The end of the world and cold fairyland, Iceland 10 clockwise self driving around the island

Days: 10 days

Time: November

With whom: with parents

How to play: Photography

The author went to these places


Glacial lake

Eastern fjord

Black beach

Serialand falls


Vick town

Pearl house

Blue lake

Golden falls

Published on December 12, 2018 14:25

If there is an end to the world, Iceland is the end of the world; If there is a fairyland in the world, this place is also in Iceland.

To describe Iceland as "the end of the world and the cold Wonderland" is more appropriate. The desolation of Iceland can be lonely to the end of the world; The beauty of Iceland is like a fairyland in a dream; But Iceland, which is windy, rainy and hailing, is extremely cold.

Many years ago, I had fantasies about Iceland, because the name of this country is very cool, because it is far away near the Arctic Circle, so Iceland has always been a secret place in my heart.

In Iceland, I saw the most rainbows in my life.

In Iceland, there are four different colors: green in spring, blue in summer, gold in autumn and white in winter.

Maybe you have such a misunderstanding: is Iceland all glaciers?

You can see a lot of blue ice in the ice lake of jagulon in Iceland, which is very similar to the Antarctic glacier. In addition to glaciers, there are snow mountains, tundra, volcano, hot spring, lake, sea, beach, seal, whale, sheep and horse in Iceland. They can walk and go to sea

Please check the following practical information

[itinerary and route]

In Iceland, a total of 10 days, clockwise self driving around the island a circle.

Icelandic tourists are basically concentrated in the classic golden circle. We walk clockwise, so we are the last scenic spot to go to the golden circle. The scenery on the road in the past few days is very beautiful, and there are very few people.

This time I didn't choose to travel freely in Iceland. The public transportation in Iceland is very inconvenient, either self driving or group driving. It's dangerous if I'm not familiar with the road. After all, there are few people on the road, and I'm not free to follow the group. Therefore, I chose "Hi, Pixie travel" after all consideration. This is the third time I've traveled with hi peeps. I have no reservation in their trust. Later I learned that all the members of our team had gone out with them before. Because of their trust, they chose their Iceland again.

My micro-blog / WeChat official account: YIYI notes

Wechat: Zhang_ Yi1

Friends with problems can send me a private letter~

Friends who want to sign up or consult can pay attention to their official account.

There are only four of us in Iceland and the tour leader. We just got together a small car. Although it's a newspaper tour, it's more like four like-minded friends going on a self driving trip together. From left to right: Zizi, Duoma, Patrick and I. the daily state is that Patrick drives and introduces the scenery passing by. If there is a beautiful scenery, call us. I take the co driver to take photos and take videos. Duoma is in the back seat to brush drama. Zizi and I watch the scenery and sleep the same way. I'm a sleepy person by car, but I didn't sleep several times in Iceland because I was worried that I would miss the world-class scenery when I fell asleep. The music in the car ranges from Jay Chou to May Day and then to park Shu. It's very interesting to listen to the music and watch the beautiful scenery on the road,

The following is a grand introduction to our team leader Patrick, who is not only our driver, but also our guide and interpreter, our photographer and our chef. He can do everything. Patrick studied in France before, so his western breakfast and pasta are delicious.

I went to Iceland at the end of September. This time is also the best time to go to Iceland. The sunshine time in the daytime is relatively long. Although it is winter, it is not the coldest time yet. Most places on the road have no snow and it is safe to drive. In addition, we can see the aurora in September.

Hi, the Icelandic route of Pixie travel is only available in September and October every year, so you'd better consult in advance.

Day1: Reykjavik

Day2: Reykjavik

Day3: Reykjavik - Mount Sinai Peninsula

Day4: Sinai Peninsula - gas Peninsula rhinoceros stone - akerei

Day5: akreiri Husavik whale watching - Mihu

Day6: Mihu - Eastern fjord

Day7: the eastern fjord -- the glacial lake of Jiegu Salon

Day8: watner glacier hiking - Vick town - Black Beach - cerforth

Day9: wreckage of the plane - skoga falls - sayaland falls - geyser geyser - Golden falls - singlevi National Park - Reykjavik


[where to live]

We live in Iceland almost all B & B, Nordic B & B is very good, absolutely clean and tidy, the room is relatively large, and there is a kitchen with refrigerator, you can cook and eat hot pot at night, some B & B also have washing machine. Later, I stayed in a hotel once or twice. It was expensive and the room was very small. Therefore, it is recommended to choose B & B in Iceland.

In particular, it is recommended that Reykjavik should live in the suburbs. The parking fee in the urban area is very high, and it is not easy to park. In addition, the urban area itself is very small, so it is convenient to drive in the suburbs.

What to eat

If you talk about the local food in Iceland, there is really nothing particularly delicious. After all, apart from the great Chinese food, there are really no other delicious food. It's good to have enough. I don't know what I've experienced in this year. I've evolved from a Sichuan stomach to an international stomach. As long as there is no strange food, I can eat happily.

Local restaurants are mainly fish, mutton, beef, typical Western style approach. Although a friend strongly recommended Icelandic mutton before I went there, it may be due to the difference between the north and the south. I think the mutton is too smelly to eat. The beef and fish are pretty good.

Partrcik was able to find some good restaurants along the way, and also took us to eat local food several times. It felt good, but it would not be particularly amazing. The most amazing food in Iceland is Thai restaurant. It's delicious, too close to Chinese taste. There is also Italian food in the hotel restaurant I stayed in the back. It is definitely the Best Western food I have ever eaten in Europe. I will go to Italy for delicious food. I can't remember the exact name of the restaurant. Anyway, I'll follow Hi, Pipi to Iceland, and Patrick will take you to eat.

In order for us to eat better in Iceland, Patrick told us in advance to bring more seasonings. Two Hunan friends in the team brought half a box of hot pot seasoning and instant noodles. We cooked hot pot almost every night. As Patrick, who couldn't eat spicy food at all, he was so hot that he was desperate every day.

In addition, on the road, we can only have lunch at the gas station at noon. Most of us still eat hamburgers and French fries, which is more than I have eaten in China all year.

So in Iceland, we actually eat a lot of food, from hot pot, dry pot to instant noodles, from western food to Thai food, milk, juice and fruit every day, and Patrick fried toast in different patterns every morning.

[how to wear]

Iceland's weather is unpredictable every day, and the wind is strong, and it rains from time to time, so waterproof clothes and shoes, windproof is the key point!!

But!! For the fairies who love beauty, they must refuse to wear assault coats, so they must take raincoats!! And the quality should be a little better, don't buy one-time, the whole journey will use. Because of the strong wind, umbrellas don't work in Iceland.

At the end of September, Iceland has entered the winter. We must wear winter clothes, warm clothes, sweaters, scarves, woolen hats, gloves and autumn pants. Due to the limited volume of the suitcase, I took a cotton padded jacket and a light down jacket with my coat, and the rest were sweaters, so I just took off my coat when taking photos.


Iceland uses krona, the exchange rate is about Krona 17: RMB 1

But basically, Iceland and MasterCard can be brushed with visa and UnionPay is very rare. Alipay and WeChat do not support it. So I didn't withdraw cash in Iceland.

Is the price expensive

If you want to ask me the price of Iceland, you can only say: expensive! It's one of the most expensive countries in the world.

A western meal is about 200 RMB, and a hamburger + French fries in a fast food restaurant is about 70 RMB, so it's best to stay in B & B and cook by yourself in the evening. Shopping in Iceland is also expensive, so shopping is not recommended. If you have to shop, you have to deal with the tax rebate when you leave Iceland. Iceland is not a member of the European Union and cannot deal with it in other European countries.

Bonus pink pig supermarket is one of the cheapest supermarkets in Iceland.

Public Security

Although it is said that Europe is chaotic, northern Europe has the best public security, especially Iceland. Public security is very good, so there is no need to worry about thieves. After all, with such expensive prices, thieves are also deterred. You don't have to worry about smashing the windows, putting things on the car, even if the door isn't locked, no one will steal your things.

[is visa difficult or not]

Iceland is a Schengen country, so you can go to Iceland as long as you have a valid Schengen visa. The first country to apply for Schengen visa or the country with the longest stay. Because there is no direct flight to Iceland in China at present, if you are connecting in Schengen country, you can apply for the visa of the connecting country.

The rejection rate of Icelandic Schengen visa is still very low, which is easy to handle. However, the embassy is in Beijing, so I need to go to Beijing to record my fingerprints, which is more troublesome.

Because I decided to go to Iceland on a temporary basis, I took some risks to get a French Schengen visa, because France is the fastest way to sign. I had a French visa last year. Maybe I had a good exit record, but this time I was given a Schengen visa more than once a year.

I went to Iceland with a French visa and got stuck when I left Kunming. When I checked in for my boarding pass, I asked for my itinerary and return ticket. I had prepared the ticket order for Paris to Chengdu in advance, but I didn't have a itinerary. I temporarily modified a trip to France from Iceland,

Moreover, France had the longest stay on the itinerary, and printed it out for them to see.

It is said that the immigration inspection in Nordic countries is very strict. When I entered from Sweden, the visa officer only asked me the purpose. I was so nervous that I almost didn't know what the purpose meant. After answering the question of travel, I successfully entered Iceland without a nursing photo.

In the end, I didn't encounter any problems when I entered the Schengen country with a French Schengen visa, but I didn't enter France in the end. As for whether I will encounter any problems when I go to the Schengen country next time, I don't know.

[there are no direct flights in China]

At present, there is no direct flight to Iceland in China. I started from Kunming for the journey. I made two connecting flights in Bangkok and Stockholm. The time of flight plus connecting flight is nearly 30 hours. I feel that it is the end of time to fly. Bangkok does not need a visa to transfer to the airport, Stockholm does not need a Schengen visa to transfer to enter. From home to Iceland, there are many connecting flights in Nordic countries.

I bought Bangkok airlines and Iceland wow airlines. The plane meal of Thai Airlines is pretty good. Wow Airlines is a low-cost airline in Iceland. There is no plane meal. When I buy it, I have to buy the operating baggage separately.

[time difference]

Beijing Time - 8 hours


Nikon d800, 24-70, 70-200


Dajiangyu air

My UAV flew twice in total, because Iceland is often windy, and the wind is very strong. When there is no wind, it is rare. Moreover, many scenic spots in Iceland have no fly signs.

It's better to bring the waterproof cover of the camera. It rains from time to time in Iceland, which leads to a lot of rain on my camera. In fact, it hurts the equipment. Fortunately, it's stronger.


The global roaming WiFi rented in the domestic airport is relatively stable in Iceland. It can be used for a whole day with a single charge, and the mobile phone does not need to change the card, which is quite convenient.

A capital that doesn't look like the capital at all

Reykjavik was particularly awkward at the beginning. Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, the largest city in Iceland, and the northernmost capital in the world. But when the plane landed, don't be surprised. This is a capital. But when you drive around Iceland and come back here, you feel like a capital.

My favorite is the small houses on the street of Reykjavik. The biggest fantasy for Northern Europe is to live in these small villas in a daze.

Citywalk is also the best way to open Reykjavik. It's a commercial street in the city. The small colored houses are very lovely. If you don't have enough gloves, scarves and other equipment, I suggest you purchase them all in Reykjavik. If you circle the island clockwise like us, you can hardly buy them in the back. If it's a counterclockwise roundabout, you can buy it in Vick town.

The road signs in every city in Iceland are very good-looking. There is a scenery everywhere.

There are many characteristic shops on the street. To be honest, the things in the shop are very exquisite, and the simple design of Nordic style is deeply in my heart. This cute penguin is Iceland's national bird puffin, but it has returned to the Arctic Ocean in September, and it won't return to land until the end of April every year. Puffin can be seen in almost every gift shop in Iceland.

Although Christmas is still three months away, there is a strong Christmas atmosphere in the window. I am looking forward to having a Christmas in Europe in a snowy winter.

Reykjavik is a romantic and happy city. There are flower like street lamps on the street. Under the street lamps, there is a love. The happiness index of people living in this country is very high.

From a distance, you can see the hapa concert hall by the sea, the most beautiful concert hall in the world. It is composed of countless glass crystals. Facing the city, the sea and the sky, it emits different colors of light, which is magnificent.

Both the exterior and interior design of the concert hall are very exquisite. Its design inspiration comes from the mysterious northern lights in Iceland. The front wall is composed of honeycomb shaped glass blocks. Thousands of irregular geometric glass blocks change different colors with the change of light and shadow.

At the junction of the sea and the land, you can see the endless sea and continuous snow mountains in the concert hall.

The evening sunshine, habei concert hall is more and more beautiful.

Even in the city of Reykjavik, you can often see rainbows in the cloudy and sunny Iceland.

In Reykjavik, there are two good places to have a panoramic view of the city. One is Reykjavik Cathedral in the city, and the other is Pearl Tower outside the city.

Reykjavik cathedral is one of the tallest buildings in Iceland. It is also the only church in the world as a landmark in the city. It is on the hills in the center of the city.

In fact, there are many beautiful churches in Iceland, and the design is unique and novel. Reykjavik is one of them. The cathedral is a pipe organ structure with modern and simple architectural style, which looks more mysterious in cloudy days.

There are many slender windows around the main hall of the church, through which sunlight passes, and the orange halo creates a sense of holiness.

Take the elevator in the church to the viewing platform at the top, overlooking the panoramic view of Reykjavik.

The whole city is colorful small houses, the front is convenient for the sea, very beautiful and vibrant.

After coming out of the church, I passed an old photo gallery on the street. The door was full of retro film.

The films and photos in the window attracted our attention.

The walls of the store are covered with retro cameras and photos. Patrick asks the boss if he can take pictures. The boss is the owner of these photos, just arranging the photos, as if each photo is telling a different story, the photographer must be a person with a story.

Perlan is located in Ö skjuhl í ð On the mountain, the hot water collected underground was stored here at first, which could be supplied to the whole city by using the height difference. Later, after the water storage function was gradually abandoned, the architect designed a metal dome inlaid with glass for the six hot water tanks of the city, and built a pearl house.

It has a viewing platform, a glass restaurant, a coffee shop and a museum. It's very pleasant to have a cup of coffee in the restaurant and have a look at the scenery. If you have a meal, it's still more expensive.

When you go to the Pearl Tower, you must go to the hexagonal terrace to overlook the landscape of the whole city. You can have a panoramic view of the charming scenery of Reykjavik from every angle, and you can even see Reykjavik Cathedral in the distance.

The plane flew through the air, very clear.

When you come to Iceland, you must go to the blue lake hot spring. It's near Reykjavik and closer to the airport.

There are many Europeans soaking in the blue lake hot spring, so we must make an appointment in advance. Our tickets are all reserved in advance by our team leader Patrick. Blue lake hot spring is open-air, hot spring in winter is the feeling of ice and fire. But looking at the hot springs pool is all about people, like dumplings, everyone can provide a free drink, and can also experience the volcano mud mask.

The reason why the blue lake is so dreamy blue, like the texture of milk, is because the water is rich in minerals, which is very nourishing.

Walking around the blue lake hot spring, there are almost no tourists. Blue lake water and white calcification, especially like Huanglong in Sichuan.

Around the blue lake, you can see many volcanic lava covered with moss growing in the polar climate of Iceland.

The weather in Iceland is changeable. One second it was sunny, and the next second it was windy and rainy. After taking a picture in the wind and rain, I rushed back to the room. However, when taking photos with tundra, please don't step on it. Just stand on the rock nearby. Their vitality is very fragile. Once they are crushed, it will take decades or even longer for the landform to recover.

Rainbow Road

"Tell me where there is a rainbow

Can you give me back my wish“

Sitting in the car listening to Jay Chou's rainbow, looking at the rainbow outside the window.

Bid farewell to Reykjavik, start clockwise around the island, all the way to the northwest, to the Sinai Peninsula. All the way rain, sunny days continue to cycle, so today is also the day to see the most rainbow. After watching the rainbow all day, I feel lucky for a whole year.

Every time there is a rainbow, we will be excited in the car: look, rainbow! Patrick said: 'I hope your excitement lasts to the last day.

As expected, when we reappeared in the next few days, we had lost half of our passion, but every time Patrick would show us the rainbow.

On the road, you can often see a lonely little house on the side of the road.

Iceland is an "island of ice and fire". In addition to the majestic glaciers, there are also stunning volcanoes in Iceland. It is also the only place in the world where tourists are allowed to explore the interior of volcanoes.

To say the most beautiful scenery in Iceland, it must be on the road.

The sheep in Iceland are also very cute. Where there are sheep, the grass is green. In fact, what I am more concerned about is, aren't these sheep cold in such a cold place?

In a country known as "the country of waterfalls", you can see waterfalls large and small every day.

Budier black church is a landmark scenic spot in Mount Sinai Peninsula and one of the oldest wooden churches in Iceland. However, because of its pure wood structure, it has been destroyed and rebuilt several times in the past 300 years. In addition to the white doors and windows of the black church, the whole is black.

Church can not enter, next to the cemetery, it is more solemn.

Fortunately, there is a rainbow bridge behind the black church.

The black church stands alone in the open field, facing the snow mountain. Behind the church is the whole sea.

After leaving the black church and continuing all the way north, alnastapi is a port village on the Sinai Peninsula. From a distance, you can see black sculptures made of stone arches.

After getting off the car, walk along the Atlantic coastline, which is full of rugged cliffs.

The most striking beauty of alnastapi is the huge rock cliff. Standing on the cliff, you can see the black sea erosion cave by the sea. It is formed by the strong waves stirred up by the North Atlantic sea wind all the year round, and you can clearly see the columnar basalt, which is very spectacular.

What's more amazing is that there is a big arch like hole in the middle of the huge reef by the sea. This is the arnastapi arch, which exudes a wild atmosphere in the Atlantic Ocean. The huge sea waves roar and roll out, like a time and space tunnel connecting the past and the present.

Walking towards the fishing village, a rainbow rises from the sea and forms a rainbow bridge in the air.

The color of the grass by the sea is green, interwoven with the blue sea water, there is a fresh feeling of summer from the shop, but bursts of cool wind think, I tell it is winter.

When I walked by the sea, it rained twice and the sun came out twice. Drive on, a very beautiful section of road, all the way to the seaside.

Iceland is unique to these magical landscapes, so there are many films shot here. This strange reef is also the location of game of rights. The aerial perspective in the film is very shocking, but there is no fly sign here.

Arriving at Church Hill in the evening is our destination today.

Church Hill has also appeared many times in the Icelandic propaganda film. The classic plane is on the hillside. It's the right place to see the most people. In order to shoot the waterfall silky effect, I adjusted the slow door. When the light was not enough, I didn't use the dimmer and couldn't overexpose. I took the photo directly by hand, and the iron hand was like me.

In fact, just halfway up the mountain, I found that there was only one battery left in the camera. I still didn't go back to the car to get the battery. When I went up to the mountain to find the angle of the scenic spot, I snapped two cameras and ran out of power. Finally, I went down the mountain to get the battery and went up the mountain again. After a while, I missed the sunshine and I was tired.

Patrick told us that we would pass by the town filmed by Daydreamer tomorrow. After eating hot pot in the evening, we would start to lie on the sofa to make up for daydreamer. I saw this movie in my dorm when I was in college, and I fell in love with Iceland at that time. In fact, in the movie, Walter went to Greenland, Iceland, Nepal and the Himalayas, all of which were shot in Iceland.

All the way to the Northeast

The town under the snow mountain is very beautiful in the early morning.

In Daydreamer, when Walter jumps out of the sea, the boat pulls in to the Icelandic port and the crew grabs the bicycle, which actually takes place in Glenda fierze.

Red house for the foreground, the distance is snow mountain, there is a bunch of sunshine, such a beautiful picture?

In fact, there are very few scenic spots that can be named in Iceland. Most of them are scenic spots. After more people go there, the government will set up a parking lot for tourists to take photos. There are no tickets for scenic spots.

Stilkisholmi is the scene of Greenland in the film. In this small town, Walter found the "thumb" clue in Sean's photo.

Climbing up the small hill, you can have a panoramic view of the town. There are the sea, the ship and the snow mountain. It looks like the years are quiet.

There is also a red lighthouse on the mountain, which is also a relatively high position overlooking the town.

All the way to Iceland is the ultimate beauty. The blue lake and the snow mountains in the distance set off the feeling of coming to New Zealand.

Driving between the snow mountain and the canyon, there are few vehicles coming and going, and it seems that we are the only ones left between the heaven and the earth. The occasional encounter of cute Icelandic horses and sheep on the roadside brings some vitality to the landscape of the wilderness.

Leave Highway 1 and take 716 and 711 to rhinoceros rock. The sharp top of the snow mountain in the distance is like a "Fuji Mountain".

Rhinoceros stone in the northeast of gas Peninsula stands alone by the sea, just like a rhinoceros drinking water. The black sand beach and the black basalt are more lonely in the gloomy weather.

In fact, we can go to the seaside and get close contact with rhinoceros stone, but because of the strong wind and rain, we looked at it in the distance and didn't get close.

Listening to music and looking at the scenery, sometimes it's the wilderness, sometimes it's the green grassland, the coastal road looks to the beach, and lazy fat seals show their heads in the sea.

So it went all the way to akerei, the largest city in the north.

Akerei is also known as the "city of love", because the red lights in the whole city are beautiful love.

The origin of the love traffic light is due to the economic crisis in 2008. At that time, Iceland went bankrupt and fell into the most difficult period. People all over the country were trying to climb out of the trough. So the government changed the traffic light into a love one, expressing that no matter how hard it was, as long as we worked hard, we could get through it. The government is too warm. Is there any.

When I came to the big city, I had a good meal in the evening. I had a delicious Thai meal in akerei. Patrick said that every time he came to the team to eat, no one didn't like it.

Whale watching in the Arctic Ocean

Away from acreli, the sea water is green on a cloudy day, and the snow mountains are continuous in the distance.

Originally, we couldn't get this view, because we were out of town, not in the direction of the co driver. But because we forgot to return the key of the B & B, we went back to akerei without going too far. The view we took when we were about to enter the city was the proper Nordic fjord.

Today, we are lucky to have snowy mountains and the sea along the way. Even on cloudy days, dark clouds never cover the snowy mountains.

The undulating Road, the near gold and the far green, is full of pastoral scenery.

Only the Golden Road, as if driving into autumn.

Husavik is known as "the whale watching capital of Europe". The probability of seeing whales here is as high as 99.5%. If you don't see whales in Husavik, your character is really too weak.

After arriving at Husavik, the shore is full of boats sailing to sea, and the snow mountain in the distance is clearly visible. It is said that the probability of seeing the snow mountain opposite is very low.

The wind and waves on the sea were particularly strong. There was no ship going to sea, and they were told that they could not go to sea for the time being. When on earth can we go to sea? We can only wait for the wind and waves to get smaller and wait for the notice.

In order not to make waiting boring, Patrick drove us around.

I came to a small village by the sea, where there is grassland, sea, red house, and sheep running under the snow mountain. This is Iceland in my memory.

At noon, he went back to Husavik and continued to wait. There was a restaurant in the port where he could have a hot lunch. Looking at the wind and waves outside, I thought we would be the 0.5%, but I was suddenly told that we could go to sea. I was very excited at that moment. Nordic people are very cautious. Once they can go to sea, there is no problem of safety.

When I got on the ship, the sky was still covered with dark clouds. For today's voyage, I wore a pair of thick autumn trousers and jeans, a thick warm jacket, a sweater, a down jacket and a cotton padded jacket, a thick woolen cap, a scarf and gloves. After I got on the ship, I also wore a set of windproof clothes and trousers, and a raincoat outside. Although the ship was open-air, I didn't need to go to sea, But it's not cold at all, and it's even a little hot. After all, I've worn 6 pieces, and it's unreasonable if it's cold.

It takes about 2 hours to go back and forth to the sea for whale watching, and the ship has to leave for some time before it can reach the whale watching area. I've always been seasick and desperate when I go out to sea. In order to get a 99.5% chance to watch the whale, I gave up watching the whale this time, and I'll never watch the whale again.

We went to the drugstore early in the morning to buy seasickness medicine and took it in advance. Because we didn't go to sea at the time of appointment in advance, we took it twice. After boarding the ship, he didn't go anywhere. He sat on the stool in the middle of the ship and fell asleep.

When a whale appears in the whale watching area, the guide on the ship will shout, in what direction is the whale? Although we can't tell which direction is, we can look in the right direction.

There will be rainbows when whales spray water. It's beautiful.

There are also two whales coming out side by side, really big.

Because of the strong wind and waves today, we are the only big ship on the sea, and there is only one small boat chasing the whale. The small boat can get closer to the whale.

It's a perfect jump.

The waves in the Arctic Ocean were so big that many people on the ship vomited. Few of them had good looks, and they were all miserable.

Maybe I was very honest this time. I went to see the whales when they appeared. The rest of the time, I sat in the middle of the boat, where the shaking was the least. So I didn't get seasick this time. I tried to walk to the bow deck in the midway, and I felt sick in a moment. It's also possible that Icelandic seasickness medicine works well. I took the rest of the medicine back to my country and saved it for the next voyage.

On the way back, the ship also provided hot chocolate and bread, and I ate a portion full of spirit.

This trip to sea was too worthwhile. I not only saw the whales, but also eliminated my seasickness nightmare. I don't have to be too afraid next time I go to sea. After getting off the ship, there was a beautiful cloud of fire in the sky to meet us.

In the evening, I lived in a small town near Mihu. The clouds in the distance were very beautiful.

Originally, I planned to go to Mihu hot spring after dinner to see the aurora, but when I got there, I was told that the temperature was too low to open that day, so I didn't go to a hot spring in Iceland this time.

All the way east to the eastern fjord

Icelandic horses have a kind of fascination like, short legs, short and fat, mane is also very long, especially cute.

Riding in Iceland is also to experience, the weather is not good, because it is too cold, and was told that the original ride was cancelled. Patrick called several more and finally got a ranch to ride on.

Icelandic horses are not afraid of people at all. As long as they feed them with food, they will approach you, and the horses in the pasture will be even better.

Originally, there was a two-hour riding route, but it was really cold and windy, so we asked to reduce the two-hour riding to 15 minutes. In fact, the coach was not happy about our time reduction.

Before starting the horse, the coach told us some precautions and how to control the direction of the horse. Just pull the reins left and right. His horse was at the front, and ours followed in turn.

In fact, Icelandic horses are much more comfortable than domestic ones, and they don't hurt their buttocks. Maybe it's because the horses here are fat and soft. The coach also took our horse for a trot, which was a little exciting.

After riding the Icelandic horse, I started to chase the waterfall in Iceland. The Shenshen waterfall near the Mihu lake is a blue waterfall with a fantastic color.

Shenling waterfall is surrounded by various shapes of black volcanic lava, in the middle of the rock flows a blue river, crystal clear.

Along the riverside road to the highest viewing platform, you can overlook the divine waterfall, magnificent. It was windy all the way, and it rained again on the viewing platform. There were many raindrops on the camera.

Along another path, you can go down to the river, which is closer and more spectacular to the waterfall.

There is a restaurant near Shenling waterfall. After lunch, you can go on. The pizza in that restaurant is better.

Leave the waterfall all the way East, the weather is so bad one day. In the afternoon, when I came to the geothermal area, the fog was very heavy, and the smell of sulfur was all around me. Even in the geothermal area, the wind was blowing around and I felt cool.

It's getting colder and colder to climb over the mountains. The roadside is covered with snow. The place I was going to had to give up and turn back.

After going down the mountain, it was autumn again, and there were golden meadows on both sides of the road.

Head to the small town of sezisfieuze in the eastern fjord and continue to climb the mountains. Although there is no high altitude area in Iceland, it is easy to snow in the mountains with low altitude. After passing the last snowy road and crossing the golden autumn, we arrive at the town.

There is also a rainbow road to the church in the small town.

Ice Age

In the evening, I live on a beautiful beach near the town. Imagine how fantastic it would be if I could see the aurora at night.

The window of my room faces the bay. I wake up in the morning and see the pink morning glow on the snow mountain. I just watch it quietly without taking any pictures.

I had to go back the same way when I left the small town of sethisfeioze. It snowed at night and the road became more slippery. I didn't expect it would be so cold during this time. Patrick said it was colder than usual. Our car couldn't drive up on the half way, so we collectively got down to push the cart and even moved the trunk off to reduce the weight, but it didn't seem to work at all. We just stood by the side of the road, watching a lot of cars passing by.

Later, I met a local car. Two big brothers on the car got off to help us push the car, but it didn't work. But there was a rope in their car that could be towed. At last, they tied the rope to two cars and dragged our car up the hill. Patrick asked them for an address and intended to send them a gift to show his gratitude when he returned home, but he didn't give the address in the end. They put a lot of tools on the car to help people in trouble all the way. They are really good people.

Travel is like this, there will always be unknowns, even if you encounter difficulties, but you can feel the warmth in the difficulties, I hope everyone can continue to pass this warmth.

The local elder brother took our car up the mountain and said goodbye to us. After passing through the ice and snow, I came back to the clear sky.

I came to a port town, bought a cup of coffee, stood on the top of the mountain and looked at the sea. Today, the wind is small and the sun is very warm.

Along the way, the sky was blue, and the color of the lake was unreal. Today is a blue day.

In the afternoon, you can get to the Jiegu salon glacier lake. The closer you get, the farther you can see the watner glacier. This is the glacier we are going to hike tomorrow. It's very spectacular.

We have snow mountains and grasslands as companions, and the scene of Himalayas in Daydreamer is this glacier and snow mountain.

In the evening, I arrived at the ice lake of Jiegu salon. Fortunately, there is no wind around the lake today. It's very comfortable to walk around the lake. However, there is a no fly sign near the glacier lake. It's a pity that the UAV can't fly in the windless weather.

Liu Haoran's photos of the recent online fire in Iceland were also taken in glacier lake. Everyone is infatuated with Iceland's ice age, this blue is so pure.

Such a close-up iceberg has a feeling of being in Antarctica. If you have a few more cute little penguins, it will be more like that.

Ice lake beach is also black, there are a lot of small ice on the beach, one by one, shining like a small diamond in the sunlight.

Climbing up the hill overlooks the glacier lake, but the tranquility of the lake can not stop its majestic.

Patrick ordered us tickets for the glacier lake cruise to get a closer look at the iceberg.

Take an amphibious boat to the glacier lake. This boat is a car on land. It's a boat after entering the water. I feel very strong.

Originally, I thought it would be very cold to visit the lake, but there is no wind today, so it is basically not cold. There is also a man wearing shorts on board. I really admire him. He dares to wear shorts in Iceland this season.

After entering the glacier lake, our ships are surrounded by large and small pieces of ice, which has an unreal illusion. What a shock!

The cruise lasted about 40 minutes, with a guide on board to explain the historical changes of the glacial lakes and the formation of these glaciers.

With the global warming and the continuous melting of glaciers, the area of glacier lake is expanding, and the glacier lake is only 1.5 km away from the Atlantic Ocean, which will eventually be connected with the sea. It is also because of these changes that the scenery you see in the glacier lake every day will be unique.

In the middle of the glacier lake, you can also see the seal, oh, sticking out a head from the sea, especially lovely.

The guide didn't know where to take out a large transparent ice and broke it up for everyone to taste.

Is my ice like a love? Made a circle of friends, friends said it was like a big diamond, ha ha ha. I gently tasted the ice, tasteless ice.

When we returned to land, we were surrounded by ice and the ship couldn't get ashore!! It is said that this kind of situation is rarely encountered. The staff got on the canoe and went to the shore to clean up the ice for us.

Hiking glacier and black beach

The night before, I stayed in a hotel not too far away from watner glacier, where I had the most delicious Italian food. I also had a big meal in the hotel in the morning, because I'm going to hike on the glacier today.

We are hiking on the watner glacier. After arriving at the camp, the staff will give everyone equipment, such as claws, pickaxes and helmets, and then take the bus to the place where we are hiking.

After getting off the bus, the car was divided into several teams, each with a different leader. Our team happens to be all Chinese. The leader is a thin looking young man. He takes us to the front and doesn't care much about our team members. 'it seems the team leader doesn't like the Chinese very much,' Patrick said.

It often rains in glaciers, and there are few sunny days. The weather outside is different from that in glaciers. Therefore, you must take a raincoat when you walk on glaciers. It's better to wear a uniform.

Walking on the path, the roadside is full of autumn, colorful leaves are very beautiful.

In fact, after close contact with glaciers, we found that many exposed glaciers are black.

When we are going to the glacier, the leader begins to guide us to wear the claws, which should be tightly tied to the shoes. Walking glaciers must wear claws, otherwise the ice will be very slippery.

The route of each team on the glacier is different. Hiking glacier has no requirements for hiking experience, and the difficulty coefficient is very low. As long as you put on your skates, follow the steps of the leader, and step on every step. Our hiking route is the first experience. We don't go deep into the glacier, so we won't be too tired. It's almost two hours back and forth.

Watner glacier is the largest glacier in Iceland, the largest glacier in Europe, and the third largest glacier in the world.

Each person has an ice pick. It's really heavy. Next is the time to show the real intention of the ice pick. Our ice pick is not used to knock ice, but to take pictures of props!! The leader inserted the ice pick into the ice and put it there to take pictures for us.

This is the end of our hike. We can touch the glacier at close range without reservation.

After taking photos, take a rest, go back down the mountain along the original road, and then take a bus to the entrance of the scenic spot. Enjoy the late autumn scenery.

At the end of September and the beginning of October, Iceland had a fantastic autumn and winter.

In the afternoon, when I go to Vick Town, the autumn is also very strong on the road. The earth is painted as gold, and there is a waterfall flowing.

When we got to feather Canyon, we met with heavy snow. Patrick said that the canyon was very shocking, but in the face of this situation, the sky was still floating with rain and snow, so we chose to go back to the car.

In the afternoon, I went to Vick town. Vick town has a large icewear sweater factory. Icewear is a local Icelandic brand. It's pure handmade wool sweaters. It's very warm, but the price is also very beautiful. The styles and sizes in the factory are quite complete, the price is cheaper than that of Reykjavik, and there are many souvenirs on sale.

Zizi bought a bag of Aurora candy, praying that we can see the aurora on the last night tomorrow. It must be out of sight tonight.

On the top of a hill in Vick Town, the church and Black Hills beach in the distance.

It rained again on the road, but when we first got to the black beach, the rain stopped, the sky turned blue, but the sea still roared, rolling up layers of big waves.

There are many visitors to the black beach, and it is also a must to punch in and out to Iceland. Iceland's sand and soil are actually black, so Iceland is very lonely on a cloudy day. Because there are many active volcanoes in Iceland, the black sand comes from volcanic lava. This black mountain beach is more famous because of the basalt pillars on the edge of the beach.

Basalts were formed in volcanic eruption and formed when magma cooled.

These uneven stone pillars, but they are extremely regular shape, just like the artificial carving, like the scene of animation. To be exact, this basalt should be called basalt columnar joint.

The two reefs on the sea also come from volcanic lava, which is very magical. The sky suddenly began to rain again, the waves rolled, more like a magic world. More and more heavy rain reminds me, after taking photos, run back to the car.

Icelandic Golden Circle

We spent the last three days in the south line of Iceland, which is also the place with the highest appearance rate in the Icelandic propaganda film.

Wake up in the morning, the last day of the sunrise outside the window to meet us, standing by the window to take a picture. The cabin we live in is so suitable for watching the aurora, but the weather was bad last night.

In the morning, Patrick took me to punch in the wreckage of the plane, but the area where the wreckage was located was closed to traffic, so I had to park outside and walk about 4 kilometers. The whole journey was gravel road, about 2 hours back and forth.

In fact, the journey of 4 kilometers back and forth is still quite collapsing, because the wind is strong! Go straight along the path and turn left. When you go straight, the wind blows from the side. When you turn left, the wind blows from the back. But when you return, the wind blows from the front! Don't use a scarf to protect your face, it will blow to paralysis! And it's hard to walk in the wind.

This is a half century ago, the U.S. military due to lack of fuel and forced to land in southern Iceland black beach aircraft. However, the accident did not cause any casualties, all the crew survived. However, due to the high cost of recovery, after the removal of the main instruments, the wreckage of the aircraft has been abandoned here.

Now the wreckage of the plane has become a tourist attraction to Iceland. Although the wind is very strong, but the sun is also big, so it is not too cold, I decided to take off my big coat to take photos. A Chinese aunt next to me asked me if I could borrow my hat and scarf to take photos. I resolutely refused. If I took my hat, I would be called "crazy woman" the next second.

When we got to the wreckage, there were not many people, so it was easier to take photos. I met a lot of people on the way back. So try to go before 10 am. It's not easy to take photos if there are many people late.

Later I saw the photos of the wreckage and Aurora taken by my friends at night. It was so shocking!

On the last day in Iceland, the weather was very good and the sunshine was too good to say, so I saw three classic waterfalls in Iceland one day.

When you go to skoga waterfall, you can see the rainbow in front of the waterfall from a distance. On sunny days, you can have a rainbow when you go to skoga waterfall.

There is a high step behind the waterfall, overlooking the skoga waterfall from the mountain. However, several of us saw that we had to climb such a high staircase, so we gave up decisively.

On the way from skoga falls to Serialand falls, the hillside is green, and the grass is green, as if returning to the scene of spring.

It is not far from skoga falls. It is neither the largest nor the tallest, but it is the most elegant and beautiful.

Standing at the bottom of the waterfall, you can feel the majestic from the waterfall, water vapor splashing on your body.

The Serialand falls can be circled to its back along the path, and it can be circled around the falls. But remember to bring a raincoat. When you go around the back, you will be more aggressive. Without a raincoat, your clothes and hair will get wet directly.

After entering the Golden Circle, there are more and more vehicles on the road and more and more vehicles in the parking lot. Relatively speaking, this section of the classic route is also the most tourists.

Come to geyser geyser, the steam on the ground is scattered, the air is filled with the smell of sulfur.

Geyser spring is an intermittent eruption spring, which erupts every few minutes. I didn't expect to erupt at any time. Suddenly, with a bang, the water vapor rushed into the sky. So if you want to capture the geyser, you have to be ready all the time. The mobile video is always on.

Geyser's water temperature is very high, the eruption of spring water is directly the temperature of boiling water. So when watching the eruption, don't get too close, and don't touch the spring water, so as not to be scalded.

The scenic spots in the golden circle are very close, from the geyser to the golden waterfall. There are several parking lots in the golden waterfall. More and more lazy, we ask to park in the nearest parking lot, but there is no parking space in the nearest parking lot to the waterfall.

However, on the way from the parking lot to the golden waterfall, you can also see the snow mountains and the golden grassland in the distance, an incomparable autumn color.

From a distance, you can feel the momentum of golden waterfall on the plank road, which is also the second largest waterfall in Iceland. The origin of the name of the golden waterfall is not because the water of the waterfall is golden, but because at dusk, the waterfall will be dyed golden yellow by the sunset, which is as precious as gold.

The water of the waterfall is pouring down, and the steam is in the air. Under the sunlight, you can see the rainbow rising from the waterfall.

Walk along the plank road to the viewing platform, which is also the closest to the waterfall. You will feel more shocked and feel the momentum of golden waterfall.

There are three major attractions in the Golden Circle: geyser, golden waterfall and cingliway National Park. After leaving the golden falls, head all the way to xingaliwei National Park, which is also the way back to Reykjavik. Hingliway National Park is usually the first stop of the Golden Circle, but it is our last stop.

Without warning, Patrick told us we were in the National Park. The roads in the National Park are similar to other roads in Iceland. There are snow mountains and grasslands on both sides. Maybe the whole scenery of Iceland is too beautiful, so the National Park does not have too amazing scenery. It wasn't until the parking lot that we felt we had reached our destination.

In fact, hingliway National Park was originally built to protect the parliament site. The Icelandic parliament was established in singer Ville in 930 and continued to operate until 1798. Later, it was expanded to protect the surrounding natural scenery.

It's just sunset here, and the reflection of sunset can be clearly seen on the calm surface of Lake singwaldra.

The snow mountain in the distance is dyed into gorgeous gold. The small house by the lake is very lovely. It must be very happy to live here, with mountains and rivers every day.

Located in the Great Rift Valley of Iceland, hingliway National Park is the boundary between the Eurasian plate and the American plate. It's amazing that the American plate is next to it.

We are going back to Reykjavik when we leave singlevi National Park. On the last night, we live near the airport and are about to say goodbye to Iceland. It's raining and the sunset is on the way. It's like the last gorgeous farewell.

The weather on the last day was very good. After dinner, we were looking forward to waiting for the aurora outside the city. After all, it was the last night in Iceland. There are still stars in the sky. I took a picture of the starry sky, but before long, the clouds came again and began to rain. The only regret in Iceland is that it's not the northern lights.

The two days before we arrived in Iceland was just the night of the aurora. In fact, there was aurora in Iceland during that time. It came from the aurora in my circle of friends, but we didn't see it. May be fate has not yet arrived, destined to the Arctic circle I will come again.


I finished my travels to Iceland and flashed my memories. I'm very happy to be in Iceland. It's also the second country I went with hi pipi, and I've completed one of my dream lists. Saw the lucky rainbow, clocked in the shooting place of Daydreamer, whale watching in the Arctic Ocean, ice lake cruise, hiking Glacier

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