South of colorful clouds, the longer you stay, the more you want to live in seclusion

Published on 22:33, September 7, 2020

The first time I came to Yunnan was in April 2013, when I was a young and carefree young man. I spent more than a month in the ancient city of Dali, which made me have the initial reverie about Yunnan. The second time I came to Yunnan was in December 2019. It seemed that I was a young man who had seen all kinds of human feelings in the world. After walking in the mountains of Yubeng Village in Shangri La for a few days, I had a deeper understanding of Yunnan. The third time I came to Yunnan was in August 2020. I was a little calm in my early years. I wandered around Dali, Lijiang and Xishuangbanna for nearly two weeks, and had a lot of inexplicable obsession with Yunnan( Here are Shangri La Yubeng's hikes: )

Fortunately, on the day when I went to Xizhou, it was sunny and I wanted to run in the paddy field.

The night market in Xishuangbanna is a must every day. I love it so much.

If you come to Yunnan in rainy season, you can only be a Buddhist for blue sky and white clouds, so you can choose the travel time according to your own discretion. In the past two weeks, I seldom see a large blue sky. Especially in those days in Lijiang, it was not easy even to rain, so I had to walk around the ancient town; In Xishuangbanna, I was walking in the night market when it rained heavily and hurried back.

The ancient city of Dali has been empty for several days

This time I just came to Dali ancient city, passing erhaimen, I began to feel, really become too soon do not know it. In 2013, there was almost nothing around erhaimen, which was very open. Now it's a busy market, and the shops around it are very busy. I'm afraid I can't find the pleasant feeling of walking after dinner.

If you want to talk about what erhaimen market sells, there is nothing else except some ethnic costumes, special snacks and handmade souvenirs. But I have a friend who often patronizes the small flower shop. In Dali, if there are fake flowers at home or in the shop, it's disrespect for Dali. Here is such a beautiful natural ecology, beautiful flowers everywhere, as long as you are willing to dress up, you don't need those lifeless fake flowers.

Walking along Renmin Road from erhaimen to Cangshan is my favorite way to visit the ancient city. Renmin Road is the most prosperous and bustling main street in the ancient city. There are all kinds of special shops on both sides of the street. I haven't seen you for several years. The lower section, which used to be a little lonely, is now noisy. There are a lot of tourists. The shops on both sides are mainly inns, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Shangduan is still as prosperous as ever. I left in a hurry every time. It's the most popular place for tourists, especially there is a foreigner street nearby, which was a busy bar street in those days. In fact, there are many bars on both sides of Renmin Road, especially in the evening when the resident singers begin to sing, which makes the original noise and crowd of the ancient city more artistic and more vicissitudes.

I remember Dali that year. In addition to these tie dyed products, plain cotton and linen clothes can be seen everywhere in the ancient city. When I came back this year, I found that I couldn't find any clothes, and more of them became tie dyed clothes ranging from 69 to 399. It's a pleasure to wear simple clothes like that. If you touch the local atmosphere, you'll carry a bamboo basket frame and ride a bicycle around the ancient city.

In fact, the ancient city of Dali is not big or small. I found that there were only a few places to go, but it took me a long time to go from erhaimen to the north gate. The extended courtyards in the streets may give you a lot of surprises. In fact, if you want to feel the quieter ancient city, just stay away from the main street and walk in the alley. Here you will encounter a favorite cafe, food and inn.

If you want to live in the ancient city, what you want is to have a place to watch Cangshan Mountain quietly. Every day, every moment, the clouds on Cangshan are unpredictable, how can not be tired of seeing. Although it's rainy season, the clouds on the mountain never stretch out, and it's rare to see the sunlight shining down from the clouds, but it doesn't affect my like this state. When the state of mind arrives, it is satisfied.

In fact, the ancient city here, there is a very worthwhile place to go, but concluded the ancient city. That's march street. Dali march street is a national traditional festival with a history of thousands of years. It is also an old and prosperous trade fair in western Yunnan. At that time, I especially like to come here to do shopping. Clothes, snacks and souvenirs all come here. Especially during the festival, it is more lively, but now it seems to be gradually occupied by other food restaurants. The days when I was here happened to be torch festival, but because of the epidemic situation, the activities here were cancelled. But there are still many torch stalls under the archway.

Further away from the ancient city, Dali University is worth visiting. When I was in the hospital, it was closed during the epidemic period. Now it's time to start school, and tourists have been allowed in. But outside the campus, there is a more surprising place, which was found on the Internet before. Because Dali University is at the foot of Cangshan Mountain. The terrain is very high. There is a road leading to Erhai Lake outside the campus. There is no shelter. You can still see Erhai Lake in the distance from a high place. This road is seldom open to traffic at ordinary times, so I took a picture in the middle of the road.

Leisure life in the ancient city - Food and coffee

During the days I stayed in the ancient city, I basically slept until I woke up and had brunch. After that, go back to rest or find a coffee shop to sit down, and then have a look there in the evening. You can have dinner and drink a little wine. It's really casual.

Then, when choosing accommodation, I said, I must find an inn with a rooftop and a view of Cangshan Mountain. So I ordered this building block inn. Although I was cheated by the photos of the inn, the location of the tables and chairs on the rooftop is actually inaccessible, but it also has its own rooftop.

In addition to the rooftop, this inn has its own coffee shop, with a 20% discount for guests, so I can have a cup of coffee and sit quietly without walking far away. Because the inn is far away from the main street, the daily life is very quiet. In addition, there is an Akita dog, a folding ear blue cat, and an idyllic white cat. This is how we enjoy our daily life.

When you wake up naturally after sleeping in the ancient city, you want to find a place to have brunch and have a cup of coffee. I mainly went to two schools to clock in. In fact, it's not easy to wake up naturally when I can sleep. Ha ha, sometimes I can really sleep in. Chaimiduo is a rare restaurant in the ancient city with a single courtyard. It is a good place for dating, breakfast and afternoon tea.

In fact, chaimiduo also has a life farm, a life market, a restaurant and B & B, etc., advocating a lifestyle with farm as the theme element. So the food in the restaurant is supplied directly from the farm. The environment of the restaurant is comfortable. It has its own courtyard. The wall is full of triangle plum. It is very comfortable in the sunshine. If you feel the sun is shining, there are many seats in the room and on the second floor. Patrons of the restaurant are mostly family members with children, as well as young couples, try to arrive as early as possible, or you still have to wait.? A lot of seats. Most of the customers in the restaurant are family members with children, as well as young couples. Try to arrive as early as possible, otherwise you still have to wait.

There are many styles to choose from, and the main ones are healthy dishes. I ordered a farmer's breakfast. Other recommendations: Farm salad, cream mushroom soup, rosemary fried steak, vegetable salad, all kinds of Western food, etc.

Flying to the moon is also a highly rated western restaurant in the ancient city. Although the space of this restaurant is small, the dishes are heavy. It's a good place for brunch in Dali ancient city.

It's a single family building. There are seats upstairs and downstairs. But it rained the day I went, so the outdoor seats on the second floor were not open. There are also outdoor seats on the first floor. It's like a coffee shop. But the seats in the room are a little crowded, because it is also the bar and kitchen, so the aisle is crowded.

French stewed egg is recommended! Unfortunately, on the day I arrived, there were a lot of customers. They had sold out and waited for a long time, so I ordered a hamburger and a friend ordered an American breakfast. It's really heavy, especially my hamburger. I don't know how to eat it. I haven't eaten it for a long time. Per capita consumption: 60 yuan restaurant location: in the branch lane of the main street of the ancient city, No.74, Guangwu Road, Dali City, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It is not difficult to find a quiet location, which is suitable for quiet enjoyment. by the way! This restaurant is closed on Wednesdays!

In fact, life in the ancient city is basically going out in the morning and evening. The light in the afternoon is strong and I don't want to go out very much. Although in the afternoon, there will be fewer people on the street, so if I really want to go out for a walk, I will basically sit in a coffee shop, brush my mobile phone and see the pedestrians coming and going. Just opposite chaimiduo, there is a small cafe with high evaluation called elephant cafe. Every time I visit the ancient city, I pass by this one. Then I chose a sunny day to patronize. It happened that no one sat down in the seat at the door, drinking coffee and watching the tourists coming and going. I found the foreigner sitting next to me. It seems that I saw him sitting here when I passed by a few days ago. It seems that he would patronize this house everyday.

Next to the elephant cafe, I should encounter such a mobile locomotive coffee station during the day. It's very exciting.

Unfortunately, the old city chose this month to maintain and repair some old houses, so the building of elephant cafe is surrounded by steel bars and a green safety net, which slightly affects the visual experience. Another wanghong caf é, which makes people unable to better feel its advantages, is the big bowl Island caf é. The big bowl Island Cafe was originally famous for its view of Cangshan Mountain. However, with such a renovation, the window view of Cangshan Mountain, which was supposed to be fresh and clean, was blocked by steel bars.

However, apart from the scenery, this cafe focuses on the retro style of literature and art, and the whole tone is very comfortable. Even the image of the little brother at the bar matches that of the cafe. There are still clothes on sale beside the bar, but most of them are women's clothes. Originally, it was a popular coffee shop in the ancient city of Dali. Unexpectedly, there were no guests in the afternoon. It was probably because of the renovation. The cafe is located on the fourth floor of a residential building at the intersection of Renmin Road. If you pass by, you will not be found unless you search the address on the Internet.

If you really want to find a cafe with Cangshan scenery, it should be Tang Ka. Tang · Ka is a coffee themed Inn, which is located in the deep alley beside Renmin Road, and its location is quite convenient. The entrance of the first floor is facing the bar, and the wall is also covered with various award-winning certificates, which shows that coffee is very professional. Friends who have opinions on coffee should find one they like here.

In fact, the seats on the second floor are fresh and comfortable, full of all kinds of green plants and flowers, and there are windowsill seats facing Cangshan scenery, which is also a popular seat area.

But the most attractive is the roof of the open roof bar! The whole layout is like a small garden, lovely and exquisite. It's a pity that it was raining on the day I went. It's not suitable to sit outside. I can only take photos as a souvenir.

By the way, there is a humble but caring stall at the intersection of Renmin Road and the downstairs of the coffee shop in dawuandao. It is said that it is a famous local snack in the ancient city - thin bean flour. The booth is very simple. It's a car, a basin, a pot, a small table, a few stools, and my mother-in-law herself. My mother-in-law sells this pot every day and closes the stall after selling it out. Generally, when the weather is good and the business is good, the stall may close at more than 10 o'clock. The day I went there was a rainy day. It was estimated that tourists didn't go out very much. After 11 o'clock, I found my mother-in-law was still there, so I couldn't help trying to buy one.

Thin bean powder is a summer snack in Yunnan. It is made of white peas after grinding into powder and then cooked into porridge. The taste is very refreshing, sweet but not greasy. It's warm and full of fried dough sticks. The best way to eat it is to dip the fried dough sticks into soybean flour. It's really glutinous! While eating, I was chatting with my mother-in-law. I didn't know what time it would be sold today. I complained a little about the rain today. I didn't know if it would be sold out today. My mother-in-law said that she had been setting up a stall here for 30 years. She said that she had been here before I was born, and then she laughed heartily.

If you want to eat some local cuisine with Yunnan characteristics in the ancient city, I've clocked out a few of them myself and I think it's good. Let me tell you something. However, the recommended dishes here are basically the same, such as braised chicken, watery poplars, fried eggs, native chicken, potato and so on. This is the Golden Rooster hotel. It's in the branch lane of Renmin Road. It's easy to find and rank well. The atmosphere of the restaurant is more comfortable, there are more landscape locations, but generally speaking, the location is not much, the meal order should be small, etc. Then the second floor seems to be a bar. It's noisy when it's late.

There's another one that I think tastes more authentic. It's called a Wang private kitchen. In particular, the family's pork is really tasty and chewy. I want to eat it after eating one. It's basically a big table. It's suitable for a family to eat. However, the location of this restaurant is not easy to find. Maybe because of this, there won't be many guests.

After staying in the ancient city for a long time, I was actually a little tired of eating, so I really didn't know what to eat later, so I chose a Lijiang style a-pora spareribs. There are several branches in the ancient city. The storefront is quite spacious and there are many tourists. It's a local special food. You can order a sparerib pot, or a combination of spareribs, local chicken and pig feet.

Then I don't quite understand this stone plate roast. I don't know when it was the Bai cuisine. It can be seen everywhere in Dali! I haven't seen such a restaurant in 13 years. In fact, it's barbecue, but I don't know what kind of slate this grill is made of. At night, let alone how busy these restaurants are, they are all diners! Out of curiosity, I also went to punch in, but I can't eat too much by myself. Thinking of an old fisherman, there are several branches in the ancient city. It takes a long time to wait every night. If you can't sit indoors, you'll find stalls outside. If you say it's really delicious... I don't have much feeling. After all, how much difference can barbecue or barbecue make? Maybe we should go for a "characteristic" and "atmosphere"

After dinner, night falls, the ancient city began to crowd up, people's road has gradually become crowded, those art bars also began to attract business, resident singers are also in place to sing heartwarming songs. Of course, the bars in the ancient city are both Qingba and naoba. The resident singing bar of naoba is basically a band, singing some rock and roll and some pop. Personally, I prefer the clear bar, and then we must have outdoor seats.

Sitting outside, tasting wine, I don't know whether the tourists are looking at me or I am looking at the tourists. Anyway, it's all the pleasure of passers-by in a hurry. Listen to the girls in the tavern playing and singing some literary songs, or the current network Divine Comedy, just into the play and then play. But ah... The wine in the bar in the ancient city is really not cheap... It can match the price of the bar in the first tier city! It makes me wonder. Some bars may have low consumption and need to pay for one order, so in order to attract customers, some bars will shout out that there is no low consumption and free song

This is full of wine and food, listening to the band's singing is actually quite moistening. But you asked me whether I was for wine or for music, maybe more wine. But it seems that there are many people living and staying in Dali ancient city in the bar. Their enthusiasm is more dedicated to the singers. Their enthusiastic interaction and cheerful accompaniment make me feel like a tourist.

Erhai Lake is so quiet

The trip around Erhai Lake is actually quite messy, which can be said to be arbitrary. Generally, the normal trip starts from the ancient city of Dali, clockwise, driving along the road around Erhai Lake for 1-2 days. For those who stay longer, they can stay in other villages they like for one night. If you rent a car, a day around the sea is enough. Because I'm alone, although I really want to rent a fancy convertible pink car to make myself happy, I can't see it even though I'm driving. Let's forget it. In fact, it's more free to ride a small battery car, because there are many ancient villages on Huanhai West Road, and cars can't drive in, while Huanhai east road is very smooth to drive, but parking is not very convenient. But there is a limit to riding an electric car, that is, it can't go far. My itinerary is suitable for the time free and aimless lone ranger. Although I haven't completely finished the ring road, I feel very satisfied! The line is as follows:? Dali Airport - Chase town - Shuanglang - Haidong town - Dali ancient city - caicun Wharf - Xizhou - Dali ancient city. Next, list the scattered photo spots in the self driving route, and explain other ancient towns separately. There are many sea ring strategies on the Internet, and there are also more intuitive maps of scenic spots.

I don't like the section of West Road around the sea. Too many road sections are under repair, so most of them can't get through, and I don't know how long it will take to improve them. Although you can travel through various ancient villages in this way, it's too time-consuming and inconvenient. It's not as good as many people to directly pack a small three wheeler and punch in the seaside scenic spots near the ancient city. It is estimated that the purpose of this road construction is to make it more convenient for self driving in the future. I think there are artificial plank roads beside the road. However, there are many ancient villages around the West Ring Road. If there are villages, there will be life, farmland and so on.

I had hoped that I would ride all the way from the ancient city to Xizhou along the road. I did encounter a lot of beautiful scenery on the road. Unexpectedly, it didn't remind me of the scene when I was riding, and I was still riding a bicycle!

There is a part of Huanhai West Road worth punching in. Because of road construction, many of them are not seen. For example, shuangyuanxi, majuyi village, Langqiao and so on. Is to find a variety of traffic in the road, encounter a few people in front of a bright scenery. It is estimated that most of the tourists went directly to Xizhou, so they didn't meet a few tourists all the way.

Anyway, I don't remember how long I have been persistent. There is a section of West Ring Road under repair, but it can also be opened to traffic, so I can still get close to the landscape of Erhai Lake. What we often meet is the branches of the trees on the sea, which are self-conscious and self-conscious.

I didn't expect to meet a couple of beautiful women taking wedding photos.

So I prefer Huanhai East Road to Huanhai West Road this time. If you don't start from the ancient city, it's suggested that you start from Shuanglang, or just like me, from gouse Town, and ride a small car to the west of Erhai Lake. You won't be disappointed. Every time I see the vast Cangshan scenery with thick clouds, a fresh and refreshing blue, let the breeze dazzle my hair, my heart will burst into an impulse to say: I want to live in seclusion here! I love this kind of coziness!

In fact, there are some ancient villages near Huanhai East Road, just beside the Erhai sea. Some are big stone signboards, and some are Paifang with Bai characteristics. It's not difficult to find them.

I didn't expect to meet such a large area of lotus at the seaside of Erhai. No wonder it's called lianhuaqu. Riding here, of course, can't help but stop for a while. Although it's not the blooming season of lotus, you can still see a lot of flowers. Because there is an ancient village nearby, so the villagers have nothing to do in the afternoon, they will sit by the sea, sit under the tree, smoke a cigarette and chat.

It happened that I was thirsty. I bought a bottle of water in the canteen. Next to me, some Bai mothers-in-law were chatting and chatting about their daily life. They came to listen to me, but they didn't understand me. Seeing that my mother-in-law suddenly changed the subject, she pointed to the grapes on the refrigerator and recommended them to me. She said that they were all grown by her own family, and they were sweet and delicious without pesticides. Look, I didn't mean to buy it. I warmly told me to eat it and say it was delicious!

I don't remember where I saw this little house with graffiti on the wall, just on the beach of ER. There is still a way to go down to Erhai seaside, so stop and have a look. The convenience of riding a small locomotive is that it can stop at any time, and it's not afraid that someone will throw it in for you. The people here are simple and honest, and there is no shortage of your car. It's very reassuring. But there is no parking place near the car, just a glance.

Different from Huanhai East Road, many sections of Huanhai West Road are on the edge of the cliff, and there are many bends, so you must pay attention to safety when driving. There are a few uphill riding, feel like they have to fly up good fun! Mountain view, sea view and empty view, when they appear in one picture, let me have a new understanding of Erhai Lake, a different view and a little more love.

There are really many scenic spots along the Erhai seaside. In fact, they don't have the names of scenic spots, but we have to carefully find out that there may be surprise seaside scenery. This is also the reason why I like riding a scooter around Erhai Lake. It's not fast and I can play freely.

It's also a good place to start

This time when I went to Dali ancient city, I went straight to a Sea View Inn in chase town. I planned to start with riding in Erhai Lake. I really think it's very good to choose digse town as a starting point. In fact, the surrounding area has gradually developed, but it will not be as noisy as Shuanglang, Gucheng and caicun docks, which are already popular places, and eating, drinking and playing are more comprehensive. Besides, for car rental, Dali can already send cars to the store, not to mention how convenient it is! Around the town of gouse, a day's cycling along Huanhai East Road will be very fulfilling. You can go to Shuanglang ancient town in the north and LUOQUAN Peninsula in the south. Not only the scenery of Erhai Lake is wonderful, but also you can see many scenic spots worth taking photos and clocking in. When little Putuo first saw the name, I didn't think it was like the scenic spot here in Dali. Xiaoputuo island is a well-known scenic spot in the west of Erhai Lake. The shape of the island is like a gold seal floating on the water, and the shape is similar to Putuo in the South China Sea, so it gets its name. There is a loft on the island, which looks very lovely from a distance. It is small and exquisite. With the cigarette smoke, it is really like a fairyland with mountains and rivers.

Little Putuo has boats to go to the island, but I think it's OK to watch from a distance, and there's no need to go to the island. As for the little Putuo Island, what I like is not only the island itself, but also the village beside it. It is located at the foot of the mountain. The corridor built along the seaside has a great feeling when I walk on it. I leave the mountain view and village view as the background. In front of me is the little Putuo Island, like the yearning distance between the people and the gods.

Riding from gouse town to Shuanglang, we pass through a forest of old trees and forests. There is no specific name of the scenic spot. However, many tourists, couples taking wedding photos, and local residents are resting. It's really a place worth staying for a while.

What I like more is the grass beside, which is full of abandoned boats. I don't know why the rusty tin boats were abandoned here, but they are all well preserved. It is estimated that they will be reused in the future.

There is a famous scenic spot not far away. If you want to say that you are really famous, in fact, it is also because later, some big gods of travel photography took pictures here so well that they gradually became popular on the Internet. So not only tourists but also local photographers like to take photos here. However, the most suitable places for taking photos are at the foot of the mountain, on the Erhai beach, and on the mountain road, so you can only park on the side of the road and go down the mountain road passed by others. You must pay attention to safety. It's very wild! If you're afraid you can't find it, really, if you see a large number of vehicles stopping here to take photos, you know it is. Because there is no parking lot here, we all park on the side of the road, so it's not very good to park, especially when there are too many people.

If you want to say what's worth shooting here, in fact, there are some small caves at the foot of the cliff. People stand at the entrance of the cave, and the camera is in the cave. But it's really hard for me to say, it's like a small cave, which can only accommodate one person in it, and it has to be ultra wide angle to make a good picture! With all kinds of Party photographers, it's really hard. I decided to give up! If you look at all the people, you will know that they are waiting to take photos here.

There is another meeting here. The original abandoned houses have not been completely demolished, leaving a piece of ruins. The other buildings in ruins are nothing. But this wall with hollowed out windows forms a natural picture frame. The scenery is natural. People only need to be beautiful in the picture frame. I admire the photographer who found this place! So here, it's full of people, all of them leaving a few blockbusters here. Only one person can go on every time. Some travel photography is very slow because it's business. See so many people waiting there, sorry, I gave up again!

To the south of chase Town, in the southeast corner of Erhai Lake, there is a scenic spot called LUOQUAN peninsula. Surrounded by water on three sides, the peninsula has beautiful scenery, just across the sea from the ancient city of Dali. It is also an excellent place to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cangshan and Erhai Lake. It happens that there is also a dock here, and there are boats to and from caicun dock. So if you go to the ancient city of Dali, it's another way. More tourists come from caicun pier and punch in here in LUOQUAN peninsula.

It's a pity that traveling in the rainy season really depends on the weather. I'm glad it didn't rain. When I arrived here, it rained for a while, and the wind became stronger at the wharf. I'm looking for a place to take shelter in the rain.

I didn't enter the scenic spot, just under the cliff. It seems that I made an artificial scenic spot to attract tourists to punch in and take photos. I have to buy 20 yuan tickets here! But Valentine's cliff and these really abandoned ships are pretty good.

After that, it was amazing. Originally, LUOQUAN peninsula had its own ticket booth, with 45 tickets. I thought it was a little expensive, so I didn't plan to go in. However, I bought the ticket for the pier. After shooting, I was just wandering around. I didn't know how I went into the scenic spots of LUOQUAN peninsula. It seemed that I did pass a ticket gate on the other side of the pier, but there was no one... So I spent 20 yuan and played 45 yuan scenic spots. When I walk up the hill from the dock, I will pass by the ticket gate of the main entrance. I felt guilty at that time. Will I see if I am not familiar with the ticket

There are a large number of tall buildings, one is LUOQUAN tower, the other is Tianjing Pavilion. The current LUOQUAN tower was renovated in 2010, retaining the two important features of the original tower, namely "four sides with dense eaves" and "no top". The circular base means "round outside and square inside". There are elevators and two rows of stairs in the tower, which can go directly to the top of the tower. Today's Tianjing pavilion was renovated in 1996. It has a total of five floors. It is a zoumazhuange Xieshan style building with flying eaves, brackets and flying angles. The pavilion is high and the corridor is wide, so the view of climbing is wider.

Xizhou wants to run in this green field

In this ancient town around Erhai Lake, besides Dali, my favorite is Xizhou! In fact, Xizhou ancient town itself is similar to Shuanglang and Dali ancient town. More are characteristic small commodity shops, food snacks and so on.

Xizhou ancient town can only be played on foot. If you drive by yourself, there is a parking lot around, and there is a car in the ancient town. You can also charter a car. Xizhou is home to many antique Bai buildings. Beside the paddy field, there is an ancient house with yellow walls, which sets off the paddy field and the blue sky! On one wall, the black-and-white photos of the ancient city taken at that time are specially left, which are more textural.

If you want to say that Xizhou ancient town is the most worthy of a shot, then everyone will say that it is paddy field! This large paddy field in Xizhou is really good to shoot! Spring and summer is a green life, autumn is golden rice, are very good-looking! During the peak season, tourists are in the majority, but fortunately, there are many trails in the paddy field, which can avoid other tourists.

There is also a famous corner building in the ancient city. It used to be the old house of Yang ruxuan, a villager in the north of Xizhou city. It is the most unique historical building in Xizhou ancient town. So there are a lot of people who punch in and take photos. In addition, the road in front of the gate is open to traffic, and there are a lot of people in disorder. It is recommended to go to the wrong peak.

To Xizhou, of course, or to taste the characteristics of snacks here! Xizhou broken crisp Baba is a famous snack in Xizhou, with good color, fragrance and thick weight. You can also try cold chicken rice noodles, pea powder and so on.

Zhou Cheng made a tie dyed scarf for himself

More than 20 kilometers away from the ancient city of Dali and 20 minutes by bike from Xizhou, there is a tie dye town called Zhoucheng. There is a tie dye museum here. You can understand the actual production process of a tie dye cloth. You can also buy a tie dye you like, such as tablecloth, scarf, clothes, handkerchief, etc. you can also follow Bai's mother-in-law to make a tie dye cloth, and I made a tie dye scarf for myself. The price of tie dye here is actually too expensive. I will consider it before I decide whether to buy it. To experience the production of a tie dyed scarf, you need to pay 120 yuan. You can also choose T-shirt, tablecloth, etc.

After paying the fee, my mother-in-law will first take you to choose the pattern you like. After choosing the pattern, you need to put a light pattern watermark on the cloth. After that, follow your mother-in-law to thread. She will teach you how to do it. Of course, as a novice, her speed is certainly not faster than her. In order to finish it faster, her mother-in-law will also help you finish it on the other side.

After putting on the needle and thread, you need to twist the places with patterns into knots. I mainly choose the patterns of auspicious flowers, and the scarf is really big, so my mother-in-law will take the initiative to tie a few flowers in the blank place for decoration. After all, my mother-in-law is an old woman of Bai nationality, and her Putonghua is not very good. She taught me to chat and praised my clothes. Busy with sewing, I can still hear my mother-in-law sing songs.

After the ligation is done, you can choose the color you like. I chose the common blue color. When I took it out of the VAT, I was still very surprised. Is this my own color? It's so green! After soaking for many times and then drying, drying out, I was startled, how suddenly turned into such a beautiful blue!

Take it out and start stitching. Don't worry about the color on your hands. It's easy to clean. The wives have been doing tie dyeing for decades, so they leave a light blue on their hands. It's very easy to remove the stitches. I'm looking forward to it. When it's finished and all unfolded, every pattern is amazing. I really like it!!!

Seriously, I'm not in love

Shuanglang can be said to come to Dali, so it is necessary to recommend a place to punch in, because all kinds of sea view hotels on the Internet constantly tempt friends to take photos and punch in. I remember when I first came to nahui in the past 13 years, Shuanglang is still an unknown ancient town in the process of renovation. With the changes of several years, Shuanglang has gained a great reputation and many tourists are attracted to it, but it makes me feel a little disappointed... Riding a small locomotive from gouse town to watch the scenery of Erhai Lake, I feel really happy. However, when I am about to arrive at Shuanglang ancient town scenic spot, Long distance traffic jams start to irritate people. Because Dali car rental is more and more convenient, more and more people drive around Erhai Lake. The entrance of Shuanglang ancient town scenic spot is almost close to the ring road, and the road is not spacious, with few and small parking lots, so as long as there are many people, there will be traffic jams here.

Shuanglang ancient town scenic spot, there are too many tourists! Because the terrain of the scenic spot is long and narrow, there is only one main road to branch to each small scenic spot, so you can see crowded pictures in many areas, which I can't imagine. So I don't have much mind to take photos, so I can walk to the spacious ethnic street to be more comfortable.

There are all kinds of modern buildings and shops along the road. When I suddenly saw a local old woman, I thought it was so out of place

There is a Nanzhao style Island here. You can go to the island by boat from the ancient town. The coastal street here is also a business district. There are so many tourists and it's noisy that I want to stay away from it in a hurry

The most delicious food in Shuanglang ancient town may be wild mushroom hot pot. Friends who come to Yunnan have to try it. I've heard the legend of "poisonous" mushroom more than once or twice. Many people hope to see villains after eating. Ha ha, but I left this opportunity in Lijiang. Others are baked bait fan, fried potato, Yunnan coffee, local fruit and so on. Most of the characteristic shops sell silver jewelry, handicrafts, tea and so on. How to say... I didn't like it.

Of course, what is more life-oriented must be the center of Shuanglang ancient town. Seeing the scenic spot made me flinch, so I went back to dig sezhen by bike

How to choose Erhai Hotel

To fall in love with Erhai Lake, you have to start with an inn, which is suitable for taking photos. It will definitely enhance your happiness when you travel in Erhai Lake.? How to choose an inn depends on whether there are these: 1. The sea view room, viewing platform and other places where you can have a quiet view of the sea. Since you live by the sea of Erhai, without the sea view of Erhai, it must be much inferior. If the peak season, the net red View Inn is really hard to find a room, especially those open the curtain is facing the sea view room, really let people love!

2. Many of the hotels in Erhai Lake have their own rooftops, and they will set up some online red photo spots. All the online red photo elements in Erhai Lake must include the sky, glass ball, boundless pool and so on. So it's time to compete for services other than wanghong's punch in point. For example, these companies I live in all have their own travel photographers who can help you take photos, but they all need to make an appointment in advance, and the fastest way is to give the original film the same day. If you need to shoot more, you can also apply for other positions in the inn. You can also help with it. It's just money.

3. Special food Yunnan local special food, because some of the inn location around to find a delicious restaurant is more difficult, so the sea view room and Shanghai view restaurant, as well as local food, really more attractive! Yunnan's local specialties, such as fried eggs, water-based poplars, and local chicken hotpot, are generally available on the Internet.

4. After all, the best way to visit Erhai Lake is to rent a car around the lake. You can rent an electric bicycle and a lovely convertible car as long as you like. The price is almost the same in every store, and you can book online in advance.

The old town of Lijiang is very comfortable when it's raining

In those days in Dali, fortunately, it rained for only one or two days. Most of the time, it rained in the morning and cleared in the afternoon. Of course, this is the rainy season in Yunnan. Originally, I hoped that Lijiang would do the same in those days. I didn't want to see that it didn't rain on the first day when I arrived. After that, it was cloudy and rainy. Even the temperature dropped a lot. I felt cold when I wore a coat. So I originally planned to go for a one-day tour to the surrounding heart, but don't let it get cold. So this time in Lijiang, I just visited Dayan ancient town for a few days.

Like Dali ancient city, I said I must live in an inn with a panoramic view of Lijiang! There are many of them in the ancient city. However, what I want to tell you is that in Lijiang ancient town, you must choose an inn close to the entrance for reservation. Otherwise, you will not be in the mood to go shopping when you arrive with your suitcase. There are too many uphill and downhill roads in the ancient city of Lijiang, and they are basically stone and brick roads, so it's hard to walk. When I go shopping, I often meet tourists who complain while walking

The streets in the ancient city of Lijiang are built near mountains and rivers. There are various scenic spots, such as Sifang street, Mufu, wufenglou, Heilongtan, Wenchang palace, etc. The ancient city also has colorful local folk customs and entertainment activities, such as Naxi ancient music, Dongba ceremony, divination culture, ancient town bar and Naxi Torch Festival. In Lijiang ancient city, we often see the font display of Dongba culture, which is interesting and characteristic. I think it's just after the torch festival. I think every family has red couplets pasted on fire. The words on them are such Dongba characters.

If you compare the layout of Dali and Lijiang, it's a bit like Beijing and Shanghai,

The architecture of Lijiang ancient city also reflects the achievements of ancient Chinese urban construction, which is different from the architecture in Yunnan. It is also one of the types of Chinese residential buildings with distinctive characteristics and styles. Sifang street is the busiest street in the ancient city, with various shops, bars, snacks and so on.

There are many special souvenir shops in the ancient city, but some coffee, tambourine, yak meat and so on can also be found in other places. I met this mobile phone shell store by chance. I like this slightly coquettish folk style mobile phone shell. It's also because my mobile phone shell was smashed in Dali, so I wanted to change it to one with local characteristics. Each one has different colors. I think it's also an auspicious flower. It's not expensive for 39 yuan.

This Dongba paper shop has several branches in Lijiang. I was attracted by this chandelier. They are all souvenirs made of handmade toilet paper. But I didn't think it was convenient to carry. I asked if there was a Taobao store. I was told that there were only physical stores, so I could only miss such lighting.

In the ancient city of Lijiang, there are a lot of red spots that are worth punching in and taking photos. In fact, as long as they are antique buildings and colorful accessories, they will look good. Near dayanhua lane, there is a street. It looks a bit like the feeling in "a thousand and a thousand", which is similar to Jiufen old street in Taiwan. And the colorful lanterns hanging here, the text above is just the Dongba text mentioned before, which is more characteristic of Lijiang!

There is also a street full of oil paper umbrellas of various colors and patterns, which is my favorite street in the ancient city of Lijiang. There are some special shops on both sides of the street. In fact, there are not as many tourists in this street as in the main street. It is suitable for walking slowly and taking pictures quietly. Every umbrella hanging on it has no duplicate pattern. I really want to buy one and take it back as a souvenir.

In the evening, the old town of Lijiang is even more different. I specially start from this street to find its own charm. Sure enough, in the evening, there are more tourists. It seems that everyone plans to visit the ancient city in the evening. The old city of Lijiang, which was originally very busy, is even more noisy in the evening. One after another, the shouting, the talking and laughing of tourists and the playing and singing of bars are all mixed together. This is what the old city of Lijiang should look like.

In fact, the old city of Lijiang is still a little crowded, because every street is not wide, and because of the rain, everyone is holding umbrellas, so it is even more crowded to walk. If you want to find a place in the ancient city, you really have to rely on the navigation, otherwise you can't find it. It's too easy to get lost in this winding old street, and there are not many signs, which makes you confused. You can get familiar with some road sections only after walking too much.

In fact, a long time ago, the understanding of Lijiang was evaluated on the Internet. At that time, I heard that Lijiang was a place easy to meet, because the bars here were suitable for meeting. There are also many comments that the excessive commercialization of Lijiang, especially the bar culture, makes the ancient city of Lijiang too noisy. Of course, everyone likes Lijiang differently.

So this time I came to Lijiang, I was scared by the bar culture. Different from Dali, most of Dali's bars belong to the Qing Dynasty, where there are more singing and playing. Walking along a bar street near Sifang street in Lijiang's ancient city, I was stunned. Many of them are not bars. They are almost like discos! I said Lijiang ancient city is so "foreign style"? I'm afraid. No one really wants to go in and have a look

To tell the truth, for Lijiang, I really don't like Dali so much. Sure enough, I love Cangshan and Erhai more. However, there are many beautiful places around Lijiang ancient city, such as Yulong Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake and so on. It's estimated that it will be better when the sky is clear next time. I'll look forward to it.

In those days when I strolled around the ancient city, I wanted to find some local specialties. After looking at all kinds of strategies, it seemed that I didn't like many of them. After all, some foreign restaurants were not very interested in them, and the local specialties in Yunnan seemed to be very poor before... When I checked in, the landlady strongly recommended me to go to this second brother rice noodle, After searching the Internet, it turned out that it was still the best rice noodle in the ancient city. When I got to the restaurant, it was about 1:30 p.m. and the people waiting at the door really surprised me. There were so many more! There is a comment on the Internet, which is very embarrassing. It says that compared with the empty rice noodle shop opposite, I know that the second brother's rice noodle is so hot! Holding a person's number card, Leng is waiting for half an hour to take a seat.

Take a seat at the cashier's desk after you have finished the order, and order all the characteristics of the store. Even if you eat by yourself, you should stick to this stubborn attitude! A crispy meat Baba, a bowl of chicken soup and rice noodles, and a stewed pig's feet are all the shop's signboards. In fact, pastry is similar to rougamo, but the pastry is crisp and thick; Stewed pig's feet are really delicious. It's instant collagen, although it's a little salty to eat alone; Chicken soup and rice noodles are really delicious. It's better to match with local sauce!

It's not that Dali once ate the Abala spareribs. I really don't know what to eat. Later, I ate several more meals of the Abala spareribs in Lijiang... Actually, it's not my favorite food series, but it's really local characteristics, and there are too many people waiting for meals!

Forgive me for saying that when you come to Yunnan, you must eat mushroom hot pot! Really everywhere, from Dali ancient city to see Shuanglang ancient city, finally in Lijiang ancient city to eat! Before eating, I also fantasized about whether I would eat poisoning and hallucination, but because they are all artificially produced mushrooms, it will not have this effect. Although the taste is light, the tonic is really true! I don't know what a lot of mushrooms are in my mouth, some of which I haven't seen before. And this mushroom hotpot, with such a primitive metal pot, is really unique.

Later, my friend recommended a local restaurant of Yunnan cuisine. The atmosphere was really comfortable. I like yak Guoba. Baojiang tofu is also a famous snack here.

Because of the rain, I don't want to stay in the inn all the time. I want to go to IKEA cafe. Then I found this n's kitchen. The main reason is that I saw a kind of coffee which is very magical and cheap. It's Korean wanghong 400 dozen coffee, which is highly recommended by the boss. The location of the cafe is also convenient, and the windowsill on the second floor overlooks the ancient city.

This 400 dozen cappuccino is actually coffee. The so-called "400 dozen" means that the boss hands 400 times to make coffee. It's also very easy to put coffee powder, sugar and hot water in 1:1:1 ratio, then hand 400 times, and then turn to foam texture. Then you can add it to hot water, milk or black coffee. This way is directly added to the milk. Just love the coffee bubbles and feel a little sweet and bitter. Try to stir up the milk together to drink. Try not to try sweet coffee.

Xishuangbanna must visit this night market every day

Finally, I came to Xishuangbanna! This trip to Yunnan, in fact, in addition to looking back on Dali in that year, is to take a look at the different national characteristics of Xishuangbanna. It seems that this year, it was pushed by the yearning life. In fact, Xishuangbanna itself is a very popular travel destination, bordering Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, so it is really full of exotic customs. Although this time I mainly stayed in Jinghong City of Xishuangbanna for a few days, I'm really satisfied, especially here. I come here every night for a long time!

In Gaozhuang of Jinghong City, there are three connected night markets, namely Xingguang night market, ganbai street night market and Liuguo water market. It's really enough for you to visit at one time! And the night market is next to the big Pagoda Temple, with the pagoda is really beautiful! When night falls, the traffic around dajinta Temple gradually becomes crowded, and tourists flock to the temple, indicating that the night market has begun.

However, after a long visit, you will find that there are many things in the night market, such as special handicrafts, barbecue, coffee, fruit, salad, ethnic costumes, folk shows, bars and so on. It seems that there are a lot of them... Ha ha! All kinds of shops can really see a stall without taking a few steps, but the barbecue is basically a series of rows together!

The coffee here in Xishuangbanna is mainly Lao coffee. It tastes sweet, and the amazing thing is that it is packed in plastic bags first and then paper bags. 15-18 yuan a bag, really can drink all day, really too much, too cost-effective!

Guess what ice cream it is! It's Maotai!

The little sister who set up the stall, especially the Dai style cold dishes, is basically dressed in ethnic costumes. They are beautiful and special. Every time they knock, there are many tourists around. What's the taste? I really haven't tasted it. However, the cold mixed green wood melon shreds and so on are really the best snacks in Xishuangbanna!

To say whether the barbecue in the night market is delicious or not, the general evaluation is... Expensive and average... So you decide for yourself! If I really want to have a barbecue, I think the street stalls outside are good!

Many people say that when they come to Xishuangbanna, they can definitely eat enough fruit! You see, any box of fruit costs only 10 yuan a box. I bought two big boxes and ate them while walking. It's really cool!

Next to the night market, there is a bridge along the river bank to go to the water market of six countries. It is also a market with exotic customs and national characteristics. However, some of the items on sale are similar to those in night markets, and more of them are relatively new and foreign souvenirs. But it's really good to feel the current atmosphere. You can also take a cruise from the dock.

Maybe it's because of the epidemic. In fact, many stores in the water market are not open, and some of them seem to be closed. The level of excitement is absolutely not as high as that of the night market. by the way! If you come to the night market, you will find that many tourists in Dai costumes come to shoot blockbusters near the entrance or in the night market! It's really good-looking. I don't know the specific price, but there are so many photo shops! I was also curious, how are girls, no boys to wear it!

The Dai style of Banna is fascinating

In fact, the first day we arrived in Xishuangbanna, we were very lucky. It was a sunny day with a clear sky! Although the sun, but the mood is very comfortable, feeling in Lijiang continuous rain days affected by the heart finally clear a lot! Large blue sky and white clouds, plus Dai style architecture, I really think I came to Southeast Asia! I really haven't been abroad for a long time, and I feel very satisfied. In fact, there are many scenic spots near Jinghong that are worth punching in. However, I'm not very interested in natural ecological parks and wild elephants. The only night market I want to visit is only at night, so I've been thinking for a

South of colorful clouds, the longer you stay, the more you want to live in seclusion

Hongxia Sun