is a better dirt road, walking around the mountain. Also very painful, looking at the opposite road so close, can be around a big bay to pass.

The weather here is very dry. Fortunately, there are springs all the way. During the break, everyone is hungry. In order to save dry food, we share a compressed biscuit

In two days, it's a lot of haggard

People only see our back, very natural and unrestrained

But I don't know

Our exhaustion

It's not just physical fatigue, but also inner pressure

But we can only survive

In fact, it's only two days since I left, but how can I feel that I started for a long time at that time?

Autumn began to appear

We started at 8 a.m. and about 6 p.m., but we didn't see the team.

Here, there is no photo to show anything. There is an obvious way up the mountain. There is a family here, and there is a pass on it. According to Yu Yi's memory, the zigou pass he saw on the Internet should be here.

As it's getting late, we can't turn it up tonight, so we'll spend the night at the house below

However, there was no one. There were some family pets outside, so we had to sit outside and wait. When it gets dark and no one comes back, we have no choice but to wait. At about 8 o'clock, the owner came back. It turns out that this is a shop. To go to Aden, you really need to turn over the mountain bag. The host is a little girl, a person. The four of us were sleeping on the floor of her cabin. It was really cold. We all slept around the fire.

Zigouyakou shuicaodi on October 18, 2007

We fell behind again. We firmly believed that they had climbed the pass last night. According to their routine, they started at 9 a.m., so we started at 8 a.m. As we failed to cross the pass yesterday, our task today is even more arduous. Dakuduo pass, queershan pass and tasigu pass. Before, I didn't understand why it took so much time to climb 100 on the snow mountain. At this time, with heavy steps, I deeply understood the difficulty of climbing. However, when the pass was just in front of us, a group of wild dogs rushed out. A strong one barked in front of us, and several others followed. Facing the sudden attack of wild dogs, we did not dare to continue to move up. We stopped, took out our firewood knife, picked up the stones on the ground, and stood still. Finally, we slowly retreated to the side and turned over from the higher pass. I didn't ask for a guide, didn't have a stable horse Gang, and I didn't even know how to march forward. At this moment, I became a helpless fool. I even wanted to retreat for a moment in the mountains where there was no signal and no one to help me. However, Dongzi's determination and Yu Yi's judgment forced me to make a choice to move on. When I arrived at the pass, I heard the camel bell below, and rushed to the bottom of the mountain in a hurry. Sure enough, the Nanjing team was living and cooking here. It was as exciting to see them as if they had picked up a straw rope. For fear of being left behind, the next few passes kept pace with the big team. But I got lost with the horse gang in the evening! We got lost in the swamp under the dumb mouth. Fortunately, we caught up with the clues and camped in the grass land.

Before taking this picture, I was wondering if we should give up this trip.

My previous confidence was scared away by some wild dogs. When there was a signal here, I immediately called my friend who passed the line. She told me that there was a pasture under the Cigou pass, where there were many wild dogs“ "Wild dog" when I heard this word, I was terrified. I was afraid after three points. I didn't want to go on. It means that there is still more danger waiting for us. However, it's not easy to go back. They are waiting for me to make a final decision. Since it's a ranch under the pass, and we are now halfway up the mountain, why don't we climb to the pass and have a look. So my decision was to go to the pass first and then decide whether to continue or give up.

There are three reasons

1: The team of Nanjing camped at the zigou pass yesterday. Today, we set out two hours ahead of time. When we climb up the pass, we may meet them again. However, the one with wild dogs we thought was the place where the zigou pass was. We have given up. We have made a lot of detours. Whether we can catch up with them is still a headache

2: My friend told me that the ranch has to go down from the pass for more than half an hour. Then, we can first observe the terrain and the ranch conditions on the pass. Whether there are dogs now, whether we can go up the slope, we can wait for the pass to make plans

3: We really don't want to give up

It's not easy to turn over the pass at an altitude of more than 3000! Every step is laborious, and every step depends on perseverance.

This photo is not a pose, it's really tired to this point. Once there's a place to lie down and rest, you're desperate to sit down and lie down.

Finally arrived at the pass

The scenery of the pass has enough magic to let us forget the "wild dog" and the heavy steps we just took. It can also be regarded as the harvest of every crossing, or the place that attracts me

It's a good poster, but I'm the one who took photos

On the pass, we saw smoke from the pastures below and heard the sound of camel bells

After repeatedly confirming that several people on the scene have heard and seen, we can't wait to go down. I can't wait. It's really like that. I wish I had two wings to fly there directly. For a team who is ready to give up, going to Yakou is just an excuse. It's just a kind of attachment. The previous reason is just a kind of fluke. When this fluke becomes a reality, Just like a patient who has been informed by the doctor that he is terminally ill, he always has a bit of illusion about whether the doctor has made a mistake, but his heart is actually an attitude that he has already agreed with. When the doctor informs the patient again that the result is wrong, he is ecstatic. Isn't our mood at that time ecstatic?

I still remember that when I went down, the road was already frosted, and there was frozen ice on the trees. It seems that we will have more difficulties in the next few days.

When we got close to the ranch, we saw the horses below and the people in colorful clothes. When we ran, we rushed down. It's really a team from Nanjing. It's like meeting relatives in a certain city. This is a picture of me and their leader "enzu"

Later, they told us that we went wrong, and we didn't turn over the zigou pass

This is fate, we go the wrong way, over the wrong mountain can meet again, not fate is what

After filling your stomach, continue on the road. You can't be left behind on the next road!

After crossing a mountain, it's another mountain. Today's journey is a little far and a little tired.

But the landscape is beginning to change

Red, yellow, green vegetation, blue sky and white clouds

The autumn here doesn't disappoint me

Dongzi picked up an ox horn as his magic weapon

This is the last pass that I turned today. Below is the water grass land. But on the way from the pass to the water grass land, there is another thrill. Enzu told us to keep going down, so we fell behind bravely again. When we got to the bottom of the mountain, there was a large forest. At this time, the sun was setting. There were no towering trees in the forest. They were all thick twigs, and there was no obvious trace of the road. In some places, we felt that there were several roads to go. At this time, we were so anxious that we all sweated and rushed forward, but we didn't care about the branches blocking the road, When Jie Jie walked out of the forest, he found that he had lost his fleece. Besides the forest, there was a grassland. For some reason, Dongzi lost his fleece and could not find him. At this time, it was getting dark. He didn't know how long the camp would take or where it was. There was no village. There were mountains on both sides and grass in the middle, With the approach of the night, the temperature drop in the forest made me feel cool. I cried: "Dongzi" is going to be dumb. Maybe it's because I'm nervous today. I'm so anxious that I have to cry.

It's such a place. Some players are left behind. Can we not be in a hurry?

In other words, it's easy to get lost in such a place. It's like a labyrinth. It's accessible everywhere, but as soon as you go in, you can't see each other.

The night here is very cold, and this evening, a strange thing happened to the horse team.

Water and grass land Qiongyin village on October 19, 2008

Camping at an altitude of more than 4000, I didn't dare to sleep too much at night. Three people crowded in a tent and stayed up until dawn. When I opened the tent, I found that my shoes were all frost and had been frozen! They said that they could arrive at Qiongyin village early today, the village where chickens and sheep are slaughtered. We can see their expectation for meat.. Although we can only continue to eat noodles, but God also treated us well, gave us the long-awaited autumn. The linear decline of altitude did not let us have the slightest ease. Remember in the downhill when a big sister said: "I really admire you, so small dare to break out." I said: "in fact, what we should admire is you. When we get to your age, we may not have such mentality and perseverance."

There is a small shop in Qiongyin village. After a visit, we found that it was really "poor" and had nothing to do with it. We had to buy two packs of biscuits at a high price. Our guide, enzu, said that the local customs were not simple. Pay attention at night. The team in Nanjing slaughtered sheep and ate meat, so we had to cut firewood and cook noodles by ourselves. Dongzi said that he wanted spareribs and braised pork. What a pity!

In the morning, the grass is frozen, so we can see how we spend the night. But today we don't have to worry about the road, so let's enjoy the pictures

I only remember that one elder sister in their team said that she envied us for being able to walk out at this age. I want to use a sentence I learned from a "Post-00" saying: "the times are progressing."

Begin to appreciate autumn

The place below is beautiful

The groom is making lunch

Let's have some noodles

I love this kind of primeval forest most. It always gives me a sense of lost.

Here comes Qiongyin village, the village of killing chickens and sheep. But it's not as big as we think.

There is a only canteen in the village. I was overjoyed and a little disappointed when I went there. The canteen was too shabby. I thought it could supply supplies here. But I found that there was basically nothing to sell here

Here is Dongzi's diary

The fourth day through the virgin forest, more than 4000 meters above sea level, early found that my shoes are all frost, has been frozen! It's said that today's journey is very simple. It's 20 kilometers downhill, through a primeval forest, we arrive at Qiongyin village. Along the way, we take photos and record the material of "one more step". We also have to keep up with each other. We are very busy... We rush to an open space at noon to put down our bags, so we can't breathe well, I'm going to chop firewood and drive a pot to make a fire to cook. There's no lid at an altitude of more than 3000 meters. It's inevitable for me to cook rice. I arrived at Qiongyin village at 4 p.m. it's said that there was a small shop. I went to see that it was really "poor" and had nothing to do with it. I had to buy two packets of biscuits at a high price. Guide n Zu said that the local folk custom was not simple. Pay attention at night, the group of fake donkeys in Nanjing slaughtered sheep, We had to cut firewood to make noodles. We wanted spareribs and braised pork. What a pity! At night continue to campfire... Sleep... The wind blowing at night, I do not know what insomnia

Qiongyin village Tongtianhe

Fanyakou, followed by 2000 meters altitude straight down, nothing to say. Fanyakou looked at the blue sky above, but the Yakou did not appear all the time. Going down the mountain, we went through village after village. I thought we were going to be tired in the forest, but I found that the canteen and a bottle of coke rescued me.

Dongzi's Diary

Through the fifth day, straight 2000 meters... Luoshui River, this morning really don't want to get up, cold everywhere ice, no way, the horse Gang left, we have to busy three fire four put away, today is not easy! Dumb in the morning, straight in the afternoon!! Listen, it's horrible!! From 9:00 to 12:00 did not stop climbing, climbing... See the top of dumb mouth in front of you, but it is not! It's very difficult to climb the mountain at an altitude of more than 40 kg!! Collapse! Collapse! Still need to shoot... Also need to explain to the camera... I... speechless, lunch break, no one wants to pick up firewood to cook, eat a compressed biscuit, continue to walk... More than 2000 meters straight down at 6:00, finally to the end, and finally to a place with electricity, a little signal... Low altitude, high temperature, it seems that I can sleep well tonight

Let's go. Let'

Where is the road

Hongxia Sun