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Day 1


Shanghai Pudong Moscow Oslo. The legendary Russian business class is not so low. I'll have vodka to sleep later

Transfer at Moscow Airport

The cost performance of Russian Airlines is really good. The food and seat comfort are satisfactory.

Transfer in Moscow

Oslo Airport arrived, waiting for luggage took half an hour, slow!

As we picked up our car at the airport the next day and started to drive by ourselves, we stayed at the airport hotel that night. There are two hotels in the airport, a cheaper park   Inn   by   Radisson, a more expensive Radisson   Blu, it's only a three minute walk.

Just clean. The bed is a little small. Asians make do with it. What can big Europeans do?

Just in time for the world cup!

A hotel with a good score.

Day 2


For the first time, Avis was used by almost every car rental company. If you want automatic transmission, you must make an appointment in advance. I love German cars. VW and Benz have tried them. This time we'll have a four lap car. Bluetooth, with GPS all used, towards the flame.

Rent a navigator with a map of the whole Europe in Shanghai, 8 yuan per day. The voice is in Chinese and the screen is in English.

Park when you meet the beautiful scenery, and the fun of self driving is here.

Stop and go all the way and feel the tranquility of a small Norwegian town. Visited the glass workshop, visited gift   Shop, fed the calf, ate the nut chocolate pie... Self driving is so casual that it's no longer "sleeping on the bus and urinating off the bus.".

If you're hungry, you'll find a place for lunch. It's beautiful everywhere.

Only in northern Europe do you have lunch with the big white bear.

Tired, take a nap at the gas station, then buy a cup of coffee and move on.

Body and mind, there is always one on the way. From Oslo to the town of flam in pine Fjord, the journey is only 350km, but it takes nearly six hours because of the speed limit of the whole mountain road. I'm one of the few women who love driving. Listening to music on the road is better than the pleasure of arriving at the destination quickly.

Most of the 350 km journey is on mountain roads, and the speed limit is between 70-80, so it's not fast to drive, but it's just right to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Self driving safety first!

It's really tiring to drive, especially in the end when you have to go through the 25 km long dark mountain tunnel, which is the longest kilometer tunnel in the world. You have to suffocate when you drive to it!!! But when you drive out of the tunnel, you suddenly see such a fjord town. All the fatigue turns into the power to rush to her arms. Here we are, flam!

Many tour groups will arrange to come to the town of flam during their itinerary, but they will not stay because the hotels here are not many and expensive.

It is necessary to plan before traveling to find a place with excellent scenery online in advance. This fam   Marina & Apartments's view is the best in the area, with its own large terrace to enjoy the day and night of ayulan fjord.

It's very close to the railway station and the wharf. Whether you arrive at flam by car or by train, you can easily check in.

Small living room

The kitchen, however, is nothing for a tourist who only stays one night

You need to make your own quilt covers and sheets

His open-air restaurant is also very famous in the local area. If dinner is on the terrace this season, remember to bring a shawl. The only regret is that breakfast is not provided. You can find one in a nearby hotel or buy it in the supermarket in advance.

After dinner, we go for a walk in the town. By this time, all the tourists in the daytime have dispersed. The town is very quiet.

By the way, you can get some information from the tourist center to study the arrangement for tomorrow.

Sit on the terrace of your room before midnight and enjoy the beauty of the fjord. It's the polar day. Oh, there's no night!

Good dream tonight!

Day 3


A new day has begun! The hotel opposite Marina serves breakfast. Adults 95nok, children under 15 half price. Only for satiety, to eat well, you must bring your own mustard.

My own pickled mustard toast is absolutely recommended for overseas travel!

Flam town itinerary introduction: alpine train + Songen fjord cruise. Note: 1, one-way cruise can be, the other can choose bus. 2. It's better to buy tickets one night or early in the morning, otherwise it's easy to be disrupted by a large number of team tourists. 3. Calculate the timetable of trains and cruise ships, and reserve time for lunch and shopping. 4. Free parking in public parking lot all day!

We'll have a cruise first, and then a train after lunch

From the town of flam, you can take a bus for 25 minutes to get to gudvangen by crossing two tunnels. Gudvangen is located in a canyon with only over 100 residents. Like many rural areas in China, most of them are left behind by the elderly. When it comes to the long polar night in Norway, almost all the people in the village will leave. We'll be here waiting for the cruise ship from pine fjord to return to flam.

It was noon when the cruise ship came back. Toget   Cafe is the tallest restaurant in the town of flam. Visitors can have a cup of coffee while they eat or wait for the bus or boat. Today's budget needs to be tight, and the main task is to have enough to eat.

The quickest is Italian pizza

Take the train after lunch! Tickets must be bought in advance in the morning. There are too many tourists.

Line up carefully in the sun.

All of flam's travel notes recommend this alpine train. Flam is the steepest section of standard gauge in the world, with a total length of more than 20 kilometers. It has dropped from mirda with an elevation of 866 meters to fram with an average of 1 meter per 18 meters. The carriage with red seats is jubilant. Along the way, the mountain geological scenery of 20 kilometers and the rumbling sound of rail friction make this journey very pleasant. And the children don't seem to care about the scenery outside the window, they focus on their picture book world.

Take a window seat, enjoy all the way, daze all the way

The train stops in front of the majestic kjosfossen waterfall for a short time. This is the most suitable place for taking photos in the whole journey of the alpine train. The waterfall rushes down the mountainside. It was the huge power from the kjosfossen waterfall that made the Fromm railway work.

The terminal, midar, is here.

After you get off the bus, you can stroll around and return to flam about an hour later.

In the evening, we drove from flam to Voss Town, only 60 kilometers away.

As soon as we entered Voss Town, we saw the "China Hotel" and immediately stopped to eat.

Chicken   with   GongBao   Sause, love horse, is this kung pao chicken? Price 220 NOK!

After dinner, I went to the supermarket nearby to buy water. I didn't find the top Voss water, so I took four bottles of bubble water for promotion. 40 kroner was very cheap.

It's not so easy to book a hotel by the lake in Voss Town, because although it's not as famous as flame, it's also a favorite resort for European tourists. After the thunderstorm, the rainbow across the lake is extremely beautiful. After a while, there was hail again, strange nature! Germany's going to play soon, cheers

The hotel has an activity area where you can play billiards and watch TV (there is no TV in the room)

The room has simple facilities

Day 4


When checking out the next morning, remember to remove the sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases and put them in a fixed area

Our trip today is to cycle around the lake. The rent is 150 kronor / 2 hours without deposit.

A good day begins.

At Voss you can choose to take a cable car or visit a museum or church. We spent nearly three hours cycling around the lake

98 km from Voss, continue to the next stop - Bergen!

When you arrive in Bergen, check in first and put down your luggage and car. If you don't book a hotel in Bergen in advance this season, you'll have to sleep on the main road. Because it is not convenient to park in the center of Bergen, you must see whether there are free parking spaces when you choose to stay. In addition, including breakfast is also a condition to save you a lot of money. Of course, such attic rooms with skylights are not available.

Due to the warm wind generated by the Mexican ocean current, Bergen is rainy all year round. So, such a clear day is really rare. Tourists from all over the world will make Bergen the first stop of their trip to Norway. Europeans bathe their arms in the sun for fear that their skin won't get dark enough. Most Asian tourists wear sun hats and long sleeve sunscreen suits. The streets near the busiest pier are full of tourists drinking coffee all year round.

Bergen, a harbor city in the southwest of Norway, is the second largest city in Norway and once the capital of Norway.

Parking is difficult, so even if it's self driving, you'd better park your car in a hotel and choose public transportation when you get to Bergen. Regardless of the distance, an adult ticket is NOK 31 and a child under 15 is NOK 16, with a ratio of 1:1 to RMB. A ticket can be used again for free within 90 minutes.

It's almost the extreme day season, so there's plenty of time to arrange in the afternoon until midnight!

Take the cable car to the highest point of Bergen to enjoy the city.

Many hikers are conquering the height of 320 meters. It's more shocking than the beauty. When I looked closely, none of the climbers were yellow skinned Asians. Because Asians are leisurely sitting in the cable car and taking photos like me. When I encounter such a contrast in my travel, I always sigh about the awe of nature and the experience of life. The difference between the East and the west is so great. And this difference is deeply rooted and hard to change.

The streets of Bergen at dusk are quiet and simple.

The light near midnight

The fish market is a must for Bergen. Eating real Norwegian salmon is an important milestone of the trip. Better than Chinese   Food is much cheaper!

The fish market is just beside the wharf in the center of the city. Many stalls employ Chinese students to greet tourists, which makes communication much more convenient.

This combination is less than 200 kronor, including eight prawns, COD and octopus, which is cheaper than yesterday's kung pao chicken.

Day 5


The next day, I went to Stavanger in the south. Before leaving Bergen, I went to the ancient buildings in Bruggen. Just west of the city, the renovated 35 wooden houses show the residential style of the Norwegians in the 18th century. It's full of gift shops and the feeling of Tianzifang in Shanghai. 30 kroner for an hour, just a quick glance.

The most convenient route from Bergen to stawanger is by road, car and boat. It takes two ferries. Now it's the first journey. It takes 40 minutes. It's 246 kronor for a car, an adult and a child.

I saw a Tesla and was queuing up to cross the sea. The process is simple and easy to understand.

There is a restaurant on the ferry, clean and quiet.

It's delicious. It's still expensive! 100 NOK for a chicken leg! Mashed potatoes are mutton. Those who like to eat are fragrant. Those who don't like to eat are smelly.

After the car stopped, we went up to the deck to enjoy the sea view.

Compared with the previous few stops, stawanger's accommodation is very relaxed. You can book a hotel with a score of 8.0 or above that is cancelled free of charge before 16:00 on the same day, and then decide whether to change it when you arrive. I finally chose the best hotel chain in the old city   Western, dock, elevator, breakfast, WiFi. The only drawback is shuttle away from the airport   The bus station is a little far away. It takes 10 minutes on foot.

Quiet Stavanger Street

We went to the airport to return the car in advance, and then took the airport bus back to the city,

Day 6


Hotel Restaurant

Stavanger, Norway's fourth largest city. Once famous for sardine canned food, it is now rich by oil drilling platforms. The cultural relics and historic sites are well preserved. It is the city with the most wooden buildings in Europe. Cruise ships stop at the dock every day to welcome tourists from all over the world to come here for a short stay.

Take a walk

Starting from the dock, the one and a half hour bocken fjord speedboat, though expensive, is very exciting. This activity is suitable for young tourists, middle-aged and old friends like me, who are suffering from backache.

The speedboat arrived at the sermon stone, we just looked up and didn't conquer

We chose a Thai restaurant for dinner

Elegant environment and excellent dishes

Day 7


We went from Stavanger to Oslo, ready to fly to Reykjavik. Icelandic Airlines is recommended, while SAS is unreliable and easy to delay. Flights to Iceland are expensive and hard to book, so make sure to book online in advance!

Due to the flight delay, we wasted a whole day trip and finally arrived at Reykjavik airport in the early morning of the next day. As soon as I got out of the airport, I encountered a piercing sea breeze, cold! So we suggest that you must prepare a warm coat! In July, we need thin down jacket, scarf and hat.

Day 8


Except for self driving, you can only choose buses from the Icelandic airport to the urban area. There are two bus suppliers.

It's two o'clock in the morning, so this is grey   Line because it says hotel   drop   Off moved me (actually another flybus can do it). Icelandic krona to RMB ratio is 17:1, adult 2400, children half price.

Driving in a trance for 45 minutes to reach the urban area, all the way desolate and primitive. It's almost three o'clock to find the B & B. as soon as you see the bed, it's like meeting your family. You start snoring in two minutes.

It's also necessary to book a B & B with a score of 9.6 in Reykjavik, especially in the peak tourist season of June / July / August. It's very impolite to knock on the host's door at 3 a.m. fortunately, I called the host through booking at Oslo Airport in advance. I was very happy to see the washing machine. I washed a jar of smelly clothes early in the morning. Before going to bed, I made an appointment with my hostess to provide breakfast. What do Icelanders eat in the morning?

The hostess is very professional. She can help you make a reasonable travel plan according to the stay time of the guests in Iceland, and then book tickets by telephone immediately. It's very fast. In the future, when I am old, I can also run such a one-stop B & B service at home.

In the morning, Reykjavik was cold, the sea breeze was piercing, and the pedestrians in the street were necking. We hid in the supermarket, but were scared out by the high prices.

It is estimated that the price of pepper is 50 yuan per 500 grams.

The hostess chose a half day tour of golden circle which starts at 12:30 noon and lasts for six hours. When we get back to the bus stop at 18:30, we are just in time for the 7:00 p.m. bus to Lanhu hot spring. In this way, we will make up for yesterday's delay. Great!

This supplier is reliable. Iceland free travel friends can go to this website to learn about the local itinerary, rich content, reasonable arrangement.

Buy sandwiches for lunch in the supermarket at the bus terminus before departure.

Scenic spot 1: the special geographical structure makes the underground heat flow rolling in Iceland. There are more than 800 natural hot springs in the country. The water temperature is about 75 ℃, and the maximum temperature can reach more than 180 ℃. The famous geyser (more than 100 kilometers away from the capital Reykjavik), surrounded by many small hot springs, looks like a pot of boiling water“ The geyser erupts every 8 minutes or so, reaching a height of 30 meters.

Scenic Spot 2: Gullfoss is located 125 kilometers northeast of reykjave, the capital of Iceland. It is 2500 meters wide and 70 meters high. It is the largest fault Canyon waterfall in Iceland,   Here the Tahe River forms two waterfalls, the upper and lower, and the lower channel narrows into a torrent. In 1975, the owner of the farm gave it to the Icelandic government as a nature reserve.

Scenic spot 3: pingvellir National Park   National   Park) is about 40 km from Reykjavik. Located at the junction of Eurasian plate and North American plate, geological significance is very important! There are many faults and rifts. This step is in the Eurasian plate, and the next step is the North American plate!

After the half day tour, we continued to the hot spring. You can book tickets online, including transfers from hotels in the city. They are not open until 0 o'clock in summer. We wait at the bus stop for the 7 p.m. departure and arrive at blue lake in 45 minutes.

Iceland Blue Lake Hot Spring   Lagoon is the world's top resort. The location of blue lake is one of the most frequent areas of underground magmatic activity on the earth. This activity heats up the blue lake and makes the water body transpiration. At the same time, a large amount of hot water and steam produced by the lava flow near the hot spring are also used by geothermal power plants for turbine power generation.

We go to the hot spring at 8 p.m. and there are few tourists. There's a drink supply by the pool. Keep the cards and check out.

There are shops in the outlet, and you can buy special facial mask. You can also do duty at Reykjavik airport   Free purchase, no tax rebate, more convenient.

Day 9


Today's trip is on the south coast of Iceland. This is another Icelandic travel provider, using the mobile app   Viator makes a reservation two weeks in advance and reconfirm the itinerary by phone the day before the event. Because the event includes the pick-up service of the hotel in the urban area, the address and time of the pick-up hotel should be confirmed again on the phone to avoid delay. Pick the next day   Up's minibus will pick you up at the gate of the hotel on time to the departure terminal, and then go to the counter with e-bills to exchange tickets.

White clouds? Is it geothermal? Silly can't tell.

The south looks like Bavaria

In April 2010, even the Norwegians can observe the ash from the everfara volcano in southern Iceland near their home. The ash and the blue sky and white clouds are overlapping. This thick ash, along Iceland, Norway, all the way to the United Kingdom, swept over the entire European continent.

Skogafoss is the largest waterfall in southern Iceland with a drop of 60m. Backpackers camp here to start hiking. We only make a short stay.

It's getting closer and closer to the ice lake, 50 kilometers away! In the rest station to eat a full stomach is not afraid of cold!

Mutton in the vegetable soup...

In Iceland in July, the weather is capricious. It's sunny on the way. The closer we get to the glacier, the more cloudy we begin to get. But as soon as we got to Lake jokulsarlon, the sky began to clear up. Glaciers are also mysterious like ghosts. The huge floating ice on the lake emits a faint blue light. It is cold, cruel and extremely primitive. It makes people feel awed and feel like entering a time tunnel to return to the distant ice age.

The accompanying speedboat sent each ship a piece of clear ice floe

After smashing, let's taste it

Iceland is green after the rain. On the way back, we tasted fish in Vik town   and   Chips, originally a British national dish, is 100 times better than London's.

Return to the urban area via Seljalandsfoss seriyalan waterfall, also known as the forest waterfall. Can let you drill into the water curtain hole behind 360 degrees without dead angle to enjoy.

Day 10


#Flight abuse me thousands of times, I wait for flight like first love#     It's four in the morning. It's an hour's drive from downtown Reykjavik to the airport, so you have to book flybus in advance (you can book it through a hotel), and you have to go to a hotel   pick-up。 Half price for children under 15.

From Oslo Airport to downtown, you usually choose cheap trains instead of express. The price difference is double, and the time difference is only four minutes. Remember the NSB logo, the ticket machine is red, only accept credit cards. What is not humanized is that the station name needs to be input by yourself rather than let you choose. Remember: enter "Oslo" at central station   S ", enter" Oslo "   Luf”。 Adult tickets are 90 NOK, half price for children under 15 and free for children under 3.

The train runs every 20 minutes on average. It takes 23 minutes from the airport to the central railway station. That's quite fast!

Norway's central railway station is as busy and orderly as Munich and London's. But the choice of catering is relatively small, only buger can be seen   King

The principles of hotel booking in European cities are totally different from those in rural towns. There are several main points: 1. Most big cities have a central railway station, which is a transportation hub. You can book a hotel within five minutes' walk. 2. Breakfast included. 3. There is free   wifi。 4. The price is reasonable. 5. The booking score was no less than 8.0.

The room is too small. It's inconvenient for two 30 liter boxes to pass. The bathroom is not small, with slippers and bath supplies. Free   WiFi is in good shape.

Oslo Opera House   Opera is located opposite the central railway station. The hotel overlooks the theater. Facing the Fjord, the theatre is made of white marble. Visitors can walk up the slope to the top platform of the theater, overlooking the cruise ships coming and going to the fjord.

Karl   Johans   The gate is a shopping street next to the central railway station. In fact, the width of a street is like a small road in Shanghai. Cafe   Cathedral is a popular resting place for tourists to sit on the street and enjoy the passers-by. Oslo is a slow place. Take your time.

The teakhouse, which has only three stars on yelp, needs to wait. It's mostly local people. We felt a few coppers in our pockets and stepped in boldly. The price of Uruguayan T-bone of 500g is 398 Norwegian kroner, which is no less delicious than Molton of national gold.

Steak with red wine, tonight's dream!

Day 11


It's dark at last. Good night!

If you stay in Oslo for a short period of 24 hours, you can buy Oslo at the central railway station   Daypass, which includes all the city's public transport and most museum tickets. 290 NOK for adults, half price for children under 15.

There is a Bygdoy Peninsula in the southwest of Oslo. There are two ways to get there from the city center. 1, 54 to ferry. No.2, No.30. There are three famous museums on the island: folk   Museum, Viking   Ship   Museum, polar   Ship   Fram。 It is suggested that you go first and then ferry back to experience different styles.

FolkMuseum   The Norwegian folk museum is Norway's No.1 Field Museum. Here you can see the traditional buildings and farmers' lifestyle in Norway, an agricultural country. There are about 170 people here   It's a wooden building from all over Norway. There is also a traditional dance performance every hour.

There is a small restaurant at the exit of the museum. You can have a rest and continue to the next stop

From the Folk Museum, turn right and walk for five minutes to Viking   Ship   Museum Viking Boat Museum. Boys have a special preference for pirates, plunder and barbarism, which girls can't understand.

There is an open dining area at the entrance of the museum where lunch is served.

From the Viking Boat Museum, take bus No.30 and arrive at Kon Tiki in five minutes   Museum。 This is a museum built to commemorate the opening up of the Norwegian expedition team from Norway through the central Pacific region to South America. The simulated rafts and documentaries in the museum reproduce the feat of rafting across the ocean.

The last stop on the bigdi peninsula is the fram polar Ship Museum, which shows the wooden icebreaker of Norwegian Explorer Amundsen when he went to the South Pole in the early 20th century. The rolling scenery films in the wide screen audio-visual room on the first floor below give you a comprehensive understanding of Norway. It's very suitable to bring boys here. You can also collect coins at the front desk and operate the ship model in person in the model hall.

Out of FRAM is ferry pier

Use day   Pass continue to take ferry back to Oslo City for free   Hall

Oslo pedestrian traffic lights, red light two people, green light one person, I guess this design is for better warning.

As long as you have talent, you can survive here.

Dinner, or a Chinese restaurant.

Day 12


Download NSB from mobile app in advance to understand the train schedule. Ready to go to the airport!

Clean NSB compartment. It only takes 23 minutes to get to the airport.

High speed down Li Tuo

Norway is not a shopping paradise, so tax   Refunds don't have to wait in long lines.

The queue is here! Before the security check, the EU passport passes quickly. Other passports have to wait in a long line and only have one window. When they arrive at the gate, they have to check their passports again. The whole process is slow motion. It takes about 70 minutes.

Finally fly high, cotton candy white clouds eliminate sleepiness

Two and a half hours later, Moscow was green. We will be here to return home!

Norway, Iceland, most northern Europe

Hongxia Sun