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Published at 06:11, March 6, 2014

There is a long-standing yearning for Iceland. In addition to the super substitute Gudjohnsen from Real Madrid, there is also the dream track of Reykjavik ice and fire in a certain racing game. One day, I dream that I can also shuttle between the volcano and the iceberg, feeling the uncanny workmanship of nature.

How to get to Reykjavik

If you want to get to Reykjavik, you only know how to get to Reykjavik by plane. Basically, there are only four direct flights to Reykjavik: London, Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. There are other direct flights, but they are certainly not as convenient as these four cities. This trip is still from Milan, Italy. I hesitated again and again, mainly to save money. I took the famous low-cost plane Ryanair to Oslo, the capital of Norway, and took the SAS flight to Reykjavik.

I have to praise the convenience of Oslo's intercity transportation. When you arrive at the city center from rygge airport, you can take the free ferry bus at the gate of the terminal to rygge railway station, and then take the train to get to the city center. One thing to pay attention to is that rygge railway station is very small, so you can't buy tickets at the station. You have to buy tickets from the driver on the ferry bus, The ticket price for students is 110kr per person (Tips: when buying all kinds of preferential tickets for students, it is only based on the identity of students, there is no age limit, unlike in most countries, there is an age requirement of 25 and below). The whole journey of the train takes 45 minutes. When you arrive at gardemoen airport from Oslo s, the central railway station in the city center, you'd better take the fast track flytoget. You can also buy tickets in the railway station. The ticket machine of the fast track is orange, while that of the ordinary NSB train is red, Ticket vending machines can only accept banknotes with a face value of 200kr at most. The ticket price for students on the fast track is 90kr, which only takes 20 minutes to get to the airport (Tips: the train is not necessarily direct, you need to confirm the next way through the station). The 10:45 flight, 8:50 in the morning in the downtown hotel after breakfast, leisurely to the airport.

Arrive in Reykjavik

After arriving at KEF of Reykjavik International Airport, there are basically two ways to leave. One is to pick up a car from various car rental companies of the airport and drive away. The other is to take the bus of flybus company to leave. The bus provides direct service to the hotel

However, for those who are not very good at English, flybus is more or less inconvenient. You can also refer to this website, which is also local in Iceland. It provides access to multiple language versions, including Chinese website and Chinese customer service staff, so that you can easily participate in various local travel routes and rent cars for self driving( http://cn.guidetoiceland.is/ )

Ryanair has always been used in European countries. Many countries need to drive themselves to get a better travel experience. Hertz is a partner of Ryanair. After booking a ticket, Hertz will provide a discount notice for renting a car. Over time, Hertz has a strange liking for Hertz, although he didn't take Ryanair's flight when he arrived in Reykjavik, But with old friendship, I still rent a Hertz car. The cheapest Toyota car costs about 40 Euro a day. There are also some common car rental companies, such as budget. There is a local car rental company re: D in Iceland. I think the price is pretty good. I'd like to recommend it a little

You can rent a car with a notarized English certificate and the original driver's license. You can pick up the car after you register your credit card and residence card (something similar to the European temporary residence card). The Hertz car park is just outside the airport gate, and you can only walk less than 100 meters.

The fuel tank is full. It's the conscience of the car renter. Every time you return the car, you have to fill it up.

The oil price in Europe is even higher than that in China. The oil price in Iceland is generally around 242kr, which is about 1.8 euro in Euro. The oil price is basically the same as that in Italy. Considering that Iceland is far away from the Middle Earth, this kind of oil price can be regarded as the conscience of the industry( Tips: every gas station is accompanied by a subway. The price of small varies from 500kr to 800kr. It's a good choice to eat

Tour begins

Iceland is also on the right. It's OK all the way along the main road of the airport. You won't get lost at all. There are road signs with yellow background and black characters along the way. You can get to the center of the city by recognizing the words Reykjavik. You'll also pass the blue lagoon along the way. You know that you'll have a score when you come to play the next day.

Accommodation is a hostel on booking. The price is relatively cheap. It's about 60 euro per night for three people, including breakfast. The key is that there is also a parking space for your own family. I like this best. It saves money to park a series of troubles.

Later found that the hotel's own car rental service is also very cheap

In the foyer of hostel, you can get maps of Iceland and Reykjavik, including self driving routes provided by the local tourism department.

It's already 5:00 p.m. after packing, I bought hot dogs, bread and coke in buones, a cheap supermarket in the city center

The biggest purpose of coming to Iceland is to see the aurora. The desire of each Nordic country to see the aurora is inferior to Iceland and Finland. This opportunity must not be missed. Because of the high latitude, as long as there is no light interference in the suburbs and the weather is good, it's easy to see the aurora. After driving along the road for about an hour, I don't know where to stop. There are no street lights and no residents

They're all places for throwing corpses. It's really suitable for enjoying the aurora. Speed can satisfy the vanity of two aurora.

The next day's destination was blue lake. Fortunately, on the road ahead, I passed through the blue lake and only drove 30 minutes to the destination. The service staff inside were very enthusiastic. They changed their favorite swimming trunks and started to soak. The blue hot spring water was extremely comfortable, and there was white mud provided to tourists free of charge. It was said that there were boxes set up at many places by the lake for beauty, It's a big piece.

I've seen many pictures of blue lake on the Internet. Now I think it's a bit too beautiful. If I score it, I can give it a four-and-a-half star look.

A bubble is a whole day. I didn't go back to the hotel directly. My advantage is that I went to the suburbs to see the aurora. I'm still not disappointed. Fuji's small camera can produce such an effect. I'm satisfied.

The road condition in winter is not very good. The problem of cost is that we can't rent this kind of Big Mac, and we can't go deeper into Iceland. It's also one of the regrets of this trip.

Reykjavik is surrounded by the famous Golden Circle, which is composed of three parts: golden waterfall, geyser and parliament Heritage Park. It takes about eight hours to change the circle

The golden waterfall in early March has been frozen for more than half, and the snow water left behind in the crevice makes it feel beautiful

The geyser erupts about every 3-5 minutes, from 5, 6 meters to tens of meters (Tips: about one minute before each eruption, the sulfur smelling gas is released, which is clearly audible. After smelling it, the camera is ready to take pictures, so it's not necessary to wait there all the time.)

Then there is the beautiful view of the city center

The biggest post office in the city center

Whale bone sculpture

Organ Church (Tips: every hour there will be organ performance, enjoyable, church free, tower 700 KR)

Mies van der Rohe, the famous Reykjavik club and its favorite designer, is really extraordinary. The design of all glass curtain wall is pleasing to the eye. There will be different performances every night. There will also be some impromptu free performances in the hall

The best high school in Iceland. It is said that most of the students graduated here will become doctors, lawyers and important government officials in the future. The 11th School of my alma mater also counts~~

It's the best hot dog in Iceland. It's a special sauce made at home. It's 380kr. Old Icelanders know it. They have to wait in line to buy it every day

The market is full of sweaters with Nordic knitting patterns. Seriously, it's too cold~

Icelandic krona, the most beautiful currency in the world

Tips for Iceland:

Icelandic currency is Icelandic krona, and the exchange rate with euro is about 1 euro = 155 Icelandic krona. It's better to exchange it in forexbank. The exchange rate is more appropriate, and it can also be exchanged in the tourist center, but the handling charge is relatively high.

Icelandic water is quite special. The cold water is underground snow water, which can be drunk directly. The water temperature is about zero degrees, and the hot water will have a strong smell of sulfur. When I take a bath for the first time, I feel very sad and indignant. I have never been so disgusted with taking a bath. To travel to Iceland, I need to make corresponding psychological preparation

Prices in Iceland are relatively high. The cheapest is buones supermarket in the city center. Buying some materials to cook by yourself is very helpful to save money

The best season to enjoy the aurora is from December to early March. It's cold at night. Be sure to wear your clothes, thick hat and gloves. You need to use a tripod to shoot the aurora, and the basic shutter time is about 30 seconds.

Nordic design is unique, buy some souvenirs to take back, absolutely free hand

The most famous products in Iceland are whale meat and fish oil, which are inexpensive. There are two kinds of fish oil: liquid and capsule. If you can check them in, you can buy two bottles. However, the liquid fish oil has a very fishy smell, which is not necessarily acceptable to everyone.

Reykjavik, more practical tips

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