The kingdom of exile

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Published on 15:22, September 1, 2015

Itinerary: the first day: Kunming railway station Dali Railway Station march street Dali ancient town (night tour) the second day: Chongsheng Temple three pagodas scenic spot Dali ancient town Guiyang Kunming train number: k321 21:20-05:28 price: upper berth 152 lower berth 161 Kunming Dali train number: k9642 8:35-15:41 price: 64 / person Hotel: Dali Lemon Inn (two nights) price: 278 yuan / night address: No.49, auxiliary community, march street, cangshanmen, marbles, near Yinxian road route: Dali Railway Station, take the "three tower special line" and get off at the "March JIEKOU" station. The first day: arrive at Dali (August 8, 2015). The first station: from Guiyang to Kunming railway station at 05:28. The train arrives at Kunming railway station on time. It's still foggy at this time, The feeling of sleeping on the train - the feeling of being in the cradle as a child. The train is speeding on the track, and we are wandering on the sleeper, but I'm a little bit addicted to cleanliness, so I never put my face directly on the pillow, and I never cover my head with a quilt because of the cold.

Itinerary: first day: Double corridor Lijiang Inn ancient town second day: old Beijing early morning ancient town Mufu Heilongtan Park third day: bus back to Dali from Shuhe ancient town: the reserved train is at 11:30: k9619 ticket price: 34 yuan / person time: 16:29 ~ 18:15 Hotel: Lijiang Jinguan city inn address: 208, lower Bayi section, Qiyi street, ancient city Price: 298 yuan / night, three nights in total. Maintenance fee: 80 yuan / person

The kingdom of exile

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