Tianguis Turistico To Be Held in Merida in November 2021

The first face-to-face Tianguis Turistico to be held since the onset of the pandemic will now take place in Merida in November 2021.

“This event had to be suspended in March 2020 and postponed to September of this year,” said Mexico Minister of Tourism Miguel Torruco. “However, both [Yucatan] Governor Mauricio Vila and I have decided that this edition of Tianguis Turistico will take place from November 21 to 24,” he said.

The decision to change the date was to “allow for antigen testing, vaccinations and the latest bio-sanitary measures to be followed in an effort to protect participants and the local population,” government officials said.

They noted that the 45th Tianguis event will enact health and safety protocols from the World Organization of the Health and Mexico’s Ministry of Health.

The priority “will be bio-health safety, therefore, a first measure will be that, without exception, all attendees must perform an antigen test, which, when negative, will allow access to the event,” officials said, adding that those with positive results will be unable to attend.

“This is going to be a great moment for us, because it is going to provide us with a great opportunity to show all the great tourist attractions that Yucatan has and the new products that we are presenting,” said Vila.

“The state of Yucatan will be ready to show itself as the great destination that it is, but as that place where so many things have originated,” said Yucatan Tourism Minister Michelle Fridman Hirsch.

“This time, Yucatan will be the origin of a new era for tourism, the stage where our industry is reborn.”

Tianguis Turistico To Be Held in Merida in November 2021

Hongxia Sun