Southwest Airlines Working With Stanford on Health, Safety Protocols

Southwest Airlines announced it has partnered with the Stanford University School of Medicine to review the carrier’s health and safety protocols during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Southwest’s multi-layered approach to battling COVID-19 has been dubbed the Southwest Promise and includes changes to operations, cleaning procedures and physical-distancing measures.

Stanford Medicine will now offer medical advice and protocol recommendations to guide the airline in its efforts to protect passengers and employees during the viral pandemic.

As part of the partnership, Southwest will have access to an advisory council comprised of Stanford Medicine’s physician-scientists and the latest medical research about COVID-19.

“We look forward to working with Stanford Medicine as we continue utilizing a science-based approach to develop and bolster our operational policies and practices during the ongoing pandemic,” Southwest CEO Gary Kelly said.

“This collaboration adds to our advisory partners and brings a team of physician-scientists into our ongoing discussions and will infuse the latest medical research and public health recommendations into our mission of supporting the well-being of our Customers and Employees,” Kelly continued.

The advisory council will provide insights to support Southwest's commitment to safety, including an analysis of the Southwest Promise.

Southwest cleaning and distancing measures include mandatory facial coverings throughout the journey, a Customer Health Declaration before travel, increased cleaning at airports, blocking middle seats to ensure proper distancing, enhanced aircraft cleaning and more.

“Stanford Medicine is advising organizations and companies like Southwest as they evaluate their practices during the ongoing pandemic,” Stanford School of Medicine Dean Lloyd Minor, MD said. “We look forward to providing our insights to the airline.”

Southwest Airlines Working With Stanford on Health, Safety Protocols

Hongxia Sun