Tour Company Offers Chocolate-Themed Galapagos Cruise

Chocolate lovers can now experience how chocolate is grown and made right in Ecuador on the 10-day Galapagos & Chocolates luxury cruise from Touring Galapagos .

The Galapagos has officially reopened today, July 1 , with relaxed entry requirements. Ecuador is known for producing some of the world’s best cacao, called Arriba Nacional, known for its complex flavor profile. Ecuador ranks as one of the best producers of gourmet chocolate because of this.

In order to experience the country’s incredible chocolate heritage, Touring Galapagos has created an ultimate chocolate lover’s cruise, with added time in exploring the biodiverse Galapagos archipelago.

The cruise begins in the Galapagos aboard the 9-cabin The Elite Catamaran yacht, sailing around the islands of San Cristobal, Española and Floreana, experiencing the islands’ rich biodiversity through private tours, hiking, snorkelling and kayaking.

The chocolate experience begins at Hacienda La Danesa, a family-owned cacao plantation near Guayaquil, close to the Andes, where guests will stay for two days. The fair trade estate will offer an educational tour into the growing of cacao and Ecuador’s important role in the chocolate industry. In the farmhouse, travelers can take part in a chocolate making workshop, making ganache, classic Ecuadorian hot chocolate and their own chocolate bars.

The hacienda also offers locally sourced dining options, yoga, horse riding and beekeeping experiences.

The cruise begins at $6,450 per person. Please click here for more information or to see the full itinerary.

Tour Company Offers Chocolate-Themed Galapagos Cruise

Hongxia Sun