Southwest Flight Forced to Deplane After Passenger Refuses to Wear Face Mask

Yet another passenger has learned the consequences of failing to comply with the airline industry's mandatory face mask policies the hard way.

According to The Tennessean , a woman's refusal to wear a mask got her booted from a Southwest Airlines flight and hindered her fellow passengers, forcing the entire cabin to deplane at Nashville International Airport on Tuesday morning.

The Las Vegas-bound plane readying for takeoff before returning to the gate, where the woman allegedly refused to exit the aircraft, prompting crew members to call an officer to the scene. The woman was eventually escorted off of the plane but not before every passenger was asked to exit as well.

"Shortly after pushing back from the gate, Flight 2388 from Nashville to Las Vegas returned after a customer refused to follow our face-covering policy," Southwest spokesman Dan Lanson told the publication.

The disruptive passenger was not arrested but taken to the Southwest gate to receive a refund for her ticket before being escorted to a non-secure side of the airport. The incident, the latest of several involving passengers refusing to cover up their mouths and noses, led to an hour-long delay for the other travelers.

"Thanks to this woman, an entire plane of passengers had to deplane because she refused to wear a mask," Facebook user Kevin Ross shared. "Passengers thanked her for ruining their day (missed connections due to the delay) and (she) screamed back, 'I'm allowed! I'm allowed!' to which at least half of the passengers in unison yelled back 'No you are not!'"

According to Southwest's policy, customers are required to wear a face-covering over their nose and mouth at all times during travel. Face coverings that aren't accepted include those with holes or exhalation valves or those made solely of materials like mesh or lace fabrics. Bandanas and face shields (without accompanying masks), which can't be secured under the chin, are also unacceptable.

Southwest Flight Forced to Deplane After Passenger Refuses to Wear Face Mask

Hongxia Sun