[Jiayou station] east coast city accommodation guide

Days: 17 days

Time: April

Per capita: 20000 yuan

With whom: one person

How to play: self driving, humanity, saving money

The author went to these places

New York

Brooklyn Bridge



White House

Xiacheng District

Club Quarters Wall Street

Wall Street

Central Park

Published on September 24, 2014 18:14

The consumption of several traditional cities in the eastern United States is relatively expensive, so I spent some time on hotel reservation before going out. There are not only air B & B apartment, but also special prices on booking.com and priceline.com. Therefore, here is a summary, hoping to help friends in need.

For those who want to make a special offer on Priceline, please refer to my separate travel notes: hand in hand to teach you how to book a Priceline hotel http://you.ctrip.com/travels/unitedstates100047/1939266.html 。

Interestingly enough, the first night's stay after arriving in New York was actually free - Cathay Pacific's flight was delayed when it was connecting in Hong Kong, and the rescheduled flight was JFK instead of EWR. Because my first night's stay in Newark had already been deducted even if I didn't check in. After working with Cathay Pacific, I was arranged to stay in New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.

In spring, New York was warm and cold, just experienced a storm, and there was even snow on the street. When I arrived at the hotel, the black lady at the front desk heard about my experience, and then she expressed her sympathy, just like a warm-hearted lady in an American drama. I'm a little bit happy, because this Marriott is much better than what I ordered next to the airport. After 16 hours' long flight from Hong Kong to New York, I feel so comfortable in my big bed! The first time I stayed in an American Hotel, I felt that it was quite spacious, no matter the room, mattress or corridor elevator.

The next morning, I got up for breakfast and went out for a stroll. I found that this is the center of Brooklyn, New York. It's only five minutes' walk away from the famous Brooklyn Bridge. I just need to follow the flow of people to walk on the bridge easily. The geographical location is very advantageous.

The next day, I moved to the upper east side, which is the "upper east side" in American TV series. The environment was clean, the public security was good, and the living facilities were very convenient. This duplex apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms is reserved through airbnb. The kitchen and sanitary ware are complete, and free WiFi is fast. Outside the window is a cherry blossom in full bloom. The huge terrace on the top of the building can see the skyscrapers in Manhattan. Living here has a faint feeling of new Yorker. The landlord, Marie, we haven't even met. When we got to the apartment, we called her. She called "remote control". I got the key from some secret place. Isn't that interesting? The rent of the whole apartment is $215 per day, which can accommodate up to six people.

Accommodation in Washington is cheaper than in New York, but it's also expensive if it's in the center of the city. Strictly speaking, the Hilton Arlington is not in Washington, but in Arlington, Virginia - one of Washington's satellite cities. The city is high-end, very clean and well-developed. From the hotel lobby, you can even go directly to the subway Ballston station, and you can get to the White House in 20 minutes. I think the average price of 84 one night (before tax) is appropriate. The room is very spacious, with restaurants and convenience stores all around. The staff at the front desk are also very enthusiastic and give us free WiFi code.

The hotel in downtown Washington is the Washington Marriott at Metro Center, which is reserved through Priceline. The price is basically the same as that of the previous Hilton, but the location is better. There are several subways extending in all directions downstairs. It's also close to Macy's and Chinatown. It's about 10-15 minutes' walk to the national square where the scenic spots are concentrated. The square building has the style of the capital. The rooms are complete and tidy, but the area is a little small. You can see the street view from the window. The first floor is the Starbucks, which is very suitable for tourists. The front desk gave me a good impression. When I arrived at the store at 9 a.m., I would check in.

It was already dusk when I drove from New York to Niagara Falls City for more than seven hours. When I stepped into the hotel, the warm sunset fainted in the room through the curtains, which was extremely warm. Days Inn niaga at falls is a budget hotel. Although I live alone, each of the spacious twin beds is queen size. Although you can't see the waterfall directly, you have a wide view. You can even see Canada on the other side of the river. It's very pleasant to drink tea on the sofa in front of the window. It's only two or three minutes' walk from here to waterfall park. It's worth $57 a night. Next to the first floor of the hotel is a typical American restaurant, which serves all kinds of huge food. In the morning, we even have to wait for a table, serving aunts with honey sweet mouthfuls. It's very sweet, but it's very kind.

The hotel in Philadelphia is one of my favorite hotels with the highest cost performance in this trip, especially the Residence Inn by Marriott Philadelphia City Center! Residence Inn is a hotel style apartment owned by Marriott, so the room is equipped with a standard kitchen, and the facilities are very complete, such as a huge refrigerator, microwave oven and even dishwasher. After getting tired of Laomei's junk food, even cooking a vegetable soup is delicious. In addition, there are living space, wide mattress, dry and wet bathroom and free wifi. What I am most satisfied with is that breakfast is provided here (included in the room charge), and I can even eat and take it in the morning. I can deal with it in the daytime, so the $76 house price is very valuable! As for location, if you dare to use the word "city center", it's very center. Across the road is the city hall, the geographical center of Philadelphia. There are numerous underground ground transportation lines, surrounded by market street, Franklin Avenue and love square in the business district. The architecture of the hotel itself is close to the style of Shanghai Hotel, which is the representative of artdeco style.

Boston's accommodation is the most expensive on this trip. Even Boston Park Plaza Sterling hotels, which was snatched by Priceline's self bid special price, costs $175 a night and $211 after tax. It's a little shocking to see this hotel for the first time. The huge volume, grand lobby, elegant elevator and carpet show the extraordinary history here. But the room is really small, I'm afraid it only has more than ten square meters, and the room facilities are not much better than the economy hotel. The advantage of the hotel still lies in its location. The famous Boston public garden, Copley square and Trinity Church are all within 10 minutes' walk.

Back in New York, I stayed in three hotels. Club quarters Wall Street in lower Manhattan is located in the core area of Wall Street, surrounded by major financial institutions. NYSE is just five minutes away from the site of 9 / 11. Lying here, you can feel surrounded by money, because the price of $160 is not cheap.

The Empire Hotel's room is also very small. If I didn't get the special price, I wouldn't be able to live in such an expensive area. Fortunately, the location is super good. You can walk to Central Park, Lincoln Art Center and other places just by yourself. The price of $123 is still worth the price. By the way, the hotel's toiletries are o'shudan's. The last hotel is Howard Johnson Inn, next to JFK.


1) American hotels (even budget hotels) are generally equipped with coffee pot as standard, which is a favorite equipment of Chinese people, because they can make hot water to drink;

2) Toothpaste, toothbrush and slippers are not provided. Please bring your own;

3) There are plenty of toiletries, including different soaps for face washing and bathing, shampoo, hair care, body lotion and moisturizer, etc;

4) If you need to park, please book with the hotel in advance, otherwise in downtown areas, such as New York and Washington, it is difficult to get free parking space.

[Jiayou station] east coast city accommodation guide

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