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Published on May 14, 2014 23:33

At the end of 2014, I went to Lijiang and Lugu Lake again. Looking back at my travel notes in May, I still have fresh memories. The address of Lugu Lake Travel Notes is attached.

Wayward new year, bid farewell to 2014. (Yunnan erjingong)

Get to the point!

Since last year when we two went to Xiamen to see the rain, our yearning for natural scenery has deepened. With the name of rain god, I began to plan to go to a beautiful place, take beautiful photos and eat delicious food, so I focused on Colorful Yunnan - the place with blue sky, sunshine, mountains, water and colorful clouds!

Because it is two girls travel, or choose Ctrip more at ease. After going there, I found that Yunnan is actually a place to go. If it's not the peak season, I don't worry about hotels. When I get there, I can find a car to go wherever I want. A leisurely journey is really suitable for Yunnan. But I've always had a plan. I've decided the whole process. I chose Ctrip's lazy people to travel freely, packed the air ticket and hotel, reported a one-day trip to the local Yulong Snow Mountain, and then packed a two-day private car to and from Lijiang and Shangri La. After playing, I still feel the most happy to charter a car. Next time I go to charter a car for the whole journey, I won't choose to take a bus. I have free time and save unnecessary time waiting for the bus to pick up people. The price is similar.

Let's first introduce the basic strategy. If you want to see it, you can read it carefully and leave it as a travel guide. If you know something about it, you can skip and look at the photos directly.

Suitable travel time in Yunnan:

From May to October is the rainy season every year, and everything recovers. In June, July and August, the mountains are full of flowers. But when you fight for your character and luck, you are afraid that you will never see much blue sky in the rainy season. The weather in the mountains is like a woman's face. It rains in the East and basks in the West. It rains in the first five minutes and then it is sunny in the last five minutes.

Every year from November to next April is the dry season. In autumn, the mountain of Pudacuo is dyed red, and the sunshine in Lijiang is always with you. The air is especially dry. You can avoid the cold in the dry season and have a warm and sunny autumn and winter season.

We choose may 7-11, five days and four nights. On the one hand, I avoided the high price of labor day, on the other hand, I thought that there was not so much rain in summer, but I was not lucky. I encountered a day of rain in Pudacuo National Park, which greatly reduced the scenery. I could only feel the natural oxygen bar in the rain.

Main itinerary:

The first day, Shanghai Lijiang, lucky airlines, stop in Changsha, Hunan Province. After arriving, Ctrip will pick up the plane and check in the hotel

Day 2 Lijiang - impression Lijiang - Yulong Snow Mountain - Baishui River Blue Moon Valley - Shuhe ancient city - Heilongtan huama Street - Lijiang ancient city take part in the one-day tour of Ctrip Glacier Park + impression Lijiang

Day 3 Lijiang - Chama ancient road by boat in Malashi sea - Hutiaoxia - Songzanlin temple - Shangri La charter

Day 4: gudu Lake Ranch Bitahai wetland the first bay of the Yangtze River Lijiang chartered bus in Pudacuo National Forest Park

On the fifth day, Lijiang Shanghai, auspicious Airlines stop at Wuhan, Hubei Province. Ctrip arranges to send the plane to end the journey!

Local transportation:

1. Walking: there are bluestone roads in the ancient city. It's inconvenient to drag luggage, and there is no car to enter. Therefore, if you book an inn, you can ask the inn to find someone to pick it up. Some Inns also arrange a three wheeled or battery car to pick it up at the door. It's suggested that you call the Inn and ask them to arrange it before you get to the ancient city.

2. Bus: there are buses at the entrance of Lijiang ancient city, leading to the nearby ancient city. 3, 8.9 to huama street, Heilongtan.

3. Taxis: taxis in Lijiang usually don't show their watches. They just ask for a price and leave when they are satisfied.

4. Bus: many buses on the road are scattered by tourists. They go to all the hot spots. If you choose to charter a car, you have to get up early and pick up all the individual passengers along the way. A 20 kilometer road may take a long time to get there. There is a guide to introduce the scenic spots and precautions, which is suitable for friends who don't want to use their heads.

5. Private car: when you travel in Yunnan, you can't be more comfortable with a private car. When you want to take a picture of the scenery along the way, you can let the driver stop for a while. When do you start in the morning and how long do you want to go to the scenic spot. If you are a tourist who has a little knowledge of the relevant scenic spots and routes, you can arrange it by yourself and tell the driver that the driver will give some suggestions and combine them to make the most comfortable trip. It can also be arranged according to the weather. Highly recommended! Ctrip can be reserved, but also by the local inn to help find, they have a joint driver. Of course, Ctrip is more assured and the driver is more friendly.

6. Self driving: renting a car and self driving is also a choice. Due to the bend of mountain road, there may be rockfall, and the condition of plateau car is different from that of plain car. It is suggested that you choose carefully if you are not confident!

get accommodation:

1. Lijiang Ancient City Inn: it is a very busy and big ancient city. As we all know, Sifang street, bar street and Qiyi Street are the reasons for the crowd here. If you are a person who likes to be busy or go to Yunnan for the first time, you can't choose Lijiang ancient city. The inns in the ancient city are of different levels, but they are all dressed in simple and elegant styles, with local ethnic style and petty bourgeois sentiment. If you want to be cheap and exquisite, it depends on whether you choose poor travel or comfortable travel. Because the altitude of Lijiang ancient city is more than 2000, we choose a more exquisite and comfortable inn. Having a full rest is helpful for us to go to higher altitude places. It's also more leisurely and enjoyable.

2. Shuhe ancient city inn: Shuhe is built after Lijiang ancient city, but most of them are passers-by. It is very small and quiet. There is also a food street. If you like to stay here, you can choose it.

3. Shangri La Hotel: there are two Hotels with good reputation and price over there, one is banyan tree villa, the other is songzanlinka hotel. Banyan is famous for its high price and reputation, but because of its reputation, people who have stayed in all say that the waiters are more attractive. The location of the hotel is relatively biased. It's hard for private cars to go through a section of muddy road. If the weather is bad, it will be more painful. But the villa can directly see the Yulong Snow Mountain. Many Gao Fu Shuai are aiming at this. Songzanlinka hotel is on the back of Songzanlin temple. The Tibetan style decoration and simple service of Tibetan people are half the price of banyan villa. The catering service is first-class. You can see Songzanlin Temple directly. Tickets to visit the temple can be reserved at their home, as long as 75 yuan. The ticket price of Ctrip is 110 yuan. This family also has an oxygen generator to take care of the guests with high altitude reaction.


1. There are all kinds of snacks, but it doesn't seem to be a special local style. Many foreigners open them. Mutton kebab, beef kebab, Yunnan Baba, sugar cake, yak jerky and so on.

2. Hot pot with preserved ribs: it is sold in many restaurants in the ancient city, and some of them are fake preserved ribs, just dried ribs.

3. Salmon three eat: the salmon here is actually red trout, the body makes sashimi, head and tail soup, fish skin fried. It is highly recommended by friends who love fish. Huama street at the gate of Heilongtan ancient city costs 38 yuan per kilo. It's much cheaper than in Lijiang ancient city, so it's not recommended to eat salmon in Lijiang ancient city.

4. Yak pot: many people say they want to eat yak meat there. In fact, yak meat is hard and has bite strength. It's not very crispy in hot pot. It's recommended to fry it. It's much tender.

5. Black goat meat: the mutton over there is tender and has no smell of mutton. In many restaurants, there are hot pot or hand grasping.

6. Wild mushroom pot: there are more affordable wild mushroom pot restaurants in huama street. If you don't like meat, you can choose. The soup is delicious after the mushroom is boiled.

7. Roasted snow mountain fish: there are many restaurants in the ancient city that have roasted fish, with potato chips, celery and pepper. The roasted fish is tender and delicious. Friends who like heavy taste can choose it.

8. Yunnan rice noodles: you always eat rice noodles in Yunnan. Whether it's breakfast or snack, a bowl of chicken soup rice noodles is the best. Rice noodles are also available in various configurations, including 8 dishes, 13 dishes and so on. The prices are different. If you like meat, you can choose more expensive. If you like vegetarian, you can choose cheaper. Some shops use clear soup, put on meat sauce or beef, add a few lettuce, a little spicy, also very refreshing. Rice noodles are so strong that they won't rot.

Tickets (Ctrip price)

1. Yulong Snow Mountain big cableway impression Lijiang one day tour 599 yuan / person Baishuihe battery car 50 yuan / person

2. Tiger Leaping Gorge 65 yuan / person

3. Pudacuo National Park 245 yuan / person

4. Songzanlin Temple: 110 yuan / person. Stay in songzanlinka Hotel: 75 yuan / person

5. The middle line of the ancient tea horse road (1 hour ride up the mountain, 30 minutes by boat) 240 yuan / person

This trip fee:

Ticket + Hotel + Pudacuo Park Ticket + one day tour of Yulong Snow Mountain = 4670 yuan / person

Other tickets + meals = 1200 yuan / person

Gift + specialty = 400 yuan / person

Total = 6270 yuan / person

Said so many basic necessities of life strategy, cut into the subject, above! This time, I brought Nikon D90 and Samsung S4 mobile phone. I'm only a hobby in photography. I take pictures of people and scenery with me. Take photos with your partner's Samsung Note2 mobile phone. Please include the body of two fat girls, focus on the scenery, I also try to give you a real Colorful Yunnan!

After arriving in Lijiang on the first day, pick up the plane and check in the hotel

Our lucky airline started at 12:35 noon, stopped in Changsha, and finally arrived at Lijiang Airport at 6:00 p.m. This is the first time I landed in a place where there are no tall buildings, no tofu like farmland. There are only mountains around. It's cloudy and cloudy. I can only pray that it won't rain for the next few days.

Near the evening, the temperature is about 15 degrees, T-shirt and sweater cardigan is enough. We got out of the airport very excited. The driver of Ctrip picked us up at the door. I was surprised that the driver was a woman. Later I learned that all the women here are men. This is a matriarchal society.

It takes half an hour from the airport to Lijiang ancient city. The driver introduced Yunnan to us along the way. Just after the rain, the roadside was wet, and the sun was shining on the sky. Suddenly I was summoned by the surprise of my companion, and the huge rainbow outside the right window was introduced into my eyes. It was so beautiful. Double rainbow! Living in a big city, we have never seen such a beautiful rainbow! The driver stopped the car and asked us to take pictures, leaving a beautiful moment.

Get near the mouth of Lijiang ancient city.

I called the inn. We stayed in the "flower dream" inn, which has the name of Qiongyao fan'er. 5 points in Ctrip evaluation. The boss's voice was friendly, saying that he would arrange someone to pick us up immediately and help us with our luggage. Sure enough, I saw two guys five minutes later. On the way to the inn, we were introduced to the main landmark road of the ancient city. In front of it is Sifang street. There are a lot of people in the daytime. At night, there will be buskers singing with microphones.

Shuttle in the ancient city, no direction, passing the beautiful tea house.

Small bridges and flowing water, different from the water towns in the south of the Yangtze River, have more ethnic style.

The boy said that the altitude here is about 2200, so we should walk slowly and learn to enjoy the slow life. When we arrived in Yunnan for the first time, we didn't feel at all. We felt very well. It was not long before we arrived at the gate of the inn. The courtyard is very large.

In the middle of the courtyard, there is a big table for guests to drink tea and watch the stars. Red lanterns are hung on the eaves. There are comfortable rocking chairs in the aisles beside, and three-dimensional paintings are hung on the walls.

Up the stairs is our room. The room reflects the delicacy of the boss everywhere. Although it is a standard room, the room is not small. If you go into the room and turn left, you will find the bathroom. The toiletries in it are not like the disposable products in general hotels. Toothpastes are small boxes, and shampoo and shower gel are essential oils. We also found a towel heating rack that we haven't seen in five-star hotels. After taking a bath, we can have a hot towel wrapped, not to mention how comfortable it is! The room is equipped with humidifier, large flat-panel TV and air conditioner. Let's not use tap water to boil water one by one, because the mineral content of the water is too high. We are afraid that we will not be acclimatized. The inn will supply unlimited small bottles of pure water. After verification, it was 5 points.

Sit in the pavilion at the door and have a look at the sky in the distance. Take a rest and get ready to go out for food!

Go to the front hall and ask the boss where there is a delicious hot pot with preserved ribs. The boss finds another guy. He looks like the thin version of Cheng Sicheng and has a very attractive look. He says that he is our housekeeper. If you need to find him in a few days, you can find him. I didn't expect such an inn to have butler service. I was too shy to take a picture. I went out with him. He took us all the way to Qiyi street, which is the food street here. He introduced us to a restaurant in the middle of Qiyi street, which is called "Yujie hot pot with preserved ribs". He said it's a real shop with reasonable price and large storefront. Then he went back and said that if he got lost, he could call him to pick him up. He was so sweet. We were worried about being cheated, so we read the public comments, which were really good. There was also a four-star evaluation. We went in.

At this time, it was nearly 8 o'clock in the evening (their sunset was around 8 o'clock in the evening). There were few customers in the shop, and the waiters warmly welcomed us upstairs. Take some pictures while waiting for the hot pot. In the open space downstairs, there are girls dancing around in circles. The girls are wearing long skirts and dancing in circles with the music.

When the hot pot came up, we two girls were in a daze. It seemed that we were going to have a big fight. It's not just a big pot, it's full of ribs. We are ready to eat a meal of spareribs, three months do not want to touch spareribs. This is a corn spareribs pot. The spareribs are fresh and tender with the flavor of preserved meat, especially the part with a little fat. It's smooth and tender( If you don't want to touch it, you can bypass it. The corn in the pot is sweet and fresh, the soup is thick and delicious, and then rinse with chrysanthemum to clear the mouth.

As soon as we were hungry, we took half a pot and began to prevaricate: "you eat!"“ Or you eat, you eat more It's really too much to eat. Four people can do this. After a rest, he killed a little bit, and finally gave up...

A meal comes to 160 yuan.

The soup is enough and the food is enough. Going downstairs is the snack street. Looking at so many snacks, I can't eat them. OK, let's leave meizhao to satisfy our hunger!

After walking through the snack street, I felt that I had taken the opposite route. I asked all the way to find the way back to the inn. We are attracted by all kinds of roadside shops, such as drums, shawls and skirts.

This kind of drum shop will sell car CDs, play beautiful songs popular in Yunnan, original, cover, bar, impression of Lijiang and so on. These songs all have a common feature, that is, the small drum is accompanied by the rhythm. CDs are playing in the store, and the landlady is playing a tambourine and singing songs, attracting many passers-by to stop and listen. Some friends are sitting in and learning to play drums together. If you like, you can buy a drum and a set of discs to take home. Introduce a local famous bar original song: Xiaoqian's "a moment". Almost every CD store in the ancient city will play this song. It can be found in all kinds of playing software.

We are going to go back to our room to relax and have an early rest to lay a good foundation for the next day's trip to Yulong Snow Mountain. Because the altitude of Yulong Snow Mountain cableway is 4506 meters, we should have a good rest in advance to avoid altitude reaction the next day. Dear friends, remember to wash and sleep early! Two girls didn't dare to go to the bar street. The street is very busy. It's also a must for lovers. Of course, there will be many thieves. Parents can decide for themselves. If you like rhythm and excitement, you might as well try it. It's especially suitable for some men who have no girlfriend or wife to follow! ha-ha!

Day 2 Lijiang - impression Lijiang - Yulong Snow Mountain - Baishuihe Blue Moon Valley - Shuhe ancient city - Heilongtan huama Street - Lijiang ancient city

Take part in Ctrip Glacier Park + impression Lijiang one day tour

The night before, the tour guide had sent a text message to tell us the place and time of the meeting. Let's meet at 7 a.m. at the gate of Lijun hotel outside the ancient city gate. So early~~~~~

Tips: in the inn, you need to pay 80 yuan for the maintenance of the ancient city. You can't go to the snow mountain until you have a good bill. If you forget to buy it, you can also buy it at the gate of the snow mountain scenic area, but there may be many people queuing up. Heilongtan scenic area should also be used. Equivalent to protection fee~~

We two girls got up at 5:45 in the morning, because we were afraid of getting lost when we went to the door, so we also wanted to buy some breakfast along the way. The boss said that it took only 10 minutes to walk out. As a result, we really asked all the way. It took nearly half an hour. It's not such a short way.

In the early morning, the ancient city is very quiet. The color of the sun is still cold. In this cold light, the ancient city is quiet and mysterious. With the call of birds, I pass by Mufu and go out from the gate of Sifang temple fair. Opposite is Lijun hotel.

After waiting for a while, Ctrip's bus arrived. Then pick up the individual all the way. It was nearly 9 o'clock when we arrived at the Lijiang performance venue of Yulong Snow Mountain impression, because we were going to see the performance at 9 o'clock.

The tour guide said that most of Yunnan is Naxi. It's a paradise for men and a world for women. Because men can do nothing and women can do everything, but when women talk, men can't interrupt. After going up the mountain, if a woman can't walk, she has to walk by herself. If a man can't walk, she can carry it on her back. A woman can't carry it on her back. Well, it's not a woman's world. It's a woman's hell.

The tour guide asked us to buy oxygen bottles at the foot of the mountain, because there are many people on the mountain, and queuing is more expensive. It is said that the more confident you are about yourself, the greater your altitude reaction, so you buy a big bottle. 100 yuan! I'm sure I've been killed. (Tips: you can have it ready at the inn, about 30 yuan per bottle)

If you don't have enough clothes, you can rent a down jacket. It's red. You can sit around and use it. It doesn't hurt. You'd better bring your own down jacket or assault suit to take beautiful photos.

First look at the impression of Lijiang at 9 o'clock, so as not to miss the 11 o'clock when you come back. You can play as long as you like. The arrangement of the tour guide is very reasonable. It's drizzling, and viewers can get free raincoats from the doorway.

Impression Lijiang is a large-scale live performance directed by Zhang Yimou, with a total investment of 250 million yuan. The first part is "impression of snow mountain" and the second part is "impression of ancient city". The main creator is composed of the original crew of "impression · Third Sister Liu"《 Impression · snow mountain takes the snow mountain as the background, absorbs the aura of heaven and earth, takes the great achievement of nature, takes the folk culture as the carrier, uses the freehand brushwork, and makes the reality and shock of life close to everyone in the world's highest performance venue at an altitude of 3100 meters.

Sonorous men from 10 ethnic minorities, ordinary farmers from 16 rural villages, more than 500 non professional actors with dark skin, with their original movements, with their simple songs, with their hot sweat, dance with heaven and earth, sing with nature, and shock your soul. There are subtitles beside it. There is a story of men and women dying for love in the middle, which is very touching. With the original music "going home", it tells the story of the family's feelings for men and women dying for love. There is also an impressive period of drinking and boxing among ethnic minorities.

After watching the performance, you can go up the snow mountain on the cableway. The snow mountain changes with the weather at any time, sometimes the clouds are shining and the jade dragon is disappearing; Sometimes the rosy clouds shine, and the snow peak is as beautiful as a red veil. Bad luck. It's rainy and foggy up the mountain. The ropeway is from 3100m to 4506m in 8 minutes. If you don't have self-confidence, you'd better take two more breaths of oxygen on the cable car. I ate a plate of Dove chocolate on the cable car in case of cold and high reaction.

The air on the mountain is thin. From the plank road, you can rush to the top of 4680 meters to see the small mountains. Because of the fog, I didn't climb up. I had a slight headache and didn't rely on oxygen cylinders.

Outside the big cableway platform, some snacks can keep out the cold, of course, the price is not cheap. You can also rent ethnic clothes for tourists to take photos once every 30 days. Looking at the beautiful dress of other girls, I couldn't help borrowing a suit myself. It's really a choice of clothes. It is said that the beauty of local people is fat. The female is called fat Jinmei, and the male is called fat Jinge. The fatter, the smaller, the more attractive. I'm fat, tall and big, so I have to go to Holland....

The cableway overlooks the scenery beside the snow mountain.

Have lunch. Line up for self-help, can only wrap belly!

You can go to Baishuihe from the restaurant. We bought a battery car for 50 yuan per person. There are three stops, and you can get on and off at will. Baishui River is mainly composed of snowy mountains and meltwater. It is known as xiaojiuzhai because of its beautiful scenery and gorgeous colors.

On a sunny day, the color of the water is blue, and the valley is crescent shaped. From a distance, it looks like a blue moon inlaid at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain, so it is called blue moon valley. The name Baishuihe is also called Baishuihe because the mud at the bottom of the lake is white and the water will turn white when it rains. Due to the blocking of mountains, the river water in Blue Moon Valley forms four large water surfaces, which are called "Yuye" lake, "Jingtan" lake, "blue moon" lake and "Tingtao" lake.

We took a lot of photos here, because the river is so beautiful, the gradual blue-green is as clear as a mirror. In the distance, the mountain top is shrouded with clouds, and the beauty nearby is smiling in red!

Tourists and eagles have to charge for a photo. Forget it, just give it a photo with the boss! Let the boss pose! The boss is very helpless, can't make money! ha-ha!

Wish card can write down wishes for loved ones and relatives! Stay in the green mountains and green waters!

After walking Baishuitai in more than an hour, we went to Shuhe ancient city. The ancient city is very small. The guide gave us 20 minutes, so I went in and took a few photos and came out. In addition to feeling much quieter, other things are not as full as Lijiang ancient city. It's a tour here.

There are wishing cards everywhere.

The bus finally put us on huama street at the gate of the ancient city of Heilongtan, which is also a famous food street. The major hotels gather here, and the price is much more reasonable than that in Lijiang ancient city. It's more cost-effective for salmon customers to choose here. We walked into a salmon restaurant "Longji Banyu village" recommended by Ctrip. It's 38 yuan per catty, and the two of us chose the smallest one of 3.6 catties. Three for one fish. Red trout is a kind of salmon, the body do sashimi, head and tail soup, fish skin fried.

It seems that there are four plates of raw fish, one big pot and one plate of fish skin. We almost dropped our eyes. Well, don't waste the delicious food. Eat it!

There's a table next to four, two of us. Pick up the chopsticks and put them in your mouth. Who told us to have a decent meal in one day. It's called fresh and elastic, which is different from Japanese salmon. Red trout is delicious by slicing. Friends who don't like raw food can eat it. The fish's tail and head in the soup are very tender. In the past, the Japanese salmon we ate was dry after it was cooked. This red trout can't eat at all. Its taste is moist and soft. It's loved by friends. Fried fish skin sprinkled with salt and pepper powder, very fragrant! The store sent a plate of spicy white radish. It's more than spicy. Our girls from Shanghai can't eat too spicy. They tasted it. It's a waste!

It took two hours to kill! Do you admire me? hey! Then we took a taxi to the gate of the ancient city instead of Heilongtan. It is said that Heilongtan is an old ancient city, which has the park of Heilongtan and the ancient city style. Forget it, I'm so tired. I'd better go back and enjoy the night in the exquisite inn. I bought a shawl along the way for tomorrow's photo.

Day 3 Lijiang - Chama ancient road by boat in Malashi sea - Hutiaoxia - Songzanlin temple - Shangri La charter

I didn't sleep very well the night before. Maybe I was too tired for a one-day trip to the snow mountain. The friend who wants to go still suggests to charter a car to go to the snow mountain. In this way, you can control your own free and easy time. You don't have to wait and get up early. The price is almost the same.

We took the car from Ctrip and got on at the north gate of the ancient city at 9:00 with the driver. Let the innkeeper call a tricycle to take our luggage and people out of the ancient city. It's much easier than dragging luggage. I bought breakfast at the north gate. What a high price! Tea egg 2 yuan, Baba 6 yuan, small meat bag 10 yuan, fried dough sticks 2 yuan. So 20 yuan is not delicious! Let's forget about it.

Discuss the route with the driver while driving. Another woman suggested that we go to Lashihai for horseback riding, because there was enough time and the weather was fine. Well, there was no plan. I'm afraid it's too late to go to Shangri La. As a result, it's really worth the trip. It's the most impressive place in our five-day itinerary, probably because of the sunshine!

Lashihai is about an hour's drive from Lijiang ancient city. Enter the midline area, Ctrip ticket price 240, if a day in advance booking can be cheaper.

The middle line takes one hour to ride up the mountain, and 30 minutes to swim in Lashihai by boat, including lunch.

Look, this is where our horses gather. Dance on horseback!

The sky is beautiful, and the sun is shining through the clouds. It's getting hot right now. A T-shirt is enough.

Tips: put on your sunglasses, sunscreen and hat.

The master of horse training smoked the ass of the horse all the way, and the horse carried us two fat girls up the mountain. The ancient tea horse road has the style of primitive mountain road. There are lots of green trees on both sides of the mountain road. The ancient road is steep, and the horse occasionally stops to drink water and eat grass.

Look how happy this girl is riding!

The rein is the steering wheel, the heel kick is the accelerator, and a pull of the rein is the brake.

The poor horse worked hard to get to the top of the mountain to feed the horse. That's the best corn. You need to buy extra. Don't forget to give the trainer's horse a plate. It's 15 yuan for three sets. This is called the exchange of feelings, the horse will be obedient and docile.

This is my little brown horse!

When you get to the top of the mountain, you can climb up the observation deck (which is made of wood) to overlook the Lashihai.

Blue sky, white clouds floating, horses running under the clouds, whips everywhere, birds flying in unison~~~~

Take a picture and have a rest. Then go down the mountain and take a boat. We are the only boat swaying in the Lashi sea, as if the world belongs to us. Our heart is so calm, if we can not leave, how good it would be.

It's beautiful to take any pictures here. The dock is over there!

I call these two trees lover tree! stick together and help each other in difficulties! brave the wind and dew!

After a meal in the boat, he left. Lunch is the local cauliflower fried meat, fried eggplant, fried potatoes, chicken soup. If you eat at will, the local farmers will not make delicious food. If you don't want to take a package, you can order from the opposite side.

Leave Lashihai and step on the gas all the way to Hutiaoxia, about an hour. Tiger Leaping Gorge is divided into upper, middle and lower sections. It is famous for its marvelous, dangerous, majestic, strong and strong features. It is a famous Grand Canyon in the world. Shanghutiao is the narrowest section in the whole canyon. A huge rock is in the middle of the river. It lies in the middle of the river. It is like a waterfall and a high ridge. It divides the torrent into two parts and makes the waves shake the sky.

It's said that zhonghutiao is a paradise for hikers, but it's hard and dangerous. We drivers don't want to go to zhonghutiao. And it takes about 3 hours to jump. It's not suitable for people like us who don't wear climbing shoes, light travel shoes and board shoes. We'd better go to the tiger dance like old friends or ordinary tourists.

Walking down from the parking lot to the Jinsha River, you can have a close look at the Tiger Leaping Gorge and Tiger Leaping stone. The river is turbulent, beating the boulder, and there is a tiger beside it. It is said that it is very narrow here, so narrow that the tiger can jump over the boulder. Hence the name of Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Up and down more than 500 steps, many people in the parking lot ask if they want a pole (that is, to carry a sedan chair). The elderly who can't walk can consider it. The price is expensive, 150 times.

It's not tiring to walk all the way down to the canyon. The valley is more than 1000 meters above sea level. Climb up is a physical work, usually climb Huangshan not panting companion, here with me hard panting, climb a few steps, stop for a while. Finally, I saw the parking platform. I was sweating.

Go back to the car and inhale the oxygen bottle. Haha, it doesn't work much on the snow mountain. Instead, it's used here, and the driver's sister laughs. No more images, we have to go to Songzanlin temple.

In my impression, I climbed mountain after mountain, twists and turns, which made me feel a little disgusted. I finally arrived at songzanlinka hotel at 6 p.m., checked in to put things, and then went to Songzanlin temple. Unexpectedly, the ticket checker at the gate said that the main hall was closed, so I suggested coming to see it tomorrow morning( The people here are more leisurely. When the tourists are gone, they close for work.)

The driver's elder sister said that it's OK to take photos inside and outside, plus the ticket price of Ctrip is 110 yuan (Tips: only 75 yuan for guests of songzanlinka Hotel), we refund the ticket of Ctrip. Take a panoramic view outside and have a tour here. As expected, it began to rain. The temperature dropped suddenly and the down vest was all over.

See the gilded Temple top?

The elder sister has been off work. Today's task is finished. The car of the hotel takes us back, so we can have a safe look here.

This hotel is more than 3000 meters above sea level. The hotel has a strong Tibetan flavor. The younger brother of the concierge department at the gate is very young, with clean and shy eyes, especially simple. The ecological service at the front desk was excellent. We ordered a restaurant with tea and biscuits, and asked our younger brother to take us to the guest room. It's like home.

The room is also a Tibetan style, especially the door, which is covered with a curtain, like the curtain of a tent.

Open the wooden door. There is a stove and heating inside. The fruit and drinks in the refrigerator are free. Let the waiter put on the firewood and light the fire. The companion asked the front desk for a CD of Tibetan music. The song is melodious and cool. Sitting on the sofa for a lazy rest for a while, there is no rush to breathe on the plateau.

Outside the door, you can see the back of Songzanlin temple. If the weather is good, there will be a bonfire party outside the tent under the colored flag. Unfortunately, with me as the rain god, the sky is raining again, and the bonfire party will be cancelled.

If you come, you'll be at ease. You'd better eat. The Chinese restaurant in this hotel is said to be very delicious.

Tibetan style tapestry.

The waiter ordered the order and suggested that we eat cumin fried yak meat instead of stewed yak meat pot. Stew pot is expensive and the meat is hard. I'm afraid we can't get used to it. I took her advice. Add a hand grazed mutton and a Songzan fried noodles.

Stir fried yak meat with cumin, with onion and sauce with tomato cumin flavor, appetizer is smooth and tender. It's really delicious.

Hand grasping mutton is extremely fresh and tender in the mouth, without any smell of mutton. You can sprinkle some fine salt by yourself. The mutton soup is delicious.

Songzan fried noodles, add cumin and yak milk, milk flavor, filling stomach good staple food.

Because the heart beat faster when eating too much at high altitude, I didn't dare to eat more. Hot pot, red wine and highland barley cake are good choices. Friends with many people can taste more dishes.

Looking out of the restaurant is Songzanlin temple, which makes people feel peaceful.

Try not to drink on the plateau! We drink coke. Cheers, friend!

During this period, there are also simple Tibetan performances, playing Guqin and singing songs, especially happy.

When I went back to my room to have a rest, my companion's reaction was serious in the middle of the night, and the oxygen generator on the tower appeared, which was similar to the one with the green tube in the nostril of the hospital. With it, Shenma's high-speed reflexes are all done, and it's gone after half an hour. All right, broken sleep! Thank Rhodiola silently, let me this fat girl with premature heart beat, no serious high reaction, Amitabha! Zasidler!

Day 4: gudu Lake Ranch Bitahai wetland the first bay of the Yangtze River Lijiang chartered bus in Pudacuo National Forest Park

Get up early to have breakfast, the breakfast in the hotel is rich, and the restaurants are all foreigners... Bread, milk, butter, tea, cheese, butter, cheese, rice flour, egg, wonton. Anyway, there's always one for you. The taste is also of high quality. Chinese people recommend rice noodles with yak belly, fried eggs and yak milk. If it's not enough, have some bread and cake. Butter tea is a bit like a very light LEKOUFU. I don't like it very much.

Leave for Pudacuo National Park at 8:15, rain god is here, it's raining again! Ah ~ crazy~

Tips: it's very cold in Pudacuo in the rain, so I suggest you go in a suit or down jacket. Even if it doesn't rain, there may be rain at different altitudes in the park. It is recommended to bring your own rain gear.

"Pudacuo" is transliterated in Sanskrit, meaning "Zhouhu", which is the original Tibetan name of "Bitahai". It is said to be the holy land of Guanyin Bodhisattva and the paradise of the world. Located 22km east of Shangri La County, the park is the first National Park in mainland China, mainly composed of Bitahai, gudu lake and other scenic spots; After entering the scenic area, take the environmental protection car of the scenic area and tour in turn. There are many beautiful scenery, such as the high mountain lake like a mirror, the pasture with beautiful water and abundant grass, the wetland with blooming flowers, and the dense primeval forest. Every summer azaleas bloom all over the mountain; In autumn and winter, a large number of yellow ducks and other birds play by the lake, which naturally becomes fun.

The yuduhu Lake in the rain is particularly quiet and beautiful. The raindrops hit the lake like a melancholy fairy, so it is also called Xianzi lake.

During the stopover at the ranch, yaks are the main animals raised here. Local Tibetans live on cattle. They can camel heavy things and also serve as food. The pasture is colorful, yellow and green, close to mountains and rivers. The natural scenery here is really a paradise for animals.

Bitahai can take a boat with a ticket of 50 yuan per person. After you get down, you can walk along the 1.5km plank road. This section of scenery is excellent and you can't miss it.

The newly blooming azaleas on both sides of the plank road are delicate. There are all kinds of trees with a long history. They are really natural oxygen bars. Even if the altitude is high, they also have relatively high oxygen content. It's not very hard to walk slowly.

The camera was just in the large aperture mode. When I was photographing the azalea, I found this lively little guy on the ground. I quickly snapped and caught him. I was very satisfied.

There are bears in the mountains, but surely we won't meet them. See a card that says: happiness is not only food and clothing, but also blue sea and blue sky!

Walk slowly along the plank road, because you'll have a bad breath when you walk fast.

It's almost the last stop when we get to the wetland.

After walking 1.5km, there is a hamburger shop at the bus stop in the scenic spot. There is a big difference between the real object and the photo, but there is air conditioning and heating in the room. Buy a hamburger and drink a cup of hot Rhodiola tea to dispel the cold.

If the weather is fine, you can take less cars and walk more to experience this place close to nature.

Leaving the park and returning to Lijiang, I passed Xiaozhongdian flower sea on the way, but the flowering time did not arrive. It is said that there will be flowers all over the mountains after the end of June. The colorful Rhododendron, Stellera chamaejasme and Gesang flowers have become a sea of flowers. In the autumn of September and October, it has become the world of Stellera chamaejasme. The big and red Stellera chamaejasme flowers are extremely gorgeous.

When you see the scenery along the way, let the driver stop and take photos. In the small village in the distance, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery by the mountain and water.

Go to the first bay of the Yangtze River, 1850 meters above sea level. The Yangtze River rushes down from the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. Within the county seat of Batang, it enters Yunnan, and travels through the high mountains and deep valleys of Hengduan Mountains with Lancang River and Nujiang River. When we arrived at shasongbi village in Shangri La County, we suddenly made a sharp turn of more than 100 degrees, turning to the northeast, forming a rare "V" shaped curve. "The river turned back here and ran into the Grand View of the Central Plains." this wonder of the world is known as "the first bay of the Yangtze River.". In fact, it is a platform for tourists to take photos for free. Just climb up and take a picture in 10 minutes. The panoramic photos on the Internet are all aerial photos, and we can only take one of them ourselves. Here is a real bay for you!

Go back to Lijiang ancient city and change to a cheaper Inn called "in the mood for love", which is a very poetic name. Compared with the first one, it's a little inferior, but his home can be called Ctrip battery car. We don't need to go in the South Gate Paifang street. Because it was day when I went to the ancient city, I took a lot of group photos in its courtyard. The owner of the store is not so enthusiastic, and the room is not detailed enough. As the last night, it's enough. It's located on the fork of the food street on Qiyi street. It's very convenient to go out and look for food.

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