Lijiang, Shuhe, Yulong Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake, beautiful scenery, let your mood can't keep up

If you don't do some things now, you may not do them in the future; Some places, if you don't go now, you may not go in the future. "

This is a sentence I always think is right. Unfortunately, although I think it's right, I haven't been to many places... I admit that I'm a lack of action... The years slip away quietly in the constant Fantasy

I like to see mountains and rivers, so Yunnan is a place I really want to go. The most attractive one is you, Lugu Lake. When I was young, I loved reading books about tourism. For a period of time, I had to turn a few pages every night before I went to bed. The beauty of Lugu Lake was engraved in my mind at that time. This time, we must realize our childhood dream.

Yulong Snowmountain

Today's main itinerary is Yulong Snow Mountain. It takes about an hour from Dayan ancient city to Yulong Snow Mountain. We start at 7:20, so we get up at 6:00.

Today is a memorable day for Xiao Hei, because it's her first time to see snow. She was very excited in the early morning. But... Tragedy will happen... Later

I got on the cable car in line, accompanied by four little friends, and soon got together. I found that the people who came out to travel were more cheerful and familiar ~ ha ha~

The altitude is slowly rising, and the vegetation is slowly changing. I really have to pay tribute to those workers who repair the cable car. You have worked hard~

The weather is so good that it can't be better~

What does this picture want to say Under the leadership of little sister man, I really tried my best to climb to the altitude of 4680. The highest peak of Yulong Snow Mountain is 5000 meters, but tourists can only walk to 4680. Up, it's estimated that I can't get to... But after all, I succeeded in getting to the highest place I can, which is worthy of commemoration.

After coming to the Blue Moon Valley, Xiao Hei was much better, and his face was not so blue. He officially announced that man Xue was resurrected. Let's show our face, ha ha, what can we say

This photo is about one o'clock in the afternoon, the sun is almost direct, the light is too hard... And you can feel the strong ultraviolet light. Xiao Hei cries and shouts that you can't call her Da Hei when you go home... Ok... Say something

Shuhe ancient town

How would it feel to live here in this picture. Leave space for yourself to imagine.

Around three in the afternoon, we began to go back to town. The leader said that he could take us to the nearby ancient town of Suhe, so he decided to go for a stroll. Before he came, he especially wanted to go to the ancient town of Shuhe

Shuhe ancient town and Dayan ancient town are just two pictures. The environment here is good, the development is little, and the winding paths lead to seclusion. I especially like it. Friends who come to Lijiang in the future can consider living in Shuhe ancient town!

In the afternoon, I was also hungry. I just passed by the local popular restaurant and went in to solve the problem of food and clothing. Besides, the store environment was really good. I liked it at the first sight, and the waiters were enthusiastic. This is a local time-honored restaurant. The food is really good, the taste is very good, and the price is affordable. There are many photos of stars eating in the store, and the strength is OK!

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Dayan ancient city

Slowly, I came to the foot of lion mountain and met this old woman. I don't know if she is shopping or waiting for her family to come home, so she always stands at the door and looks at the distance. What I do is to pick up the camera, press the shutter and record the moment. What

The reason for this photo to go to lion mountain is that we have checked the strategy before and said that we can see the panoramic view of Dayan ancient town here. I don't have so much time to go around the ancient city, let me take a panorama, I am satisfied.

Lugu Lake

The car is a nine seat business car. It will meet us at the door. When we came downstairs with our suitcases, my brother woke up. Help us check out and the car will arrive

The car soon entered the mountain area and kept turning on the dark mountain. It went up a slope, then up another slope, and then down the hairpin curve. This will be played in the next eight hours

After driving for about an hour and a half, I couldn't find the southeast and northwest. Look at the time, it's eight o'clock, I haven't seen the sun yet... How high is it here

Soon, we arrived at the first rest stop. You can't miss every rest stop on this road. One is that you have to get out of the car because you have a sore back. Second, I don't know how far away the next rest station is from here, so I have to try my best to discharge the body's excess water and waste, you know. Third, because the rest stop here, the scenery is too good, you can't miss it.

No, as soon as I got out of the car, I was shocked by the sight in front of me

Can I call this Rizhao Yulong? Ha ha~

Before I came here, someone once told me that Meili Snow Mountain is the real snow mountain. I've been moved, but because Meili is so far away, I have to give up. But when I got to Lijiang, I heard that I can't go to Meili now, and the mountain has been closed. Well, let's leave Melly next time. Ha~

It can be said that the route to Lugu Lake is basically around Yulong Snow Mountain for the first four hours. At this time, I found that Yulong Snow Mountain is really, really, huge. I don't know how to describe it. Many tourists may only see a small part of Yulong Snow Mountain. If you go further, you will find many different places.

This picture wants to say something. Get in the car and move on. Sitting, sitting, my brother is numb. I don't know how far ahead Lugu Lake is. At this time, I really have to admire those road workers. You are so good   My head is numb. I don't know how long it took. My elder brother stopped at a place and turned his head to tell us that there is * * River looking down here, and I don't know whether it is the eighteen bends of the mountain road or how many bends (dizzy, I can't remember). You can take photos.   Before I came here, I didn't think we would cross the river. I was so excited. When I got out of the car, I was also drunk... I don't think I showed the color of Jiang. He was like a winding emerald inlaid in this three-dimensional land. He's so quiet that you can hardly see if he's moving from a distance.   The big brother of the driver said that we would go to the opposite side of the river along the mountain road in front of us. There are countless mountains ahead. What do you want to turn

Many local residents live in the mountains on both sides of the river. Because it's lunch time, cooking smoke curls out of small houses.   There are children herding sheep on the hillside, far away from the noisy here, everything seems so quiet. What do you want to say

In this picture, I want to say that after a sleep, I feel better, but still a little dizzy and weak. But time really can't be wasted like this, so I decided to go out for a walk. At this time, the sun goes down and the temperature drops a lot. Put on your down and start. KZ is by the lake. I can walk to the lake through the back door. This is my first intimate contact with her. Ha ha~   There is a small flower garden in the back, which is planted with my favorite Gesang flower. What do you want

The morning sun was shining on the lake. There are so many birds in the lake that every take-off will break the tranquility here. As for what kind of bird it is, please add~   According to the original plan, today is a day that must be released, ha ha. In the face of such beautiful scenery, I can't help myself. Hei, are   you   ready?

In the following article, Xiao Hei will appear in large numbers. She is my royal bean  , Because I'm not a professional, I can't help feeling a little stiff sometimes. But with my continuous training, we have improved a lot. In fact, we are improving each other. Ha ha~   I wonder if there are any friends who have seen my photos here? Ha ha ~ welcome to give advice and exchange.   One more word, this is really a photography paradise. OK, what do you want to say in the picture

This one says that this tree is really... Very existential

If there are too many pictures, we won't show them one by one. I'm afraid that if we see too many pictures, we will be upset   The happy time passed very quickly, and it was almost noon. Taking photos is a physical work. I'm hungry. One of the feelings I get from eating in Yunnan is that the people here are very friendly. Whether you patronize or not, they are willing to treat you with a kind attitude. You can feel their simplicity here, not like some places in China. Like one~

What do you want to say in the photo

This one is about 20 minutes, and we'll be in riverside. In fact, this is a very small island. The highest point of the island is a temple. Behind the island is the island. On the island, I saw two elder sisters sitting on another boat. Ha ha, take a picture from a distance. What do you want to say

This photo is really a little envious of the people who live here. Maybe they are not rich, maybe their life is nothing else, but what do they need to live here? Isn't it the most natural life to be self-sufficient and independent of the world?

The blue lake is as soft and smooth as silk! What do you want to say

All the good memories here, like to leave your little love, thank you!

Lijiang, Shuhe, Yulong Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake, beautiful scenery, let your mood can't keep up

Hongxia Sun