The end of the world -- Arctic (8) Iceland's Golden Circle

Days: 13 days

Time: September

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Golden falls

Singhville National Park

Published on October 25, 2014 19:35

The next day, we visited the geyser, an area on the plain around Reykjavik. In the plains of the Golden Circle, there are more than 50 geysers, with hot springs everywhere. The hot air is like smoke and fog. When we entered the fountain Park, we were surprised to find that there was no ticket for such a beautiful scenery. After we went in, we followed the local guide to see the largest fountain. Before we walked a few steps, we saw the high water column in the distance, so we stepped up to the fountain. With a bang of water, the spring gushed out again, as high as 7 or 8 meters. People cheered for it and immediately retreated, and then the fog filled. Then, I watched three rounds in a row, with intervals of 5-8 minutes. When I went back, I saw many big and small springs, just like a boiling pot. The sign next to it indicated that the temperature was 85 ~ 100 degrees. If we were here, it would have been over developed and fully utilized, not a general charge.

Hot spring

After the fountain calms down

Leaving the fountain, 30 minutes later we came to golden falls. Gullfoss is located 125 kilometers northeast of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. It is the largest fault Canyon waterfall in Iceland. It is 2500 meters wide and 70 meters high. Here, the Tahe River forms two waterfalls, the upper one and the lower one, and the lower one narrows into a torrent. The total height difference is more than 70 meters, which is magnificent and spectacular. The torrential river roared and roared down 32 meters, then plummeted into a 2.5-kilometer-long Canyon 72 meters deep.

Not far from the golden waterfall is a glacier formed hundreds of millions of years ago. The torrential river water causes water mist all over the sky. The boiling water mist glitters in the sun, as beautiful as gold, so it is named "golden waterfall". When we enter the waterfall area, the first thing we see is the rainbow; Good luck!

After visiting a series of natural landscapes, we came to the cradle of Iceland, which is one of the political birthplaces of western countries. It is known as "the world's oldest democratic parliament site". We visited the Icelandic parliament site as early as 930 ad, Parliament lake, which is actually an open-air Parliament. After that, we went up the mountain along the road behind the meeting site, and finally reached the strange natural landscape - big crack; It is the boundary between the Eurasian and American plates. The Eurasian continent seems to be held high by the God of the earth, making the drop between the two plates more than 10 meters. Standing there overlooking the vast singville plain and the beautiful lake of Parliament. The water of the lake is clear and shining, flat as a mirror, and the curved water is calm and pleasant, which makes people linger and forget to return.

After leaving the Golden Circle, the unforgettable polar journey is over. After more than 20 hours, I finally got home, looking forward to the next more wonderful journey.

Ancient parliament site

Both feet can cross the European and American plate, and now the crack is still separating at the rate of 2 cm per year.

The end of the world -- Arctic (8) Iceland's Golden Circle

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