Stay away from the noise and take a walk in the south of colorful clouds with me

Since the beginning of this year, Yunnan has been planning to go for a walk. First, Chongqing is too hot. Second, I have an obsession with Lijiang. So I started my self driving trip to Yunnan in the penultimate week of August.

Specific itinerary: Chongqing - Neijiang (sister and little partner) - Luzhou (lunch) - direct to Kunming - Dali (live in Dali) - Lijiang (live in Lijiang) - Lugu Lake (live in Lugu Lake) - Xichang (live in Xichang) - Chengdu (send little partner) - Chongqing home

The first day's journey should be regarded as the hardest, because I was on the road all day, and I arrived in Kunming in about 15 hours. You can choose to have lunch in Neijiang or take a detour to Zigong. All Zigong dishes of Sichuan cuisine are   It's delicious.

It was early in the morning when I arrived in Kunming that night. I wanted to eat a bowl of cross bridge rice noodles, but it was too late. I suggest that if I arrive early, I can go to Jinma Biji square. The cross bridge rice noodles in a shop is very good. I've been to Kunming several times. I really don't think there's anything to play with. If it's a long time, I can go to Dianchi Lake and ethnic village.


The river view room near the sea, only slightly close to the Erhai sea. Our friends in Dali introduced me to Dali's Inn. This inn is located in the Erhai Tianyu villa area of Xiaguan, Dali city. First of all, the environment. The New Inn is perfect except for the peculiar smell in the room. Super invincible: open the curtain and you can see the room of Erhai Lake, and the view balcony of super invincible

Just said that the room has the common fault of the newly decorated hotel, there is a little smell, but it is very light, the deodorization measures are quite good. And the room is very big, the bed is very comfortable. I like this kind of French window. You can see Erhai Lake as soon as you open the curtain

Are you not satisfied with your life? I haven't laughed for a long time and I don't know why. Since you are not happy and don't like it here, it's better to go all the way to Dali. Driving along the Erhai seaside, listening to the song "going to Dali", the wind blows, and the time slows down.

How can we not go around Erhai Lake when we come to Dali. When I first came to Dali a few years ago, Shuanglang was just a small fishing village, and Erhai Lake was still so beautiful.

Park the car to the side of the road, find a junction at random, come to Erhai seaside, you can see such a beautiful scenery.

Around Erhai Lake, there are many places to rent battery cars. If you don't drive, you can try that kind of battery car. The premise is that you must pass the driving skills. This kind of battery car can generally ride about 30 kilometers. Once, when the car ran out of electricity, I pushed it for 5 kilometers. Starting from Shuanglang, you can ride back to xiaoputuo.

There are many interesting small villages around Erhai Lake. As soon as I go in, I feel like a paradise. The photos are also very beautiful. I forget the name of the village I have been to.

Old Town of Lijiang

After driving around Erhai Lake, we started to leave for Lijiang. It's the whole highway. It'll be there in two and a half hours. I really admire the weather in Lijiang and Dali. There is always a heavy rain on the highway. When we got to Lijiang, we went straight to our hotel. Because we spent a lot of money on this hotel, we thought that the scenery here was very beautiful before we came here. We could have a close look at Yulong Snow Mountain, and the environment was super good. The only drawback was that it was a little far away from the ancient city. And there is a mountain road, but you come here and think it's all worth it. After all, the cheapest room costs more than 1000 nights. This place is also very close to the jade pillar Qingtian scenic spot.

After we parked the car, we opened the door. Just at this time, the dry ice on both sides of the pond was released. It felt like we were in Wonderland. When we came to the front desk, the staff quickly checked us in.

I also like the room types here. They are basically single family villas, and then there are rooms on the first and second floors of the villas. Each villa has its own private garden, and the environment is also quite good

When the weather is fine, sitting on Huayuan Road, you can directly see Yulong Snow Mountain, very close.

On this platform, you can also overlook the ancient city of Lijiang.

Take a look at this room. It's also great. It's a big room. It's really worth the money. The water provided is from two big bottles of moufu mountain spring. I'm really afraid that we are thirsty. My favorite is the starry room. The roof is the kind of glass, which can see the stars directly.

Shuhe ancient town

After the rest of the hotel, we went to the old town. About Lijiang, my favorite is Shuhe. What's the biggest meaning of coming to Lijiang? In a daze! It's more suitable to be in a daze. Find a bar quietly, order a drink or beer, and be in a daze quietly.

Give you Amway a good place. Go straight up the mountain, there is a place where you can have a panoramic view of the river. This place was discovered by coincidence.

At the gate of Shuhe, this wind chime is very suitable for lovers. Write down the promises you made to each other.

There are a lot of wandering singers who can sing in Lijiang. You can really stop and listen for a long time.

Shuhe is so quiet, more leisurely, less noisy.

Dinner in Shuhe ancient town, found a popular restaurant, many stars have eaten, dry pot black goat this recommended point, not smell, delicious, meat! I didn't want to eat grilled fish when I came here. At that time, I thought it was delicious. I was not disappointed! The signature small pot rice starts to feel that it's so delicious made of rice and vegetables, but the meat is full and the taste is rich. It's rare to drink this soup alone, but it's a perfect combination with this dry pot black goat. It's highly recommended!!!!!!

[service bell] service: because I feel a little busy on the second floor, the service is very good [Mint]

Environment: beautiful and comfortable, clean and tidy

Love of Lijiang forever

On the fourth day, we came to Lijiang eternal scene area. Lijiang eternal scene area in Songcheng city is about 5km away from Lijiang ancient city, which is known as the "living" ancient tea horse road. Lijiang eternal scene area in Songcheng City echoes with Yulong Snow Mountain, deeply excavates the local cultural elements of Lijiang, and constructs four parks: Ancient Tea Horse City, natuo village, Lijiang paradise and martyrdom valley, In the song city Lijiang eternal scene area, I am most looking forward to the performance of Lijiang eternal love. The front is full of a little drama, because my old driver used a bad navigation and drove the wrong way, which led us to be almost late. As soon as we entered the performance area, the performance had already started. Moreover, when we entered the performance area, Tiangong was not beautiful, and it was raining heavily. Preface: Naxi genesis was late, which led to the end of the preface. The scene was already pouring with rain, and the ROC bird in front also showed us a look, leaving a regret.

At the beginning of the scene, a couple of lovers dance together in the red lantern. Lighting and dancing make a love story vivid.

With a gathering order, the caravan began to gather, but also began to experience the journey.

Mufu is brilliant

This scene deduces a prosperous Lijiang and a moving dance, showing that people lived and worked in peace and contentment and prosperity in Mufu period.

Because of the rise of the ancient tea horse road, Lijiang had friendly relations with the surrounding nationalities and countries during the period of Mufu governing Lijiang. Therefore, Lijiang became the economic hub of Southwest China during the Ming Dynasty. In 1382, the central government of the Ming Dynasty bestowed the surname "Mu" in recognition of the loyalty, patriotism and hard work of Lijiang Tusi. The news spread and people of all nationalities came to congratulate.

Yulong third country

This scene tells the story of Naxi people who are not afraid of worldly vision and are desperate for love. A couple broke through the resistance and found the love story of "the third country of jade dragon". Forgive me for being so simple. I'm not interested in this kind of love story.

Conclusion:   Looking for Shambhala

Shambhala, Tibetan transliteration! It is also called Shangri La, which means "paradise".

Finally, the scene of Yulong Snow Mountain and the ancient city appears alternately on the screen. The seasons change and the stars change. What remains unchanged is that we are still looking for the heart of Shambhala. When the prayer flags were flying over the stage, the climax of the whole scene was at this moment. Everyone stood up and put their hands together to pray.

Lijiang has always given me the impression that it is an ancient city, but the paradise of eternal love has added something modern.

Bumper car may be my favorite project, exciting and happy. I remember when I was a child, I hit a green bag in my head.

You can also find the fun of childhood here

Lugu Lake

On the fifth day, we drove to Lugu Lake. But one thing to remind you is that the weather is bad on the road. Try not to go to Lugu Lake, because landslides are very easy along the way. We set out at about ten in the morning, and the time for eating on the road was about five hours. Because of the long journey, you can choose to have lunch in Ninglang. The ticket to Lugu Lake from Yunnan is 110 yuan.

You can choose to take this pig boat here in the Riga Peninsula and take a tour around the lake. The price is about 50 per person.

The Riga peninsula is probably one of the best places to see here. The terrain here forms a natural peach heart. You must take a self portrait at this point.

I love the starry sky here. Sitting by the lake, blowing the wind, looking at the stars, drinking wine, singing in the car, saying how pleasant it is.

The food along Lugu Lake is a little expensive, but it's not bad. I will definitely recommend the barbecue here. Baked potatoes with a little chili noodles are really delicious.

The third   six   day

The next morning, we chose to tour around Lugu Lake. Unfortunately, we didn't see the sunrise of Lugu Lake. I remember one winter when I saw Rizhao Jinshan in Lugu Lake in the morning

Zou marriage bridge is located in Caohai area in the southeast of Lugu Lake. It is the only bridge on Lugu Lake. Under the bridge, due to years of sediment deposition, the water depth becomes shallow, with dense reeds. From a distance, it looks like a sea of grass, so the local people call it "grass sea". Walking marriage bridge is the place where Mosuo men and women date,   Mosuo people along Lugu Lake follow the custom of "walking marriage" that "men don't marry, women don't marry".

In Lugu Lake, there are sunflowers like xueduo, which is also a good place to take photos.

After the tour of Lugu Lake, we started to go to Xichang. The road from Lugu Lake to Xichang is very dangerous. We must pay attention to safety. It's already 7 o'clock when we arrived in Xichang. It was too late to go to the Qionghai Lake in Xichang. The Qionghai Lake in Xichang is also very beautiful. There are Xichang brazier barbecue must go to eat.

Xichang Yaan Chengdu Chongqing

Have a good trip back to Chengdu, and then we will go to Chongqing.

Stay away from the noise and take a walk in the south of colorful clouds with me

Hongxia Sun