Love for Sammy town.

Days: 1 day

Time: August

Per capita: 40 yuan

With whom: one person

How to play: free play

The author went to these places

New York

Published at 09:05, September 11, 2014

Summer is almost over:

In fact, autumn has come quietly:

Lifeguards in the lake area still insist on the last few days of the swimming season. They still come to clean the feces of geese on several platforms in the morning

Fishing from New York:

With the sound of Ding Ding Dong, the ice-cream car still turns around among several swimming pools

That day, my daughter asked me if I wanted to go to that Sammy town. Without thinking about it, I agreed to go. Naturally, it's for the story of the movie that was shot there, the Akita dog.

All the way through several small towns, including morriston, which was considered by the squad leader to be no longer small

here we are. It's the first store I've ever seen in Sammy, selling outdoor sports clothes. I was put down here and picked up after work

Sitting on this bench, looking at the shop opposite:

After a little bit of the morning, the streets are quieter

I always feel that the sunlight here is relatively strong, and the mottled tree shadows on the ground are particularly vivid and lively

A real estate agency is not working yet:

The ordinary barber shop was very busy. I saw a woman pay 21 yuan for her child's hair trim

Several old people are sitting around a small street scene chatting. I have found the street in front of the railway station in the small town. This is the north side of the station. A dozen stores are lined up in front of the sunshine, just across the road from the opposite railway station. There is no square or anything like that. It's really like in the movie

I carefully moved my eyes to the platform and the station building, where there were dogs and Professor Parker's figures - a little bit to save a little more time. It seemed too bad to see them all at once; At this time, it may not be inappropriate to use the expression of "hometown is more timid". The story of love and loyalty between the professor and the dog in the film makes it a pilgrimage place in the hearts of film chasers

But, No:

The station in the story is not so big, and the platform and station building are not so busy

In my opinion, once I saw this kind of small station without fence, which can walk directly from the platform to the street, it would be more in line with the scene in the movie

But this flowerbed, facing the gate of the station, is not the place where the dog comes to wait for the professor on time every day?

Starbucks on the left in the north of the flower bed, some in the story—— Professor goes to Manhattan School by train every day. He is busy all day. As soon as he gets out of the station and sees his dog waiting for him, he will have a cup of coffee first, and the dog will play around his knees before going home

On the right side of the north is a winery. The professor bought wine here when he was happy. Of course, the dog accompanied him. Then there are several different restaurants in turn, as well as an express company. All in all, they are related to the station and passengers, and also to the professor. However, I always feel that those stores are too new and fashionable, which is a little far from the story in the film

But when you look directly at the flower bed, can you say that you have not been hit?

Well, how difficult is it to prove everything? Besides, I'm not a movie chaser. I'm just moved by a story, and it's a story in a movie. You see, it's very rare for an Akita puppy to be sent to the United States from Japan; In the case that all aspects of postal service have been extremely standardized and mature, it's a small probability that a dog will be lost. The story happened after the superposition of two extremely unlikely premises: the professor took in the stray dog and cared for it, while the dog was loyal to the owner afterwards - do you have to say that it's credible? But you can't be indifferent to the professor's love. When the dog meets the professor at the station for the first time, he is dirty and sick, so he has to have courage to stay; The film doesn't praise the professor much. It just says that it's out of pity that many things in life are helped by compassion? Without great love, how can we have compassion? After that, the dog and the professor are inseparable. Every morning, he sends the professor to the station, and at dusk, he waits at the station to go home with the professor. At last, he accompanies the professor with his whole life. This kind of loyalty is also a kind of love. It makes you feel warm and want to go up. What's the positive energy?

Then let's hide this love in our hearts, let it ferment and turn into honey. We don't care about the little things around us any more. Why don't we get to know this town?

At the gate of the station, there was a policeman on his bicycle. He was drinking coffee, but he was wearing a gun

I walked into the station and wanted to go to the green space in the south of the station through the corridor and waiting room over the rail

Step down a series of stone ladders and experience one on the platform

There is a lot of green space in the south

A group of memorials records the sages of this town more than 100 or even 200 years ago

Station building to the south of the station:

Back to the North:

In an antique shop, there are many porcelains. This big bowl with thick tire costs 150 yuan. It's not made in China

An optical shop is talking after optometry

There are also several bicycles on the sidewalk. I don't know if they are not allowed on the road, or because they are still children and are not big enough?

The child rolled the ball into the middle of the road and was at a loss. An unknown man went to pick it up, and the traffic stopped on all sides. The child walked on the crossroad only when the green light passed

Of course, there are few Chinese wines in that winery. The plum wine produced in Shanghai is just the kind of wine bottle that is straight up and down

I had a simple lunch in this house at noon

Then sit outside under the umbrella and watch the scenery

Post car:

The house price here is 600000 or 700000 yuan. If you rent it, the monthly rent is 2000 or 3000 yuan

The business hall of a bank:

Two women were talking loudly in the street

Back here again, a couple of old people I saw in the morning are still here. Seeing that I was taking photos, the old man took the initiative to introduce me to the following effect: This is a horse drinking trough, which was originally placed at the current station; Because the horse as a means of transport is declining, the horse trough has long been abandoned; Later, when the railway station was to be built, I was reluctant to abandon it. So I moved here, which can be regarded as a witness of the stage of development I have experienced. When I learned that I came from Shanghai, China, the old man repeatedly said that he loved the people there. I didn't talk about that movie. People may laugh

A very old restaurant:

Since the morning, there has been a constant stream of customers. The kitchen is very busy

There are many more exquisite restaurants:

There is also a cinema! But there are only three or two viewers:

Found a bicycle shop:

The pattern is not much different from ours

The following car is extremely light, with a carbon fiber frame and an imported giante. It costs more than 1700 yuan

Almost to the edge of the town, a local church is very quiet

The escalator to the basement, you don't think the story never happened here:

Back to the station. The two girls brought a dog with a flower bed in the background. Don't you know that story and come here specially? It's hard to ask questions and communicate with each other. I remember that after the sudden death of the professor, the dog was still waiting here every day for ten years. In the movie introduction, it was said that the dog didn't know where he was and what happened to the professor and his family; I said in an earlier travel note of Sammy town that the dog knows, but he doesn't know. Otherwise, how could the dog pester the professor for a long time that morning? Do you remember the eyes that looked at the professor? Is it unwilling to say it, or can't it be expressed in words? It's a pity that the professor didn't see it. Once you don't see it, it's forever. The two girls will certainly hope that their dog can live forever, so that we can always love each other. Me too. I will always miss the bundle I once had. The dog and the professor in the story also think so. The name of the movie is "eight dogs"

I'm leaving. A few boys with endorsement bags rushed to the platform through the entrance outside the station and caught up with the train that was about to start

I'm going to a thrift store two miles away on foot. Through the town post office:

A fire club in a fire station:

Here, firefighters have a better reputation than police

There are several middle schools on the roadside. What impresses me deeply is that the playground is big, there are many grasslands, and there are no walls

The student brass band is practicing line changing and step exercises

Needless to say:

Ice cream seller:

The shop is here. With nearly a hundred years of history, the floor creaks. At present, there are several individuals in the joint operation:

This wine pot is said to be a palace item. Why didn't it get a big price like this? 175 yuan:

Out of the store. Another school:

Suddenly, I saw a red tailed Eagle standing in the middle of the grass, but it couldn't fly until I got close enough

Just when my daughter arrived, I was a little excited to describe the process. The daughter said she didn't catch anything, did she? Looking at the photos in the camera, I found nothing

On the way home, I passed Madison town and stopped

As soon as I saw this scene, I saw my daughter come here for the first time a few years ago. I had a picture sent to me

A farmer's market is not the same as our agricultural and sideline market. I'm late. I'm closing up. I only have time to take a few photos

The ochre walls look good in the sun

At the end of the day's wandering, I left my thoughts in Sammy town. No matter whether the story is really unfolded in this small town or not, it doesn't matter. I really reviewed love on this day. Professor Pike's love for Akita Kobayashi is so great that he is willing to show the dog how to catch the ball with his mouth, regardless of his wife's opposition; Xiao BA's respect and love for the professor, whether it is hot or snowy days, persistently waiting in front of the flower bed, with one mind to see his favorite, ten years.

I know that everyone will have their own love, you will have people who love you waiting for you.

Labor day, written here on September 1st.

Love for Sammy town.

Hongxia Sun