Talking about fjords between mountains and rivers

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Published on May 27, 2014 16:13

This trip to northern Europe has seen the fjord known as Norway's "soul". Fellow travelers jokingly said: it's no different from the scenery of China's "Three Gorges". It's a pity not to see it. I'm disappointed to see it. After coming back from northern Europe, I sorted out the photos taken all the way in Norway, savored them carefully, walked through the rugged mountain road and narrow one-way tunnel of the so-called "workers' road" dug at the beginning of last century, and stopped to take a picture in the Bay Canyon of Norway sea. The green water, green mountains and simple dwellings are still worth showing to netizens who love natural scenery and outdoor sports. Due to the arrangement of this trip, we only went to Fromm (Flame) and did not see the essence of Norway fjord. Near the famous town of gudvangen, Songen fjord is the longest, deepest and narrowest fjord in the world; The water surface of ayulan Fjord, where we took the cruise ship, is relatively wide, so it doesn't feel as handsome and narrow as the introduction, and the scenery is not unique enough; The essence of Sognefjord is in Gudvangen. Therefore, if you want to go to Norway to see the fjords, you must go to Jude Wong.

Norway's territory is narrow and long from north to south, and its coastline is extremely tortuous, reaching 20000 kilometers. Its coastline is longer than that of the United States. It is precisely because of its zigzag coastline, the Strait is hundreds of kilometers deep into the land, forming many fjords and natural harbors. There are many coastal islands, which are known as "ten thousand island countries".

Fjords are the unique geological landforms of a few countries such as Norway. There are no fjords in China or even the Asian continent. Except for New Zealand and Chile, 80% of the fjords in the world are in Europe. The fjords in Europe are mainly in northern Europe, while the fjords in northern Europe are mainly in Norway. Fjord is fjord or fiord in English. Norwegians regard fjord as their soul and are proud of fjord. They think fjord is a symbol of Norwegians' character. What fjords bring to people is not only the visual impact, but also the spiritual shock. Norway's fjords have been selected as the world's best preserved tourist destination and top of the world's beautiful scenery by international famous tourism magazines, and have been listed in the world heritage list by UNESCO.

The details of this fjord trip are as follows: from Karlstad, Sweden, which was introduced in the previous article, we drove for more than two hours to Oslo, the capital of Norway. After lunch, we took a little tour, and then drove for two and a half hours to Geilo, a small mountain town between Oslo and Bergen (Norway's second largest city, near the Atlantic Ocean); Overnight stay at Highland Hotel, Yelu; Yelu is famous for its winter skiing, summer hiking, cycling and fishing.

A group of photos of Yelu mountain village;

Geilo town is 115 kilometers away from flame town in Songen Fjord, so you have to get up early and drive for about 1 hour and 40 minutes to catch the 10 o'clock fjord train. The train goes up the mountain for a round trip for an hour. You can take a boat to visit the fjord at Fromm wharf for about an hour. After returning to the wharf for lunch, you can take a bus (4 hours) back to Oslo.

Yelu's morning

In August, the Norwegian mountains are still covered with snow;

The color of these photos taken across the window is always unnatural;

The famous Fromm railway, one of the world's railway masterpieces, was built in the 1920s. It took 20 years to build it, connecting the town of Fromm (2 meters above sea level) with Myrdal (867 meters above sea level);

Maidal station is the middle station of the main line railway from Oslo to Bergen, the second largest city, which was built in 1909. The famous flamsbana railway from maidal to Fromm is now more used for sightseeing in mountainous areas. Every year, tourists from all over the world take the train to enjoy the magnificent and strange natural scenery;

The flamsbana railway was once the steepest rail journey in the world, with a total length of 20 km and a driving time of about 1 hour. It needs to cross 20 tunnels with a total mileage of 6 km; In order to avoid the avalanche mountain area, there is no bridge in the whole process. The tunnels of Panshan railway are all dug by hand. It is said that each meter of tunnel needs a worker's hard work for a month.

Fromm Railway Museum

The sixth stop is kjosfossen station. Stop in front of the waterfall and tourists can get off to take photos;

Suddenly the music starts and a fairy dances under the waterfall. It is said that there will be performances every once in a while. It is unknown whether it is a real person or a robot;

Myrdl, the terminal of tourist train, is 866 meters above sea level; Then go back to Fromm station.

"Fromm" in Norwegian is "a small plain in steep mountains". It is also the same as her name. Elegant houses are scattered in the valley. There are tourist service centers, cafes, snack bars and fast food restaurants at the station and wharf.

Among the numerous fjords, songna Fjord, 240 kilometers long and 1308 meters deep, is the longest and deepest fjord in the world, which is unique in the world. In Norwegian, fjord means a bay deep inland. The coastline of Norway's North Sea gnaws inland in a very complex way, forming fjords. The size of Norwegian fjords is second to none in the world. The towering mountains and vast oceans seem to be engaged in an endless war, which makes tourists feel the greatness and magnificence of nature and the insignificance of human beings.

Fromm wharf is the tourist distribution center of Songen Fjord, and 10000 ton cruise ships from all over the world can park in the harbor;

Tourists transfer to small cruise ships or take a bus to gudvangen, Aurland, undedal and other scenic spots;

We took the cruise ship Elizabeth at the dock and went straight down the river. We passed the villages of ayulan and wenledar, but we didn't go to goodewan; So there is no chance to see the essence of Norway fjord.

About 20 minutes from Fromm harbor, the small village on the right side of the voyage is ayulan, the scenic spot of Songen Fjord, where there is a family power station using Canyon waterfall to generate electricity;

About 15 minutes further on, there is a famous scenic spot wenledar village on the left bank; There is a wooden structure church with unique architectural style built in 1147 in the village. It has only 40 seats, which is the smallest wooden church in Scandinavia.

Before 1988, the only means of transportation in the village of windedal was the boat in the Fjord, and now there is a road connecting Fromm;

In addition to the famous wooden chapel, wenledar also produces white and brown goat cheese. Due to the year-round opening of shops, bars and post offices, visitors will find that living in a small village is as colorful as outside social life. The exterior walls are painted white, and the walls and ceiling of the chapel have their own unique interior decoration and painting. It tells the story of a parish church which has been used continuously for nearly 900 years.

Turn left to enter naler fjord and you can see stegen farm. It is located on a steep cliff with an altitude of 300 meters. However, our boat did not enter naler fjord to go to gudewan. Instead, we turned around here to return to Fromm and ended our regretful trip to Thorne fjord.

Sonne fjord is the largest fjord in Norway and the longest and deepest fjord in the world. The mountains on both sides are high and the valleys are deep. The slopes at the bottom of the valleys are steep and grow vertically until the peak at an altitude of 1500 meters. The rock strata on both sides of the fjord are very hard, mainly composed of granite and gneiss, mixed with a small number of limestone, dolomite and marble. The mountains on both sides of the Strait are undulating, and the forests are emerald. Sometimes the clouds and fog are shrouded, and the air is misty. Sometimes the snow is white, and the cold is pressing. The water in the fjord is clear and transparent, and its surface is like a mirror. Even if the sea comes to the fjord with high winds and high waves, it has to bow to the high mountains, put away its restlessness and become calm. When there are no boats passing by, there are almost no waves on the surface of the fjord. In the sunshine, the sea was sparkling. The terrain on both sides of the fjord is dangerous, and there are few places to land. Occasionally, some simple houses are dotted on the hillside, and there is vitality in the wild.

(a series of travel notes, to be continued)

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Talking about fjords between mountains and rivers

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