Take it with you【 Jiayou station]? Taste the cold and summer in Yunnan (eight days and seven nights in Kunming Dali Lijiang)

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Published on March 16, 2014, 23:59

Time on the cloud impression of Yunnan

Before the beginning of the text, I have to thank my friends: thank my friends for providing a lot of reference for my trip, and thank my colleagues for helping me with my work Let's start with the text.

In the middle and early March of this year, I took my parents to Yunnan for eight days and seven nights. The route is Kunming Dali Lijiang, which should be regarded as a popular one. A week before the trip, there was a tragedy at Kunming railway station, and some people around returned their tickets. I think the most dangerous place at the moment is the safest place, so I still stick to the original plan. In fact, I'm still very worried about the journey.

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3.08 Shanghai Kunming hotel near Kunming Railway Station

3.09 Kunming Jiuxiang Kunming dalisu Railway

3.10 Dali - caicun Pier - ancient city of Dali - Xizhou - Chongsheng temple - hotel near caicun pier of Dali

3.11 sunrise in Erhai Lake - hotel near the pier of Su dalicai village, Su dalicai village, Shuanglang

3.12 Dali Lijiang Lijiang ancient city (Dayan ancient city) hotel near the South Gate of Lijiang ancient city

3.13 Lijiang, Lashihai, Chama ancient road, Shuhe ancient town, hotel near the South Gate of Lijiang ancient city

3.14 Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain Lijiang Kunming train

3.15 Kunming Shanghai

scenic spot


Jinma Biji square

Kunming's landmark buildings are a must for visitors to Kunming. They are located at the intersection of Sanshi street and Jinbi Road in the center of Kunming, about 3km away from Kunming railway station. The transportation is convenient, and the carved beams and painted buildings are superb. The East Square is near Jinma mountain and is called Jinma square, while the west square is near Biji mountain and is called Biji square. Travel time is less than one hour.


Located in Jiuxiang Yi Hui Township, Yiliang County, 90 kilometers away from Kunming, 28 kilometers away from the famous stone forest scenic spot, there are mountains, water, karst caves, and the reputation of "above ground stone forest, underground nine villages". The reason why we chose Jiuxiang instead of stone forest is that some friends who have been to stone forest told me that Stone Forest depends on imagination. The hotel near the railway station has a one-day tour of Jiuxiang stone forest. It's time-saving and labor-saving to choose to follow the group, but you may enter the shopping mall. It takes more than an hour to drive from Kunming to Jiuxiang. Our tour time with the group is two hours, which is more compact. Three to four hours is more reasonable.


Ji you, who has been to Dali, told me that Dali's natural scenery can be summed up in four words: Fenghua XueYue - xiaguanfeng, shangguanhua, Cangshan snow, Erhai moon. Most of the famous scenic spots in Dali are around Erhai Lake, and the downtown is Xiaguan. The main nationality is Bai nationality.


It is said that it is named Erhai Lake because it looks like an ear. On the road of Erhai seaside, you can often see such a slogan: Erhai Lake is qingdalixing, which is quite reasonable. You can charter a one-day tour around the sea, 300 / day, double corridor, Nanzhao style Island, little Putuo, Xizhou, butterfly spring, Chongsheng temple, etc. Or take a big cruise to enjoy three courses of tea, long-term tour to Nanzhao style island and little Putuo, short-term tour to tianjingge and Jinsuo Island, 100 / person. The former is relatively free, while the latter is equivalent to following the regiment.

ancient city

It has a history of 1200 years. Erhai Lake in the East and Cangshan Mountain in the West. The streets of the ancient city are horizontal and vertical. Foreigners street and Renmin Road are well-known. They have a lot of delicious food.

Chongsheng Temple

It is located about one kilometer away from the north gate of Dali ancient city. If you take bus No.19, you can walk to 4 stops. It is famous for its three pagoda reflections. Tickets are expensive. The original price is more than 120. If you order 90 online, you can also see the three pagodas at the gate.

Double corridor

It's a hot town recently, on the Northeast Bank of Erhai Lake. There are many characteristic inns, you can see the scenery of Erhai Lake, you can also see the sunset of Erhai Lake, there are Yuji island and Nanzhao style Island, there is little Putuo in the south. More than 50 km away from Dali ancient city, more than 1 hour's drive.

Caicun Wharf

On the West Bank of Erhai Lake, there are some Inns facing Erhai Lake and back to Cangshan Mountain. You can watch the sunrise and the moon in Erhai Lake. No.2 bus terminal, take about 3 stops to Dali line, take a double corridor van, and take about 4 stops to the north gate of Dali ancient city.


Two mountains, one city, one lake, one river, one wetland, one culture, one Customs: Yulong Snow Mountain and Laojun Mountain, Lijiang ancient city, Lugu Lake, Jinsha River, Lashihai, Dongba culture, Mosuo customs.

About the maintenance fee of the ancient city: 80 / person, valid within seven days. If you only visit Dayan ancient city, you don't need to pay this fee, but if you go to Heilongtan, Yulong Snow Mountain and other scenic spots, you must check.

Attention to the children who want to go to Lugu Lake. The local driver told us that the road from Lijiang to Lugu Lake is under construction recently. It will take about 7-8 hours, and it will take about 5-6 hours to finish.

Dayan ancient city

The streets are so intricate that it's easy to get lost. Very casual stroll, you can also stay in the inn in a daze, bask in the sun.

Shuhe ancient town

Like a miniature version of Dayan ancient city, there are fewer people. It's said that the charge is 40 per person. The drivers of our group put us at the gate of the southeast corner, and we didn't meet any ticket inspectors.


Wetland, you can consider a one-day tour with the group, riding along the ancient tea horse road, boating in Lashihai, eating grilled fish. Prices are chaotic, ranging from dozens to hundreds. Jiyou recommended me 150 pure play group, riding for about 2 hours, lunch is local chicken hot pot, rowing for about 40 minutes, and grilled fish.

Yulong Snowmountain

The altitude is 5596 meters, so far no one has successfully reached the top. The cableway can reach 4506 meters, and there is a section of wooden plank that can lead to a higher place. Many people are worried about altitude sickness. There are three kinds of people who can't get on the cableway: 1. There are people with altitude sickness in Lijiang. The oxygen content in Lijiang is 60% - 70% of that in the normal area, while that in Yulong Snow Mountain is only 50% at 4506 meters; 2. Severe hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; 3. Pregnant women. Other people need to do what they can. We took anti hyperreflexive drugs one day in advance. We took a few mouthfuls of oxygen from time to time when we were on the cableway. The reaction was relatively small, but there will be some. Oxygen inhalation can relieve some discomfort. In addition, we need to prepare some high calorie food such as chocolate. It's very physical to move on the top of the mountain. There were several snows a few days before I went, so I can see a lot of snow when I go. The guide said that in summer, Gan Haizi, a big meadow under the snow mountain, is very beautiful. It is full of wild flowers and green grass, but the snow mountain is shrouded in clouds and fog, and can't be seen for 20 days in a month.

Yulong Snow Mountain also has a scenic spot Blue Moon Valley, known as small Jiuzhai, blue-green, very beautiful. It takes 50 minutes to walk from the downstream to the upstream and then return. There is a battery car, 50 / person.

In addition, I would like to share with you some interesting local conditions and customs.

1. The recent sunrise and sunset time of these three cities is about 7:30 and 19:30, which can be seen from Baidu.

2. The gate of Wutai middle school in Dali and Yulong ethnic middle school in Lijiang are very special.

3. The altitude is relatively high, and the ultraviolet rays are strong. It's best to apply sunscreen. I only wear straw hat and sunglasses, and I'm a little bit tanned.

4. Girls in these places are very taboo to be called "Miss". In Yi People's words, they are called Ashima. Male aheige, Dali's name is Jinhua, brother Peng, and Lijiang's name is pangjinmei and pangjinge. This is also mentioned in Ctrip's Yunnan strategy.

5. The beauty of Naxi people is fat and the price is black. It is said that Naxi girls should be raised to 120 Jin before they get married. Moreover, Naxi people do not intermarry with Yi people.


Air ticket (including jet fuel 170)

Tips: before the Spring Festival, I saw that the round-trip ticket to Kunming from Shanghai was very cheap. After the Spring Festival, I bought it 20 days in advance, and the price rose slightly. However, the round-trip ticket price to Lijiang from Shanghai has been very strong, about 1400. Return is a special ticket of Spring Airlines, no baggage allowance, each person carrying 7kg boarding. If you need to check your luggage, you can buy it 24 hours in advance, 30 yuan / 10kg. If it's a ticket bought by an agent, you need to call the agent. Generally, you need to call the agent first, and then customer service can help you buy it. If you buy a ticket on Chunqiu official website, you can directly buy the shipping quota on Chunqiu official website; Within 24 hours or to the airport to buy, 60 yuan / 10kg.

Shanghai Pudong Kunming Changshui ca4584 11:25-15:10 735 / person

Kunming Changshui Shanghai Hongqiao 9c8824 16:50-20:50 594 / person


Tips: one of the 18 strange things in Yunnan is that trains are not as fast as cars, but I will get carsick. So I only think about trains and book tickets at 12306 20 days in advance. There is a special ticket for Kunming to Lijiang called one person soft bag, which is strongly recommended by Jiyou. It's 669 yuan per ticket. A small room has a lower berth of 1.2 meters and an upper berth of the size of an ordinary soft sleeper, which can be bought for up to three adults. It's easy to buy in off-season, It is said that it was contracted by the travel agency during the peak season.

Kunming Dali k9602 22:55-05:59 soft sleeper 154 / person

Dali Lijiang k9627 09:25-11:59 hard seat 34 / person

Lijiang Kunming k9616 20:00-05:21 one person soft bag 669

inside the city

Tips: in Dali and Lijiang, it's a little more expensive to charter a car or take a taxi when it's dark than at dawn. I guess it's related to the local people's life rule of working at sunrise and stopping at sunset. Kunming taxi is more formal.


The public transportation is developed, and the bus station near the railway station can basically reach all the scenic spots in the city (for details, you can search Baidu map).

It's more convenient to follow a group in Shilin Jiuxiang. You can visit two scenic spots or one in a day.

From Changshui airport to the railway station, you can take airport line 2, 25 per person, every 20 minutes. The station near the railway station is Jinjiang hotel.

If you take a taxi or charter a car from the railway station to the airport, the driver should consider the possibility of driving back empty. The toll is 10 yuan and the driver should take care of it; If you go from the airport to the railway station, pay attention to whether there is an empty car to send people to the airport to go back to the city, it will be cheaper, 50.

It takes 40-60 minutes for the former and about 30 minutes for the latter.


From the railway station to caicun wharf, it's 60 minutes dark and 50 minutes light. It's about 50 minutes to see the road conditions.

From caicun pier to Dali ancient city, you can take No.2 bus, 1.5 yuan, 20 by taxi.

It's 1km from the west gate of Dali ancient city (Cangshan gate) to Chongsheng temple. You can walk or charter a car,

From caicun pier to Shuanglang, you can take No.2 bus and get off at Dali Road station. There are many vans at the crossroads. It is said that the peak season is 50-60 and the off-season is 20.


Because of various reasons, I failed to experience public transportation in Lijiang. When I went out, I either followed a group or took a taxi. Railway stations or scenic spots between the taxi did not encounter a table, are directly quoted prices, you can bargain.

There is no direct bus from the railway station to the south gate. There are blue minibuses and green taxis 100 meters away from the right side of the station. The minibuses are 10 / person, and taxis can cut down to 30 or 20 minutes.

Recently, several main roads around the ancient city have been closed. It's necessary to take a detour from the south gate to the north gate or Heilongtan. The price is not as cheap as the previous strategy said. At 6:30 in the morning, take a taxi from the south gate to Heilongtan 25 and return to Heilongtan 20 in the afternoon. Take a taxi from Shuhe ancient town to Nanmen 25.

get accommodation


Generally, I live near the railway station. I book the water hotel in Ctrip. The family room is 238 / day.


There are many choices. You can live in Shuanglang, Dali ancient city, downtown and caicun wharf. I chose the island iceboat Inn, which is about 10 minutes' walk near caicun pier. It's 356 / day, which is the most expensive but also the most comfortable of the five night accommodation.


Generally live in the ancient city, also in Ctrip reservation sesame blossom, about 10 minutes walk from the South Gate of the ancient city, 328 / day.

delicious food


Rice noodles, the first choice of local people is qiaoxiangyuan.

It's said that there are not many kinds of mushrooms at this time. Some of them are taken out of the cold storage and are not fresh. It's better to go to July to August in summer.

Steamed chicken, in fact, at home also eat this dish.


If it's not scorched, you can still eat it.

Xizhou Baba, there are two kinds of sweet and salty, I only eat sweet, not bad.

Erhai bow fish has few spines and tender meat.


There is a saying that "living in the ancient city, eating in huama Street". Things in the ancient city are expensive and may not be delicious. Half of the diners in huama Street are local people.

All kinds of hotpot, such as pork ribs hotpot, local chicken hotpot, etc. taste good.

Lijiang salmon, 38-48 Jin can eat, more than 100 Jin, known as wild salmon are fake, Lijiang no wild salmon. One fish can be eaten three times. The skin of fish can be fried, the head and tail of fish can be stewed, and the sliced fish can be used as sashimi. It can be eaten raw, chewy, fresh, and sweet. It can also be cooked in hotpot for less than 10 seconds, very tender.


Flower cake, Jiahua first.

Vein flower, a kind of dried flower, is made from the leaves of plants. First, remove the mesophyll from the leaves, only keep the vein, and make the vein leaves, and then dye them, and then process them into various simulation flowers. When the water is dry, the flower will close automatically. It's very beautiful.

Cigarettes, Yunyan, Hongtashan, etc. are said to be more expensive in Yunnan than in other provinces.

Pu'er tea is divided into raw tea and mature tea, with a large price span.

In addition, there are silver, jade and so on.


Transportation 5925

Air ticket 4017

Train 1231

Others 677

Accommodation 1704

Heel group 2790

Jiuxiang 120

Lashihai 150

Yulong Snow Mountain 660

Remarks: a bottle of oxygen will be sent to the big cableway on Yulong Snow Mountain, and the down jacket will be rented free of charge. The impression of Lijiang will be seen. The battery car of 50 / person in Blue Moon Valley is not included, and the price of 60 / person in old city operation and maintenance is included.

Food 1520

Specialty 500

Flower cake, Pu'er tea, Yunyan, ethnic skirt

Other 150

Total: 12589, less than 4200 per capita.

Illustrated Edition (nearly 300 pictures)


3.8 Shanghai Kunming Jinma Biji square

When it was warm and cold in Shanghai, it was spring and summer in Kunming. The temperature was 10-24 ℃. When I got off the plane, I immediately took off my woolen jacket and wore only a thin sweater.

Accommodation Ctrip reservation, less than 1km away from Kunming railway station, 100m away from Shuanglong shopping mall, there are bus stops near Shuanglong shopping mall, you can get to various scenic spots in Kunming.

Take bus No.98 at the bus stop opposite Shuanglong shopping mall.

Kunming's bus line has a feature, which will mark the station to and back at the same time. Take three stops to Jinma Biji Square: Shuanglong shopping mall - xunjin Street - deshengqiao - Jinma square

After getting off the bus, you will see the Golden Horse Biji square, a must visit scenic spot in Kunming.

Purple flowers in Green Island

The armed police soldiers on the square, six people facing four directions, see them immediately feel very relieved, hard.

Jinma Biji square

In fact, I'm looking for food. From bijifang to jinmafang, I walk a little further. On the right side is qiaoxiangyuan, the place for dinner.

Qiaoxiangyuan is a chain store. There is also one on Nanjing Road in Shanghai. When it comes to rice noodles, local people in Kunming are the first to recommend this one. Before departure, I told my parents that I would eat rice noodles until I vomit. Don't stop me. It shows my love for rice noodles.

Since then, I have eaten rice noodles in many places, and this one is the best.

The yellow strips are chrysanthemum petals, which only appear in autumn in Qiaoxiang garden in Shanghai.

Sunset, back to the hotel to rest

Day 2

3.9 Kunming · Jiuxiang Kunming Dali

The morning in Kunming started at 7:30. Many snack bars opened at that time. After walking around the hotel downstairs, I finally chose the thin soybean meal. It was a set meal with fried dough sticks. It was two yuan and five yuan, so cheap that I wanted to cry.

The landlady asked me to choose the seasoning for the thin bean powder. Cup by cup, I could smell it. There were six or seven kinds of garlic sauce, sesame oil and salt. Finally, I chose ginger sauce, which was hot and greasy.

After breakfast, check out, check in and go to Jiuxiang.

Today, I was with the group. 120 included the Jiuxiang cableway (excluding the group meal. Lunch was served in the small restaurant recommended by the tour guide). It was very cheap, but after entering two shopping shops, I really spent 2 hours in Jiuxiang. I didn't enjoy myself very much. Before 9 o'clock, I went into a shop selling silver jewelry and arrived at Jiuxiang at 11 o'clock.

Take the elevator to the bottom of the canyon and row.

Get to Yincui Gorge first

After passing the Yincui Gorge, the river narrows to allow only the going and going boats to pass side by side, and sometimes they rub against the opposite boats.

Stalactites can be seen in the mountains on both sides

Precipitous cliff

After landing, he began his journey to the cave.

Stalactite lion

Small waterfall

Small terrace

There is a waterfall in the cave. There is a photo booth here. Many people take pictures here

The famous big terrace -- Shentian

Kanda front

Artificial time tunnel

There are lovely cat paw projections in the tunnel

After getting out of the cave, I began to take the cableway. The cableway is not closed. One cableway takes two people. With acrophobia, I kept taking pictures to divert my attention.

Finish at 1 p.m. and have lunch at the restaurant recommended by the tour guide.

The beehives and insects in the refrigerator are a little scary. Yiliang specialty roast duck was ordered, but the sauce was a little lacking in flavor.

On the way back, I went to the second shopping spot, Colorful Yunnan. It is said that the team in Kunming will go to a shopping spot. Because I plan to buy Yunnan products online, I have no demand for silver jewelry and jadeite, so I took this as a scenic spot.

Leaf vein flower

Originally, I wanted to buy some soap flowers as a gift, but I found that the place of origin was Guangdong, so I had to give up.

Flowers under the blue sky

Elegant white clouds

Go back to the hotel and have dinner downstairs

It's a little heavy, and I can't get used to it.

It's wrapped with yellow flour. It tastes delicious, but it's too sweet.

Take your luggage and drive to the hour room to have a rest. Then take the train to Dali (k9602 22:55-05:59) which is less than 11 pm. If you have a soft seat, you can have a very comfortable waiting room with WiFi and TV.

A soft seat for four. For the first time, the child who was sleeping in a sleeper couldn't afford to be hurt and hardly fell asleep all night.

Day 3

3.10 Dali caicun wharf Dali ancient city Xizhou Chongsheng Temple

Arriving in Dali more than half an hour late, we have already made an appointment with master Shi, who cooperates with the inn, to meet us.

The hotel is near the pier of caicun, facing Erhai Lake. The Mediterranean style inn in Bai nationality's residence is small and fresh.

My first feeling after I moved in was that I had a big mosquito. But it's said that it's a male mosquito. It doesn't bite.

Access to the terrace on the top floor

Top terrace

Each floor has an independent WiFi, the network speed is very fast

Facing Erhai Lake, looking back at Cangshan snow

A small flower with five pointed stars in the middle of five petals

After a long sleep in the inn, I got up to look for food at lunchtime.

Scenery along the way:

Bai folk houses with exquisite painting style

Willows on the beach of Erhai

A boat is a little like a paper folding boat with a canopy

Flowers and blue sky

a richly ornamented building

The gate of the inn on top of the wooden boat

In the small restaurant near caicun wharf, the taste is OK, the materials are enough, and the price is cheap.

Wait for No.2 bus here, caicun wharf is the terminal.

Sit on the second road, along the way there are fields, Cangshan, blue sky, white clouds.

There are also ethnic hotels.

North Gate of ancient city

The streets of Dali are very regular, east-west, north-south, horizontal and vertical.

I bought a map in the bookstore in the north gate, which is known as the latest in 14 years, but the bus stop seems not accurate.

It's sunny at noon. Cherry blossoms are blooming on both sides of the street.

cherry blossoms

Stroll to Ximen cangshanmen, which is more than 1km away from Chongsheng temple and 20km away from Xizhou, and get on a van to visit Xizhou and Chongsheng temple.

After arriving at Xizhou in more than half an hour, the driver introduced us to xiyunju for a visit. After seeing it at the gate for a while, we felt that it was newly built and had no interest. We went to the famous Yan Family Compound on the Internet.

Scenery along the way:

Very domineering gate

Wax dyed cloth

There are twelve zodiac orz

Blue sky and yellow wall

Generally, people who are called so and so government have a lot of background

Yan Family Courtyard

Yan Family Courtyard Museum

The square in front of Yan's courtyard is very busy

There are Bai people performing songs and dances

There are also Xizhou Baba, with sweet and salty flavors. After eating a sweet one, it's not bad.

How is Xizhou Baba made

After leaving Xizhou to Chongsheng temple, if you buy tickets online, it's 90. The driver said it's unnecessary, so he took some pictures outside.

I like the blue sky and white clouds in Yunnan very much

Back to the ancient city, opposite cangshanmen is march street, where local people gather in March.

The sun has not set yet, the moon has risen.

Take the battery car to dabaomen.

Industrial and commercial banks with national style.

Roasted milk fan

Dali specialty, a kind of dairy product, has sweet sauce in the middle, but it is scorched outside, which is not delicious.

Er, the insects that can be seen at the door of a small restaurant will wriggle.

There are real flowers and fake flowers in the garland

Many people are selling flowers, camellia, orchids and so on


Seeing a group of lamas licking the cone, they couldn't look directly at him and caught a single one.

Dali impression yogurt, very thick, I like to drink relatively thin yogurt.

A bunch of stars spread on the ground. It turns out that there are so many colors of stars.

The more famous foreigner street, you can eat Western food.

At last, I had dinner in a Halal Restaurant. The Dai style shredded tripe was very delicious, sour and spicy.


Go back to the north gate and wait for the No.2 bus.

Sitting on the bus, I found that the street lamp here has wind and solar power generation devices.

Arrive at caicun pier, there is a wetland park nearby, and have a tour.


A boat for local people, 35.


A flock of ducks

Day 4

3.11 sunrise in Erhai Lake - Shuanglang

One of the scenes that shocked me during my trip to Yunnan is the sunrise in Erhai Lake, above.

Insert a picture of a frozen dog.

After enjoying the sunrise, I had breakfast in the inn with porridge and Xizhou Baba.

Hotel Restaurant

Starting to Shuanglang, the route is caicun pier. Take No.2 bus to Dali Road station. There are many vans to Shuanglang.

You can also find a local driver to charter a one-day sea tour, 300.

On the way through a fruit stand, watermelon is as big as wax gourd, very sweet and delicious.

It's 20 yuan per person. There is a traveler on the bus who has lived in the double corridor for a long time. He said it would cost 50 yuan in peak season. It takes more than an hour to reach Shuanglang via Shangguan.

Have lunch at Haiyun's home recommended by tourists.

We ordered mashed garlic with seaweed, fried screws with soy sauce, and wild Erhai bow fish. The three dishes are very special and delicious.

Fruit stand, bought crisp jujube and Begonia fruit, crisp and sweet.

When I visited Yuji Island, I didn't meet any ticket collectors.

A very chic Inn

There are tiles in the goldfish pond, which is said to regulate the water temperature.

Very powerful big dog

Yang Liping's Sun Palace

Is this an elevator

The trees by the sea are intertwined

Cactus by the sea

It's kind of like little feet

Local common trees

A small stand for fried fish and shrimp

There are also fried milk fans here. I bought a bunch of them. There's no sauce. There's a little more golden and crispy oil, but at least they don't scorch. It's OK.

It was a stormy day, cloudy and sunny, rainy and sunny. I went back early. When I met the driver, I took us to a scenic spot where we could take a panoramic view of the double corridor.

There are a lot of coaches on Dali road. You should pay attention to your self driving friends. I saw a car turn left light flash twice, turn right light flash twice, actually straight. Our driver drove steadily and delivered directly to caicun Wharf in more than an hour.

Back to the inn. Dinner at the inn. Three dishes and one soup, very refreshing, not bad.

Literature and art

Night scene

Day 5

3.12 Dali Lijiang Lijiang ancient city (Dayan ancient city)

After breakfast, master Shi came to take us to Dali Railway Station for more than 40 minutes.

Square in front of Dali Railway Station

Dali security is very strict. The fruit knife bought in Kunming was confiscated. Train: k9627 09:25-11:59

Lunch on the train, instant noodles.

Arrive at Lijiang railway station on time, we live in the south gate, turn right about 50 meters from the station, there are green taxi and blue van. A minibus costs 10 yuan per person, and a taxi costs 50 yuan to 30 yuan. It goes through the Yulong ethnic middle school in Lijiang. The gate is very special.

Accommodation is still reserved by Ctrip. It is located in the South Gate of the ancient city, and the local houses are rebuilt.

Arriving at the south gate, the younger sister of the inn came out to pick us up and help us carry our luggage. The stone road of the ancient city is uneven, so it's really not easy to drag the pole box.


I bought two big green awns in Colorful Yunnan, and I didn't know them until Lijiang.

The inn sent a map to go shopping.

The streets are intricate and feel bigger than the ancient city of Dali, and it's easy to get lost.

Photo along the way:

Among the three wells used by local people, the innermost well is used for drinking, the second for washing vegetables, and the third for washing clothes.

The innermost well

Personalized T-Shirt

Handmade scarf

Dongba paper shop

Dongba characters are very distinctive, which will be mentioned below.

It's nice to have a friend in a national costume.

Eight hundred years of stone bridge, the road was polished smooth and shiny

The running water is murmuring

Shop signs with aggressive side leakage

Petty bourgeoisie sentiment


Walk along the lower section of Bayi of Qiyi street to snack street to prepare for dinner

Broken coconut

Black mutton kebab, very tender, not bad

Note that this product is super unsavory, like rice bran is slightly sour. I took two mouthfuls and threw it away.

Restaurants in snack street

After dinner, continue to stroll, walk to Sifang street, we dance in a circle

Turn right at Sifang street and walk to bar street

In some bars, there are folk songs and dances


The waterwheel to the north gate is the symbol of Lijiang ancient city

Next to it is an inscription by Jiang Zemin

Dongba wishing bell

Willow under the moon

I don't know what tree is under the moon

It's supposed to be tea

The portrait of Harry Potter

Cloisonne Bracelet

Glutinous rice cake

National style bag

Nozzle gate

It's said that yujiela hot pot with ribs is very famous for its big red lantern. Unfortunately, I've lost my appetite by the one in the snack street who doesn't know what to do.

Smiling baby

All kinds of night scenes

River lantern

I don't know why there are many shops selling African drums. I saw a man carrying an African drum at Lijiang railway station

Haagen Dazs, I'll stay with you

ICBC everywhere

The stone road in front of the Inn

I can't use the door lock of the Inn room. My mother is very proud of it.

Let's take a look at Dongba

Dongba language everywhere

The Dongba language on the high mountain

My mother said that this means tears, I said that this is called self poke eyes, after going home Baidu, had to say that ginger is still old spicy

Don't look at the second part, like watermelon, I don't know what this means, know the children's shoes can tell me.

Day 6

3.13 Shuhe ancient town, Chama ancient road, Lashihai, Lijiang

Wake up with the morning light, the ancient city is quiet.

The breakfast cooked by the aunt in the inn is 10 yuan per person. My parents' porridge has a side dish, and my rice noodle looks like pork and sesame sauce. It's very fragrant. The rice noodle I've eaten in Yunnan ranks second.



The ancient city in the morning

Hardly anyone

The local people are washing

Go to the south gate and pass by the grand hotel.

Today is a one-day tour with the group. We gathered at the south gate and set off for Lashihai. The driver is Naxi nationality and talked with us a lot. The beauty of Naxi people is fat and the value of black.

Take the tea horse road on horseback for about 2 hours. It is said that riding for more than two hours can cause pain in the buttocks. The horses here are all Dian horses. They are short but have excellent endurance. The groom said that my horse is the third and naughty. I was very excited to touch this horse and that horse before I set out. I was scared to death.

Is this a wild goose? Fly over your head at a very low altitude.

I ride on a horse. Every time I take a picture, the horseman behind me will remind me to be careful and hold the saddle with both hands. I feel like I am taking a picture with my life.

The ancient tea horse road is a mountain road. In order to lighten the burden of the horses, they try to move forward when going up the mountain, and back when going down the mountain, with their legs forward. Climbing to the top of the mountain for a rest, the horses wo

Take it with you【 Jiayou station]? Taste the cold and summer in Yunnan (eight days and seven nights in Kunming Dali Lijiang)

Hongxia Sun