Take a flying ride and meet a landscape adventure in Dongba's secret place in Lijiang

Published on August 17, 2020 19:23

Written before the trip

It seems that Lijiang is very suitable for travel all the year round. The tranquility of the snow mountain and the bustle of the ancient city, the exquisite poetry of all kinds of characteristic inns, and even when you look up at the sky, you will feel that every free cloud seems to have a story.

When the hot summer is coming, I can't help feeling my little emotion and suddenly want to go to Lijiang. Whether it's the magnificent Yulong Snow Mountain, the ancient mysterious Dongba culture, or the moving ancient city, the enthusiastic Naxi people always make people have endless reverie.

Accustomed to the prosperity of modern cities, you might as well walk around Lijiang ancient city, let go of impetuousness and boredom, and go to explore the time of summer seclusion. After listening to my friend's saying that there is another treasure in Lijiang, and the shooting site has recently exploded, I can't wait to take my friend to fly to Lijiang for the weekend, and encounter a landscape crossing adventure in Dongba's secret place.

Fly in the snow mountain canyon

The scenic spot that can "cross back to Ancient Lijiang" is the snow mountain canyon performing arts park, which is known as the secret place of Dongba. Covering an area of 3000 mu, it is more than ten miles away from the ancient city of Lijiang, with the Yulong Snow Mountain surrounded by clouds and fog on its back. It is the most characteristic Gaoyuan Kangyang cultural tourism resort in Lijiang. The natural wind and light are seamlessly combined with the national culture, making it "the holy land of Dongba under the snow mountain, The ancient village in the canyon is famous all over the world.

There are various landforms in the scenic area, including snow mountains, canyons, plateaus, cliffs, forests, sea of flowers and lakes. You can get all the scenic spots you like here, whether it's the picturesque plateau pasture, the poetic secret Flower Valley, the screaming sky plank road, the quiet and pleasant Canyon forest!

It is worth mentioning that the scenery of Mufu Fengyun is truly reproduced here. Stepping into it, you can not only appreciate the historical heritage of Mufu, experience the local conditions and customs of Naxi, and feel the unique charm of Dongba, but also enjoy the seven theme shows. It's like being in a wonderful audio-visual feast, A unique exotic cultural tour.

Meet a national welcome show in Dongba

It is said that Dongba culture is the only living fossil in the world with normal use of language and writing. From the entrance to the scenic spot, a string of Mani stones are hanging in the middle of the tall and imposing gate tower, showing the unique cultural style of Naxi people, indicating the long cherished wish of obedience to heaven and earthliness.

The origin of the snow mountain is like the pyramids of Egypt. It is known as the belief of Dongba people. You can not only see the most beautiful Yulong Snow Mountain from afar, but also worship the "three flowers" of the mountain god.

Just entered the park, a national welcome show is to take you into Lijiang folk grand celebration. Mufu soldiers dressed in local ethnic costumes beat drums to start. In a short time, the Kung Fu Fairies in blue came down from the sky and danced. The 100 meter Weiya and the 30 meter high altitude made the stage as beautiful as fairyland.

Muzeng and aleqiu, the local characters of Lijiang, walk in the highly restored ancient buildings of Mufu Fengyun. They warmly greet the visitors and audience at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain, which is especially lively.

Beautiful flower waterfront opens a Naxi blessing show

Come out from the welcome show and go on, you can also encounter the sea of net safflower here by chance. Under the colorful setting of cherry blossoms, beside the snow mountain and forest, the blue and pink color contrast looks particularly elegant. Gesang flower and cherry blossom interweave into a beautiful and romantic moving picture, which looks like the real scene of three lives and three generations of peach blossom.

From the sea of red flowers on the net, you can see a sacred and solemn blessing ceremony of Naxi people. The resplendent "Golden Summit of snow mountain" is set against the main peak of snow mountain, surrounded by hundreds of totem poles. The actors are also dressed in Naxi ethnic costumes, with five blessing crowns on their heads, holding Dagu in their hands, praying and petitioning in the oldest way, For all visitors to send the most sincere wishes. It is said that this is a blessing ceremony in Lijiang that has been handed down for thousands of years. Now there are no more than 300 Dongba masters left to pray for Naxi's patron saint on behalf of the world.

One side of the corridor is covered with Dongba wishing bells. On the thin wooden board, visitors write down their wishes by themselves. The breeze blows, and the clear bell rings are heard under the blue sky and white clouds. Before you visit the scenic area, you have already experienced the romance of Naxi people.

Online travel photos, different customs of Lijiang

On the other side of the snow mountain, it is also elaborately arranged as the net red punch point of INS wind.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, all the natural scenery you can see is reflected in this "mirror of the sky". Wearing a long skirt, you can dance on it at will. No matter standing or sitting, no matter the front or back, no matter static or dynamic, you will be able to satisfy the beauty loving.

The sky mirror reflecting the distant mountains and clouds is like hanging on the blue sky. Walking on it is like walking on the clouds, hanging in the air. The blue sky and white clouds beside you are dreamy, as if you can touch them with your hands, just like a fairyland.

Not only that, there are also many clock in points around. Whether it's a white transparent glass ball or a white staircase on the roof that stretches to the sky, it seems that it's easy to take a shot.

If you're tired of taking pictures of the red sky, don't miss the experience of changing clothes. Whether it's Hanfu, national style clothes or Mufu costumes, you can change clothes perfectly here and go back to ancient times in a second!

If there are Hanfu everywhere, then in Xueshan gorge, I sincerely suggest you try the costume of Mufu Fengyun! A few years ago, Mr. Yu Rongguang and his team created the TV series "Mufu Fengyun" which was broadcast on many channels of CCTV, maintaining the first audience rating and achieving unprecedented success. This phenomenal TV series later became one of the places where many fans would punch in and out when they came to Lijiang, Yunnan.

After a long time, I chose a simple and elegant dress to change into, and then held up a paper umbrella to walk through the small bridge and flowing water. With a low eyebrow, I tactfully changed the landscape tenderness of the snow mountain. There are lots of trees in it!

After shooting and changing, on the right hand side is the first glass trestle bridge, which is known as Northwest Yunnan Plateau. Its net length is 137 meters, its width is 4 meters, and its maximum valley bottom drop is 97 meters high. You can walk up and down in the air with a wide view. In the distance, there are many mountains, rocks, craggy Cliffs, and beautiful scenery of mountains and forests. It's like snow mountain looming at your feet. You can stay on the glass trestle for a while, You can not only enjoy the pleasure of walking on the clouds, but also have a deep encounter with the sea of clouds when you are lucky.

Through the thin clouds, the breeze passes through the hall full of green, caressing the green mountains and trees, picturesque landscape; In this quiet and lofty, magnificent and peaceful scenery, it seems that every day is also light~

The red suspension bridge across the naked mailer Grand Canyon, not only can meet the desire of challenge and stimulation, but also is a good place to enjoy the scenery. It can let people enjoy the beautiful scenery of naked mailer Grand Canyon 360 degrees without dead angle. If you have time, you might as well walk down the valley to experience the pleasure and coolness of the green trees at the bottom of the valley.

Gold mine robbery show and Flower Valley show

A long time ago, Yulong Snow Mountain was known as "Jinshan". It contains a lot of gold and silver. At that time, gold mines were an important source of wealth for Mufu. Now, the park has restored scenes such as sculptures of gold miners and Xiake's Guide to find gold. Interestingly, everyone passing by here will be interrogated by Mufu officers and soldiers. Visitors can have an interesting interaction with Mufu soldiers here.

In Mufu Fengyun, muzeng and aleqiu love each other, but they can't be distressed. When they come to the Flower Valley show, they can see the beautiful scene of their wedding dress on the cliff at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain. It's moving.

Through food, all the authentic snacks will be caught

After a fun day, fatigue will soon come. At this time, only delicious food can cure us! When you come to the snow mountain gorge, don't forget to go to the flower street of Mucun to have a delicious meal. Kunming stewed noodles, cross bridge rice noodles, roasted stinky tofu, papaya water, black sugar bean curd and so on... These small restaurants gathered in zhongmucun food workshop, an ancient residential courtyard in Lijiang, are not only delicious, but also very affordable!

It's really interesting to see the atmosphere of ancient style immersion, the refreshing visual experience, and the enthusiastic shouting of all kinds of clerks in ancient clothes.

Of course, the food center in the scenic spot not only gathers food from all over Yunnan, but also has a restaurant of Yu Rongguang's own brand, Yu PA's kitchen, where you can punch in your favorite babies.

It's still a long time before you have enough to eat and drink. You might as well go to Huamiao and enjoy a cup of Huamiao afternoon tea, a cup of Pu'er, a flower cake, and several delicate and sweet snacks. The taste is delicate and soft. The sauce and fat are infiltrated and fragrant. The fragrance of rose is accompanied by sweet and fragrant honey. The aftertaste is long. It's delicious to a foul! Afternoon's good time, spend in the fragrance of flowers!

Snow mountain myth, a live performance not to be missed

All say Lijiang millennium, only this drama!

The large-scale Dongba fantasy epic "Snow Mountain myth" is also an indoor live show that I was most looking forward to before I came here. A snow mountain myth presents the ancient traditional national customs and national culture in an innovative performance form, integrates and reconstructs Naxi Dongba culture in Lijiang, and makes audio-visual interpretation in the form of modern trend deduction, The innovation integrates the three epics of Genesis, the battle of black and white, and Lu pan Lu Rao. The exciting plot brings visitors an immersive atmosphere and experience in all aspects.

The magnificent scene layout and the surrounding viewing experience are extremely shocking. The perfect combination of naked eye 3D technology, holographic projection technology and acousto-optic technology gives the stage art a space for complete release. At the same time, with the help of various technologies, the performance extends the stage scope to the audience. In addition, the perfect combination of dance and lighting makes the performance unique.

The story begins with the modern youth ajiang who goes back to Ancient Lijiang. Ajiang saves the tribal Princess Ali and falls in love with her. With the help of the gods, ajiang builds a just teacher, defeats the evil demon king, and brings peace back to heaven and earth. Finally, ajiang meets "Ali" again in modern times. The story ends perfectly! The whole story through the ancient and modern, wonderful, it is applauded!


(1) Address: Baishui section, Baisha Town, Yulong County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province;

(2) How to get there:

A. Self driving: the scenic spot of Xueshan gorge is 20km away from the urban area. You can choose to drive by yourself or book a car to the scenic spot;

B. Bus: Lijiang has opened a bus to Dongba secret place Kangyang town. You can take the scenic line at guchengkou (7:00 in the morning and 16:00 in the last), and get off at dongbagu station. The ticket price is 10 yuan,

C. Bicycle: rent a bicycle from the ancient city, the price is about 30 yuan / vehicle / day.

D. Traffic in the scenic spot: the scenic spots are far away from each other, and there are scenic vehicles in the scenic spot;

(3) Opening hours: 09:00-18:00 throughout the year,

Outdoor scene performance time: one at 10, 11, 14 and 15 every day

(4) Admission: Ticket + outdoor scene performance + round trip tour bus (one-way time 5-8 minutes) total 220 yuan, sky plank road glass suspension bridge 60 yuan (you can choose free footpath), snow mountain mirror 20 yuan (the tourist center provides clothing rental)

(5) Recommended order:

Scenic spot ticket purchase - Mufu welcome show (the first performance) - snow mountain flower sea - Naxi blessing show (the second performance) - Sky mirror - net red glass bridge - play Canyon - muzeng carving classic - real scene interaction of gold mine robbery (the third performance) - interaction of folk songs - Tea Horse Ancient road meets horse gang - Huagu martyrdom performance (the fourth performance) - Mucun Flower Street (Food Street)

The most beautiful time, the most beautiful ancient city of Lijiang

After coming back from the scenic spot, I took a stroll in the ancient city of Lijiang.

Lijiang ancient city has a long-standing reputation, but also a reputation. It seems to have become a business card of Yunnan tourism. It is a place that can contain all your feelings. No matter what mood you come to the ancient city, you can find your own peace and harmony.

This is an ancient city with 800 years of wind, frost, rain and snow. It is also an old city with many vicissitudes.

Lijiang ancient city, also known as Dayan Town, is a famous world cultural heritage and an important town on the ancient tea horse road. Built in the late Song Dynasty and early Yuan Dynasty, it has a history of more than 800 years. Many ancient cities in China have disappeared, but Lijiang ancient city has been fortunately preserved. There are many ancient wooden buildings, green stone roads, small bridges, flowing water, and bustling deep alleys in the city, leaving countless beautiful images of tourists.

This is an ancient city full of literature, art and romance, and also an elegant old city full of flowers.

Walking among them, everything is so simple and natural. Although the ancient city is very big, there is no need to worry about losing it. Here, the water is near the street, and the street is close to the water, so you can know where the street is.

Here is "a meter of sunshine", a "soft time", and even more a "expectable encounter". Green bricks and tiles, wooden doors and windows, walking slowly on the stone road, scattered houses, old painted wooden doors, mottled blue stone alleys, all the things you see, romantic and beautiful, and your thoughts are gradually drifting away with this ancient city!

Lijiang is the ancient city, in many people's minds is yearning for the "living place of body, mind and soul". In the ancient city and around the ancient city, there are all kinds of very chic B & B, come to Lijiang, sincerely suggest you stay in the ancient city for one night, horseshoe dada, long bell, when the wind and smoke of the years, there is still a special south of colorful clouds of fireworks.

And every encounter with Tinghua hall is the beginning of a romance.

It seems that every corner of the courtyard is full of flowers. Each place is elaborately designed with flower dolls, wooden horses, tables and chairs. It's like a romantic and colorful back garden in the ancient city.

White clouds, blue sky, grass, trees, water, flowers, bricks and tiles are all piled up with a fairy tale world. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the world is full of plants and trees, deep and quiet. There is a courtyard inside, a balcony outside, or playing chess, or drinking tea, or talking about home. When the interest comes, they write a few poems, fill in a word, write a song, and play a flute, It's the most romantic enjoyment.

The inn not only creates a fairy tale scene, but also has a good butler service. The transportation facilities are complete. You can find the little brother of the inn to help you solve any needs, such as finding a car, consulting the nearby food, helping to carry luggage, etc. everything is very detailed and considerate.

From the lobby of the hotel, the spacious and bright guest room is just like pushing the door. With unique home design, the ancient color is exquisite, which makes people more comfortable. The combination of elegant white and log makes you feel fresh and full of leisure.

The clean and tidy bathroom is more humanized, and the warm white lighting makes the room warm at night. Even the bedding is the best choice of high quality.

The small compartment of the door opened, and there was a small balcony full of all kinds of flowers~

And from the other side, you can see a big balcony with super net red. When the weather is good, many fairies will take pictures here~

Take a flying ride and meet a landscape adventure in Dongba's secret place in Lijiang

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