The beautiful Xishuangbanna starts from an educated youth's life in intercontinental resort hotel

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Published on October 24, 2019 03:44

I came to Xishuangbanna for the first time, and I thought about it. I once saw a picture in my friend's mobile phone. He was splashing water with Dai girls under the big gold pagoda. He was very happy

As soon as I got out of the plane, I saw the "exclusive pick-up" of Niki Teng, the Chief Concierge, with the lovely mascot of the hotel, Totoro Xiaoyan. As soon as I went out, I saw them there, which was very warm. This intercontinental special concierge day, we also arrived at Xishuangbanna intercontinental resort in our exclusive car. We went with the concierge Niki Teng to feel the precipitation of 70 years and the Dai welcome ceremony, which made people feel more cordial

The hotel is about 15 minutes' drive from the airport. As soon as you enter the hotel, you can feel the tropical atmosphere. You feel that you have come to Southeast Asia. The holiday atmosphere is very strong. The garden is full of birds and flowers. There are green plants everywhere. The environment is very good. You can see beautiful peacocks when you pass the nine storey tower. You can also meet black swans on the way through the restaurant, as if you are in a tropical rainforest

Check in the educated youth room, the whole room is very big, with balcony, decoration style is very Dai Flavor, the lighting on the wall is very good-looking. The most special thing is that there is a special cloakroom. This is the girl's favorite. Boxes and clothes can be stored in different areas. Take a mirror before going out. Bathroom is dry and wet separation, there are independent bathtub, bathroom and toilet, space is also very large, bathtub can lead to the room, very romantic. It's very suitable for couples or parent-child families. The price of such a room is only 600 +. It's too conscientious to be intercontinental.

The educated youth elements can be seen everywhere in the educated youth room, such as the old military uniform and sea soul shirt, the kettle for drinking water, the camp schoolbag, the washbasin for washing face, and even the welcome desserts. They are reluctant to eat the biscuits of "educated youth have no regrets, long live Youth" and the green schoolbag cakes of "serving the people"

There are several restaurants in the hotel. In the morning, you can experience a variety of educated youth themed restaurants. For lunch and dinner, you can choose Tai Dai restaurant. The peacock banquet is very ceremonial, full of flavor and good-looking for photos. In fact, the peacock banquet is not really peacock meat. It's a Kong que banquet with Yunnan Xishuangbanna flavor. The overall shape is very similar to the peacock. The dishes are all Dai Flavor, including sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, raw and other flavor. In the food materials, Yunnan characteristic raw materials such as fungus, insect, flower, lemon and citronella grass are used. A layer of banana leaves is laid on the turntable, and more than ten kinds of dishes are directly placed on the banana leaves, which are full of color, fragrance and taste. A peacock head is the finishing touch, so that the whole table are three-dimensional up, even if there are thousands of customs. And it's said to be made of real peacock feathers. There are three kinds of food (bee pupa, bamboo insect and grasshopper), dried mushroom fried bait, Dai style Chung dried pork, Dai style roast pork, pineapple rice, and spareribs. They are very delicious. We also encourage you to try new dishes (such as eating insect Shenma)

Peacock is a symbol of auspiciousness and happiness in Yunnan. A peacock banquet represents the good wishes of the Dai people and the welcome to tourists from all directions

Shuttling through time and space, looking back at those yellowing memories

October 16, 2019 (Jinghong, China) - 41 years ago, educated youth began to return home, and China entered the reform and opening up. Before that, tens of millions of educated youths responded to the call to go to the countryside to build the frontier. Xishuangbanna is one of the important destinations. Urban educated youths from all over the country bid farewell to the prosperous city and dedicated their blood to Xishuangbanna, which they will never forget. The story of "educated youths in Banna" is not only shown in the yellow old photos, It is also perceived as a form of communication.

Pay homage to the times and the past. From October 11 to 13, 2019, we experienced for the first time that the Chief Concierge of Xishuangbanna intercontinental Resort Hotel customized the theme of the concierge day activity of "re walking the road of educated youth", and the two-night and three-day experience activity of educated youth going to the mountains and the countryside specially customized by the hotel, which let us relive the "educated youth years", Start an unforgettable journey with the theme of educated youth. The journey of revisiting the educated youth officially started on the 12th, and the breakfast started from the punch in texture to recreate the breakfast scene of the 1960s. From detailed depiction to old newspapers, military water bottles and enamel cups.

What's more wonderful is the teapot and the chinchilla dance. The different experience of the two times in the same scene is impressive enough. Although I'm a post-80s generation who hasn't experienced this period of history, it's also meaningful for me to deeply review the past of educated youth during my stay and fully enjoy the unique intercontinental concierge service.

The hotel is really a step-by-step scene. You can see all kinds of tropical plants and small animals everywhere in the park. After breakfast, we changed the scene. Under the guidance of the master, we wrote down our names on rice paper. The teacher said that calligraphy is a way to interpret the heart, which can make people calm and understand more. This kind of words reminds me that in the past, letters were very slow, words were like writing on paper, but now wechat is very fast. What has changed in the past 70 years is the communication tools, and what has not changed is the cultural heritage accumulated by the times.

The most meaningful and experienced part of this trip was a hearty rice transplanting activity. Let's walk into the terraced fields of Xishuangbanna intercontinental resort to experience the agricultural work of transplanting rice seedlings. In the era of educated youth going to the countryside, rice is the source of people's annual ration. When the "Grain Rain" season comes, all the men, women, young and old of the team will devote themselves to the busy agricultural work in spring. The immersive experience makes the guests feel the "educated youth" feelings.

Every rice planting afternoon is hard won. We need to wear leather aprons and rubber shoes and stand in the muddy soil to arrange the rice in order. For a person who never does farm work, this kind of experience is especially true. Food is not easy to come by. We really need to cherish it

Lunch has a sense of ceremony. In the past years, I want to use a set meal for educated youth. The concierge will lead the guests to experience different rural flavor. The retro tables and chairs, pottery bowls, wowowotou and other details fully reflect the sense of age at that time, forming an unforgettable "educated youth gathering". Most of the ingredients are original, natural and delicious, with the rustic flavor of the mountains. Let's go to the city people to be calm and feel grateful, and experience the glorious years of the educated youth era.

In depth insight and historical moments, after dinner, the concierge Niki Teng led the "educated youth group" to Dongfeng Farm. Continue a tapping experience that you've only seen on the screen, a contest between physical strength and skill. Dongfeng Farm is located in menglongba, the south end of Jinghong City in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, bordering Myanmar in the southeast. From 1968 to 1978, when the farm was in the period of entrepreneurship and development, a large number of educated young people came to the countryside. By April 1972, more than 13500 urban educated young people from Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Kunming settled in Dongfeng Farm in Xishuangbanna in batches. They reclaimed land in the tropical rainforest, cultivated rubber, and shouldered the responsibility of reclamation, The historical mission of building the second natural rubber production base in China is to record the past feelings of educated youth.

This hometown of educated youth has a deep insight into the history of rubber tapping and the development process of rubber industry. While listening to the explanation of local rubber tapping experts, they can also try their own hand to feel the precious and hard won of this raw material in the flow of resin. In this hometown of educated youth, we enjoyed a ceremonial field afternoon tea with the water of Xilin Lake in the gum forest by the river. With its favorite growing environment, sandy soil and flowing river, we can feel the warm rural atmosphere

Later, I went to the pond to fish. I didn't expect that I was really lucky. My little friend gently put the fishing rod into the pond, and in an instant, there was a fish bite. At last, I lifted 24 kg, and the harvest was full! Finally, I return to the hotel with my booty. After baking and cooking, the delicious food is served on the table, accompanied by Yunnan special dishes. It becomes a big meal to reward the taste buds

In the evening, in an old movie, I ended the memorable journey of educated youth.

I've heard that the night scene of Gaozhuang in Xishuangbanna is so beautiful that I can't miss it. Yesterday's heavy rain washed away a lot of busy stall owners, so today I'm not reconciled. Before boarding, I want to come here again to pursue the beauty under the bright night

There are so many kinds of snacks, and there are so many kinds of Dai style barbecue that people can't open their eyes and mouths. It's a pity that they don't have much time to stay and stop. Let's make it up next time

It's said that Yunnan people have a strong taste. Looking at these fresh bamboo insects, spiders, centipedes and so on, can you really keep up with your courage and taste buds?

The special concierge day is a unique experience, but the intercontinental concierge service of the hotel has been like a day for ten years. The intercontinental concierge "has deep insight and attentive service", and the top ten service contents make the guests enjoy the unique leisure.

Xishuangbanna is a tourist city, hotel industry, accommodation and travel are very convenient, and intercontinental with its beautiful environment, quiet atmosphere, super high cost performance, can be regarded as elegant strongly recommended hotel. The three-day and two night set meal for the educated youth can make us feel close to history and nature with a sense of ceremony. In the mountains and fields, in the memories, rich experience activities can let us look for every trace of the educated youth.

Xishuangbanna intercontinental resort is located in Jinghong cold resort, on the former site of Dai Palace which flourished in 1160 ad. The hotel is hidden in the vast tropical rain forest. Its design combines the architectural aesthetics of Thai and Dai people. It flows through the forest and contains unique Dai customs everywhere. It presents a garden style resort with elegant environment and creates a unique and unforgettable experience for the guests visiting Xishuangbanna.

The 512 Dai style guest rooms, including suites and villas, are spacious and ingenious in design. Through the balcony, you can enjoy the garden scenery in all directions. Six restaurants with different styles provide guests with a dual sensory experience of food and scenery. You will have a wonderful time in Xishuangbanna intercontinental resort hotel.

Xishuangbanna, I'll see you later. I'm sure I'll come again

The beautiful Xishuangbanna starts from an educated youth's life in intercontinental resort hotel

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