Looking for light and wind in the dream island

Days: 9 days

Time: March

Per capita: 30000 yuan

With whom: with friends

The author went to these places


Highway 1


Blue lake

Golden falls

Serialand falls


Published on July 7, 2016 13:05

Preface: Islands in dreams

Iceland, the warm and cold mysterious island in my dream.

In summer, she is like a tender and affectionate flower girl, beautiful and colorful;

In winter, she looks like a cool and noble iceberg beauty, white as snow;

I have forgotten when I began to fall in love with this magical place in Iceland,

Lonely pure land,

The magic Aurora,

Lovely Icelandic horse,

Daydreamer on skateboard,

All this seems to be calling me, guiding me to set foot on this magical land.

The dream of finding the aurora made me choose between summer and winter.

So we went around most of the world, driving 2300 kilometers around Iceland,

Blizzard, rainstorm, evil wind and hail can't stop our dream of seeking light and wind,

The enchanting Aurora Borealis danced in front of us without stint,

On skateboards, we also chase the wind and gallop on Icelandic Highway 1.

We leave our most beautiful memories in the frozen world,

I'm looking forward to setting foot on this magical country next time and seeing her colorful in summer!

Looking for light -- the feast of the northern lights, Aurora's dance steps

The legend of Aurora

Love is a light that leads us to the mysterious Arctic circle,

Following the call of the soul, singing old songs,

Looking for red, orange, yellow, green and blue, the beautiful aurora.

Aurora, the Nordic goddess of beauty in charge of the aurora borealis.

But in the Icelandic epic IDA, a literary classic about Nordic mythology,

There was no mention of the goddess.

Therefore, it is more likely to refer to the goddess of dawn in Greek mythology,

She is the first light from night to day,

Announce that night is fading and day is coming.

There are many legends about this mysterious aurora

The ancients believed that this was "a gorgeous soul after the death of a beautiful girl.",

Or "when the fish swim in the Arctic Ocean, the scales reflect the bright moonlight.".

Galileo gave this magical natural phenomenon a beautiful name,

In the name of Aurora

In this picture, do you see the beautiful face of Aurora falling from the sky

Galileo believed that Aurora was formed when sunlight met the rising steam of the earth.

About Aurora

The formation of aurora is really related to the sun. When charged particles from the sun, that is, the solar wind, arrive near the earth, the magnetic fields at the two poles of the earth will form a magnetic shielding area to protect the earth and attract these charged particles to the polar region. As charged particles collide with atoms and molecules in the atmosphere to produce light, we can see the aurora.

So this wonderful light only exists near the poles of the earth

The northern aurora is called the northern Aurora, and the southern aurora is called the southern aurora,

Looking for Aurora

Since the aurora is so beautiful, how can we get a glimpse of the beauty goddess?

High latitude Arctic region

From the aurora prediction chart, it is not that the closer to the pole, the stronger the aurora,

Auroras appear as bands rather than concentrated at the South Pole,

In general, the area between the north and south polar circles and the polar poles has the greatest chance to see the aurora.

The right time and place

Don't be naive to think that if you enter the north and south polar circle, you will have a chance to see the aurora,

Some people stay in northern Europe for more than a month without a chance to see the aurora.

Take northern Europe as an example. Because it is close to the polar regions, the phenomenon of extreme day in summer makes the sun hang over northern Europe all day long. In summer, when the sunset time is very short, it is almost impossible to see the aurora.

For example, in Reykjavik on June 24, 2016, the interval between sunrise and sunset is less than three hours.

If you want to enjoy the aurora in northern Europe, you can only go in the cold winter.

The unpredictable weather in polar regions is also a natural enemy for watching the aurora,

When it rains, snows, fogs and clouds, it's almost out of touch with the goddess.

So before you go, please refer to Aurora prediction.

In Iceland, for example, Bayer gets the aurora observation sites from the following website.


The website will list the cloud cover over Iceland at a certain time today. The white area means no cloud. The deeper the green, the thicker the cloud,

On the right is the intensity of the aurora. The higher the value is, the higher the intensity is.

Luck and patience

All the above conditions are met. Congratulations, you have a great chance to see the aurora,

And the rest can only rely on what we often call "character".

Some people have come to northern Europe several times, but have not seen the aurora once.

During our trip to northern Europe, we met many European tourists,

Several grandfathers from England came to Iceland several times,

It wasn't until this time that we saw the aurora for the first time.

The weather in northern Europe is unpredictable. It can experience several kinds of weather in an hour,

So sometimes it takes a little bit of patience.

Colorful Aurora, beautiful Aurora

From the first day we landed in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland,

There's a chance to meet the goddess.

Driving to the outskirts of Reykjavik, looking at the stars through the window,

As if to hear the call of the goddess,

The goddess dances in the Icelandic night,

Enjoy the romance of the moment.

This is the first time we've seen aurora,

And the dancing Aurora, the green ribbons,

Flying wildly in the sky,

Just like the cloud sleeves of goddess.

With tears in their eyes, the beautiful companion shouts to the sky:

"How can you be so beautiful!"

Such a scene is really unforgettable!

Character explosion, along the way we met 5 to 6 times the opportunity to watch the aurora.

The second before, everyone was watching the Premier League in the bar,

A second later, a lovely old lady reminded everyone

"Who hasn't seen the aurora, now you have a chance!"

In an instant, the whole bar was empty,

People hold their glasses and drink with the Goddess outside the bar.

And the night of the aurora,

The goddess showed us all her dancing,

Radial, fan-shaped, circular, wavy.

At that moment, we stopped pressing the shutter,

Quietly looking at the sky, appreciate the beauty of the goddess.

the rest of one 's life,

Please bring the people you love,

Under the polar stars,

Dancing with the goddess,

Dance with romance.

Chasing the wind -- Road 1 skateboard, our daydream

Iceland, the world of ice and fire!

You might come here to see the eruption of the volcano's fury,

You may come here to see the glaciers that never melt for a thousand years;

You may come here to see the aurora you'll never forget,

You may come here to enjoy the blue hot spring of blue lake;

And we have a daydream,

Like Walter Mitty in Daydreamer,

Skateboarding on the most beautiful Highway 1 in Iceland!

The most beautiful scenery in Iceland -- on the road

If you ask me Iceland: "where is the most beautiful scenery?"

I think I have only one answer: "on the road!"

Around the island along Highway 1, listening to the music collection,

Talking and laughing all the way, enjoying the scenery that belongs to us.

In a sparsely populated country, it's hard to meet a car after driving for several hours,

Since it was fate to meet them, they all decided not to overtake,

Accompany it all the way, under the sunset, under the snow mountain, under the legend of ice and fire

Accompany. On the road. Is the way we love!

Along the way,

We've had storms, we've had hailstones, we've had snowstorms,

Met with heavy snow road, met with snow skidding.

Ride the wind, step on the skateboard, gallop on the land of ice and fire

Our obsession with our dreams finally came true,

The daydream of skateboarding comes true.

This is also an agreement that the four of us will meet in northern Europe!

When you step on the fishboard,

I pressed my shutter,

I took a favorite picture of this trip.

In this way, we gallop on the most beautiful No.1 highway in Iceland, riding on the wind and stepping on a small fishboard.


Safety first, followed by loading. Although there are few cars on Icelandic Highway 1, please pay attention to the safety of incoming cars; We all have people in charge. The ground friction resistance is large and needs a certain slope; Pay attention to the evil wind. In Iceland, where the evil wind is popular, you don't know what it is. There is a wind. The four of us are petite. We really tried to blow the skateboard down by the wind.

White ghost, black Troll

Choose the aurora, choose the winter, then choose the frozen white Iceland.

You are the only one in the world.

Haunted by ghosts: meeting white walkers in the game of Thrones

It is very tall, haggard and resolute, Hun like bones, pale skin as milk. Its armor seems to change color as it moves, sometimes white as new snow, sometimes black as shadow, everywhere dotted with the forest's deep gray green. Every step it takes, the pattern on it changes like the moonlight on the water.

-----The game of power

And tingvellir National Park is the haunting place of "strange ghosts" with ice eyes, deep blue eyes, haggard skin and pale snow.

"Tingvellir" is Icelandic, "ting" refers to parliament, "vellir" refers to grass and fields. Founded in 930 ad, singhwadley National Park is the oldest parliament site in the world, so it is also recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

The vast expanse of white sky and earth is trampled out of the deep snow pit by our curious steps. From a distance, it looks like walking on the moon surrounded by mountains.

The snow-white earth is like a ghost's pale skin, and the blue lake is the ghost's deep eyes.

It has the purest fresh water in the world. The largest lake in Iceland, tingvallavatn, is located in the park.

Star Trek: walking in the glacier of Mount svina

Welcome to Mann!

Yes, this is the scene of the ice planet "man" in Star Trek - the svina glacier.

It is located in the skafta Mountain Nature Reserve in watner National Park.

In this frozen world, the white of snow, the blue of ice, and the ash of mountains constitute the beautiful scenery.

It's really like being in an alien place when you put on your claws and walk in the glacier.

The ice cover of a thousand years locks up the air of a thousand years ago, and the bubbles of the air scatter a charming blue.

Tasting a thousand years old ice, sweet and refreshing, this is the cream of the millennium.

Occasionally encounter monsters, are they curious about us?

The frozen soul, the memory of love

Between the world of magic ice and fire,

Millennium blue ice,

Dancing white snowflakes,

Sealed black volcanic ash,

Get together in this amazing svinafiljokull!

In this frozen world, as if time is frozen, trying to send out my excited praise to the glacier, the voice just fell, everything is frozen!

The stone at the entrance tells us the story of a pair of explorers who stepped into the glacier on August 1, 2007,

Unfortunately, their souls are frozen here, and the elves protect their spirit of exploring the unknown in this way!

Climbing up to the top, overlooking the blue pure land, maybe this is eternity.

Iceland's weather is unpredictable, instant Blizzard raging, wind mixed with ice and snow, just like the devil's claws blowing on us.

Elves teach us magic, we call light.

And in a moment, the sun pierced the clouds and dispersed the demons.

Everything was calm again. It was so quiet that I couldn't believe it. Just now, it was echoing in my ears. The devil's clamor disappeared.

Behind the beauty, there is always a little-known bitterness. This is how the beautiful picture you see in the strong wind is taken.

The fury of the black Troll -- Concerto of black and white

White spray washed the dark beach!

Don't be confused by the beauty of the sunset. It's just an illusion created by the trolls in the sea for hunting!

All of a sudden, the fire clouds and the sun were engulfed by the darkness, the wind rolled up the huge waves and rushed to the shore, hoping to involve everything on the beach!

Hail mixed with evil wind rampant across your body!

A fossil of a troll accidentally exposed to the sun.

Troll's anger was watered out by the sea, solidified on the shore, achieving the organ like basalt beauty!

And there is not only black in the darkness, because of "love", a magic symbol composed of a few colored stones I collected on the beach, which is the biggest weapon for human beings to fight against demons!

The waves on the black beach are extremely dangerous. Please pay attention to the surrounding environment when taking photos. Don't turn your back to avoid being swallowed by the waves!

Black sand, white waves, white snow and black rock, this huge color contrast shows the beauty of black and white incisively and vividly.

Troll's erratic temper makes it sometimes windy, sometimes huge waves, sometimes snowstorm. Under the sunshine, the fog is filled with white fog. Mysterious trolls hide here. Such strange and mysterious scenes also attract many blockbusters to come here for shooting.

Star Trek: the dark world

Noah's Ark: the journey of creation

The cloak of the spirit, the magician of the night

Elves teach us magic, let us put on a wizard's cloak

We're protected from freezing

We're safe from the hurricane

We fly in the wind

We call the elves, we call the aurora

The magic comes from the Icelandic National Emblem, which is printed on the magic cloak

Iceberg waterfall

Iceland's topography and glaciers create Icelandic waterfalls. There are hundreds of waterfalls in Iceland. Every year when glaciers melt, new waterfalls will be formed. The white glacier water falls from the sky, just like ice beauty's hair.

Gullfoss, a cascade downstream, stirs up the transpiration of water mist. In the sun, the water drops glitter with golden light, as if the whole waterfall is made of gold, so it is named "gold waterfall".

When we arrived here, we encountered a snowy day. Without any sunshine, we couldn't see the beautiful scenery of glittering gold and rainbow across the waterfall. However, the clear glacier water converged from both sides and burst into emerald green!

When we go to the waterfall in winter, the water vapor will make the frozen ground more slippery. Mr. Bei fell here. Please pay attention to your safety.

The most special place of sailyaran waterfall is that there is a path at the bottom of the waterfall. You can walk along it to the back of the waterfall, just like entering the water curtain cave. From the back of the waterfall, you can take a unique view of the waterfall from the sky.

When we arrived, there was a storm and hail. All the paths were blocked because they were really slippery and dangerous. I can't get in and shoot.

According to saga legend, the legal speaker thorgeir ljosvetningagodi tried to quell a religious crisis in Iceland

The statues of the Nordic gods are put into this waterfall, so it is named "the falls of the gods".

Note: Saga (Icelandic: saga, plural: s ü GUR). It refers to a kind of unique literature in Iceland and Northern Europe.

The horseshoe shaped waterfall is also protected by the gods. Even if it is frozen for thousands of miles in winter, the waterfall will flow continuously

A few protruding rocks near the waterfall make a good place for you to shoot at a higher angle.

Sit by the waterfall, pass through the cold holy water with your hand, let it bring my wish to the gods under the waterfall!

With the majestic momentum of the waterfall and the oncoming water vapor, you can hear the roar of the gods, just like the roar of the celebration ceremony after the Icelandic football team defeated England!

When the weather is good enough, the sun is refracted into a colorful halo by water vapor, and the gods waterfall becomes a kaleidoscope.

This may not be the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland, but it is definitely the one that impresses me most!

The sudden snowstorm mixed with hail, blowing our camera immediately hanging snowflakes, unable to shoot normally.

When shooting the Wiwi God, she almost blew the fairy red skirt of her goddess fan into a mess in the wind.

After the blizzard, I plan to go to the viewing platform beside the waterfall to enjoy the waterfall from a higher angle.

Unexpectedly, just halfway up the mountain, there was a strong wind again, and amesia, a fellow, was so weak and thin that she could almost fly a human flesh kite.

Iceland's weather is so mysterious, the wind seems to disperse the clouds, not a moment, clear sky.

And then there's a rainbow hanging in front of the waterfall,

This rainbow may be the rainbow bridge that we have seen in Thor.

The rainbow bridge is composed of ice, fire and air, connecting asgart and midgart

From the perspective of God, look at this pure land.

Tears of the elves

Once upon a time, when I showed the app airpano, I said that this is my favorite place!

One day, I will stand here, press the shutter and take a picture of the beautiful scenery.

This day, here it is! Standing on the glacier lake.

Under the frozen planet, crystal clear ice pieces float on the clear ice lake of jagul salon.

They are like tears of ice and snow elves, forming crystal sapphire, and continue to protect the world of ice.

The light of life -- the dream of airplane on the black beach

November 24, 1973,

On the ecliptic, the sun enters Sagittarius,

And you fly over the frozen world.

I don't know if it's Witchcraft that makes you lose your way,

Or the devil's rampage to break your wings;

You struggle, your lonely and helpless figure falls from the sky,

You scream, and your heart rending roar resounds through the sky.

But there are not only demons, there are witches in this black land,

Good elves, with their magic, with the ring of life,

Guard you, let your miracle survive!

You cheer, you shout,

It is the most beautiful hymn of life;

Now, you are lying quietly in this black space,

As if time is frozen in the moment when you fall;

We are here in person,

There is no trace of your heart and lungs on the ground.

I went into the broken cabin,

In this fragmented space,

It seems to be echoing the cheers of life.

We stroked the cold fuselage,

We call the elves and talk to them,

The mysterious compass symbol,

The story of the elves,

Let us feel the shock of the rest of our lives,

Feel the value of life and cherish everything in front of us.

They say you're like a white ghost on a black beach,


Cold; cold;

And we say you are the white angel in the dark world,

You sacrifice your body;

Prove it with your soul

If there is hope, there will be miracles;

And with us,

You are not alone;


The U.S. Navy plane was forced to land on a black beach in southern Iceland. Fortunately, the crew survived.

Now it has become a scenic spot for tourists passing by.

To get there, enter the coordinates (63.459523, - 19.364618) in Google map to navigate.

In fact, there is only one very unobvious road leading to the wreckage of the plane. It is not so much a road as the wheel marks of countless cars.

And some unconscious visitors, whether they want to take a shortcut or not, make the land owners unbearable. After we returned home, we found that the road had been blocked.

Later, it was confirmed that stones and fences blocked the way of the car. If you are very interested in this scenic spot, you have to walk 8 kilometers back and forth (1 hour back and forth if it goes well), not including the time of being attacked by evil wind and getting lost.

Geysers in bloom

Geyser, one of the most prominent landmarks of Iceland, is located in the Intermountain basin near the capital Reykjavik. It is the first intermittently gushing hot spring recorded in human history. The English word geyser is derived from the Icelandic Geysir.

In this seemingly peaceful and magical land, the boiling spring has a fairyland like water vapor.

People are quietly waiting for the moment when the geyser gushes, and every time the shock blooms, it will be accompanied by the exclamation and cheers of tourists.

The geyser is located in the active volcanic zone, and the underground water source is continuously heated by the crustal magma,

When it reaches a certain temperature, it will suddenly boil and finally break through the pressure of cold air on the surface,

A column of water rushes up like a rocket, straight into the sky.

Of course, geyser eruption has no rules to follow, sometimes you wait for a long time under the cold wind.

And don't be stingy with your shutter, use continuous mode to record beautiful moments.

Especially before the eruption, there will be a big blue bubble, very beautiful!

Icelandic beast, Odin's Mount

There are four great beasts in Iceland in Beiye's mind:

Puffins flying in the sky,

Arctic fox in the snow,

Whales swimming in the sea,

Icelandic horse on the grass.

The Icelandic horse who is good at running is perhaps Odin's Mount Sleipnir, the Eight Legged horse.

In Nordic mythology, we often see Odin with the eternal gun riding it valiantly.

Every time I pass through the vast grassland and see Icelandic horses on the racecourse, sometimes leisurely grazing, sometimes galloping, with non mainstream hairstyles, the beauty of the same trade will scream with ecstasy: horse, horse, look, Icelandic horse!

This kind of unexpected encounter, they have enough reasons to attract us to stop and get close to them.

Icelandic horses also like this opportunity to get close to us. When we are close to the fence of the racecourse, they will come one after another and show all kinds of cute, melancholy, serious and cold expressions in front of the camera.

We gently stroked its cheek and nose,

Along with its long mane, they put their faces closer and rubbed us.

When they leave, they pat their strong muscles, and they still look at each other reluctantly.

Icelandic horse is the purest breed in the world. It is the most unique breed of ponies. It has a strong body with strong cold resistance and vigorous and agile pace,

More than 1200 years ago, the Vikings brought such breeds here, and they multiplied here. In order to ensure the purity of Icelandic horse blood, it never crossed with other breeds. The Icelandic government also formulated national laws and regulations that all horses can not enter in order to avoid mixed breeding and diseases.

Back to the topic of football, the number of Icelandic horses is about 100000, which is more gorgeous than the professional football players in Iceland.

Blue dream -- Blue Hot Spring

I believe many people will think of Iceland's Blue Lagoon when they talk about Iceland. This blue dreamland has become a symbol of Iceland's travel promotion. Known as "natural beauty salon", blue lake hot spring is the most famous open-air geothermal hot spring in the world.

Blue lagoon in Iceland is the most famous open-air geothermal hot spring in the world, which can be called "natural beauty salon".

It's located in grindav í K, about 40 kilometers from the capital Reykjavik, and it's only a 20 minute drive. Because it is very close to the airport, many people will also take it as the last stop to leave Iceland, take a hot spring, and savor the journey of Iceland in the steamy hot spring.

The blue lake is located in one of the most frequent areas of underground magmatic activity on earth. Magmatic movement heated the whole blue lake and made it become a hot spot

The water temperature is about 37 – 39 ° C, which is very comfortable. Of course, we also experience the piercing moment from the greenhouse to the cold outside in swimsuits. When you soak in the hot spring, it's all worth it.

The blue lake is formed by some volcanic lava.

Just at the entrance, you can see the Milky blue water of the lake.

The lake water is rich in minerals such as silicon and sulfur, which is also the most popular reason.

While soaking in hot springs, you can also enjoy volcanic mud mask to beautify your skin.


1.Blue lake is not a swimming pool. Please go down slowly along the armrest passage, because the lava is uneven and the water bottom is uneven. Be careful not to bump into the sharp lava;

2.Minerals are good for the skin, but they hurt the hair. You can use conditioner to protect your hair or avoid soaking it in water.

Back to the place where the dream began

Reykjavik, the capital of the magical Iceland and the dreamland.

There is no bustle and crowding like other capital cities, but more leisure.

Reykjavik is the cleanest city in Europe. In Icelandic, Reykjavik means "smoking harbor". When the Vikings came here and saw geothermal steam, they called it the northernmost capital in the world. Today, the geothermal power supply has become the green energy of the capital power.

Colorful houses, interesting furnishings, personalized graffiti, clean streets and handsome passers-by are the memories of Reykjavik, the capital of China.

Well, even the public toilets on the roadside are so beautiful and clean. It's no wonder that good friends of the same trade have stayed for so long.

During the recent European Cup, you often hear that Iceland's population is only 350000, and the capital city accounts for more than half of the population. Reykjavik residents have no trains, no subways, no trams in this city, only cars parked on the side of the street. Icelandic people seem to prefer walking, cycling and other environmentally friendly ways of travel.

Walking is a good choice to experience the life in the capital. There are many shops with lovely personality and decoration style on the street.

Walking around, there is no tired feeling.

Hal Grimes - take off with the poet's Poems

Completed in 1986, Hallgrimskirkja church is named after the Icelandic poet hallgr í Mur P é tursson

It's also the largest church in Iceland.

In front of the church stands a statue of the Icelandic Explorer leifur eiriksson, a gift given to Iceland by the United States in 1930 to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the establishment of the Icelandic parliament.

Opposite is the hotel named after him

Many people think it's like a long launched spaceship or a church organ, architect Gu ð J ó n Samuel's own design inspiration actually comes from columnar basalt.

The church can be paid to climb to the top and enjoy the panoramic view of Reykjavik. Unfortunately, we have been shut down. We can only enjoy the church and Reykjavik from this way and angle!

At night, the church is shining with golden light, especially beautiful in the night.

Hope and freedom -- the sun sailor sailing to his dream

Reykjavik also has a famous landmark: the sun Voyager (s ó lfar)

S ó lfar is a skeleton sculpture of a pirate ship. It is often nicknamed as a Viking boat because of its ancient Viking boat shape. It is said that this location was the place where the first Vikings landed.

And its sculptor, J ó n Gunnar Á rnason, explained that it was a dream boat. It carries the spirit of hope, progress and freedom, leads people to the dream boat of the sun, and symbolizes exploring the unknown world and territory.

The seaside is also a good place for citizens to enjoy leisure, fitness, running, snow mountain and sunset.

Looking for light and wind in the dream island

Hongxia Sun