Iceland, a lonely planet left behind.

Days: 9 days

Time: September

Per capita: 40000 yuan

With whom: with friends

The author went to these places



Serialand falls

Deltatuhefi hot spring


Golden falls

Lake Jagu Salon

Watner Glacier National Park

Vick town


Reykjavik Cathedral


Singhville National Park

Blue lake

Published on April 21, 2016 22:43

Background sound: the three syllables? Main theme

66 degrees north latitude. There is an ice lake full of crystal clear ice sugar

There are rolling patches of moss

There are waterfalls of different shapes here

Here is the mysterious Aurora Borealis, which is endowed with beautiful legend

Looking up, you can easily see seven color rainbow and double rainbow of various radians

Over the past few years, I have been on my way to nearly 20 countries, and Iceland is the place I want to visit most. Finally, in the end of September of 15 years, I set foot on this magical land and fulfilled a wish.


The introduction of convention is written at the front: Po owner used to be one of the few photographers in the team of lawyers, and one of the few lawyers in the team of photographers. Now full-time photographer, so have a lot of free time to their favorite places to travel to take photos. But I often switch between packing, going on the road, going home to pack, packing and going on. When I just get home, I move all my luggage out of the box, and I have to start to pack again a week later, so I am tired and tired of traveling. I want a quiet home, like a besieged city.

Iceland has always wanted to go to the place, a few months in advance to start around friends want to go together. I didn't expect that the two little friends would definitely join in one month before departure, and finally made the trip. The other three girls are friends I know, but they don't know each other. It's a very strange travel experience. I was worried about whether there would be any unpleasant friction during the journey, because it's all girls. At the end of the journey, I knew it was unnecessary to worry. In the past nine days, everyone has developed their own skills. Sometimes we cook by ourselves. IChO and Tangtang are the head chef. Panda and I wait and see together. IChO also brought delicious noodles from Singapore. Tangtang is good at taking scenery. Every time she takes scenery with a tripod alone, the other three of us take portraits of each other. After taking portraits, I will take some more scenery. IChO helped me take a lot of photos all the way. Finally, many of my photos appeared in her travel notes, which was jokingly called Doraemon's travel notes. Pandas are really good at packing. I took a box full of luggage and bought things in Iceland and Paris. When I went back, I couldn't stop them. I saw the intelligent panda help me to pack all my luggage.

Photographic equipment

The photography equipment for this trip includes two SLRs, four lenses and tripod. In addition to my work machine Canon EOS 5D2, I also bring the small and light Canon EOS 760d. Two cameras are safe. Any camera that is accidentally broken will not be in a hurry. It's more convenient for the two machines to use together, and there's no need to keep changing lenses, I'm fixed focus (although I did drop the camera off my seat in Iceland, and the lens was worn). Because of the vision of the aurora and the starry sky, a 24mm large aperture lens was specially prepared. Originally, I wanted to shoot the starry sky even if I couldn't shoot the aurora. When I arrived in Iceland, I found that the weather in September seemed cloudy and rainy, and the wind was very strong, so the stars at night were basically covered by clouds. Fortunately, I was able to capture the aurora on the last night, which marked a successful end to my visit to Iceland. In order to reduce the weight, the tripod I brought was very light, but I didn't expect that the wind in Iceland was so strong. During long exposure shooting, the fuselage and tripod were often blown by the wind, which affected the shooting effect. The end of being lazy.

I seldom use camera bags, because camera bags are not so good-looking, please forgive the members of the appearance Association. Most of the time, these Cotton Lined cloth bags are used as camera protection bags or lens. In the lower left pocket, there are always universal converters, camera chargers and WiFi transmitters, which are commonly used in travel. You don't have to pack them up before you leave each time.

760d just fits in your pocket.

The memory card will also be packed in a storage bag and put with the cameras.

Important tips and suggestions on Iceland

1.Self driving or renting a local driver or following a group? At the beginning, we always wanted to drive by ourselves. At the end, all our friends who went to Iceland together were girls. Plus me, four girls either have poor driving skills or can't drive. Considering safety first, they resolutely gave up self driving. We rented local drivers and cars. At the end of the trip, we were very lucky to be a car rental + local driver. Iceland at the end of September, between summer and winter, blowing wind, really exaggerated! You can feel that the car has been blown off the ground for a few seconds when you are sitting in the car. Therefore, if your driving skills are not very good, it is recommended not to drive by yourself. After all, life is more valuable. Although the cost of renting a driver is a bit high, it's nothing compared with your own life. If the driving skill is very good, self driving is certainly OK, and it will reduce a lot of travel costs. The idea of the group is directly passed by everyone. They are all girls who like to take photos. There is certainly not enough time for us to take photos in a one-day tour. In fact, the cost of renting a car is not high. The main thing that is expensive is the labor cost of the driver. In addition to the driver's fees, they also need to pay for the accommodation and food expenses of drivers in other cities except Reykjavik. The oil cost of Iceland's nine day trip, the driver's fee and car rental fee are about two weeks and eight hours a day. After eight hours, they charge extra time. I forget how many meters.

The picture above shows the number of the car rental shop. Self driving friends can also find this car rental company

2.Vik black beach!!!!!!!!!! Be sure to see here, see here!!!!! About life safety

Let's see how strong this wave is!!!!!! The place where this man is standing is quite dangerous!!! Many travel notes introduce black beach, but they don't warn you that you can't get too close to the sea here! It's dangerous!!! A few days ago, a Chinese couple took photos here. As a result, the waves came, and the man was swept away by the sea before he could run. Iceland sent out a helicopter to search for him, but he was not found. We are very grateful to the driver of the chartered car. After he brought us here, he said to us seriously, "don't go near the sea. It's very dangerous here. The waves will take people away.". I think the shore that has been wetted by the sea water is an obvious warning line, but I don't rule out that there will be more waves beyond that warning line. The driver also warned us not to turn our back to the sea, so we all obediently listened to his warning. If you like photography, don't take photos in order to make a film.

Visa, air ticket, exchange rate and travel expenses

Iceland can use the European Schengen visa, because my previous French visa has not expired, so the itinerary is Shanghai Paris Reykjavik Paris Shanghai. From France to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. I travel at the end of September. I only book my ticket in early September, so the price is very high... Shanghai to and fro Paris for more than 1 W, Paris to and fro Reykjavik is wow airlines, you need to buy your own baggage ticket, ticket close to 3000 yuan. The currency used in Iceland is krona, and the exchange rate with RMB is about 19:1. Most of the nine day trip is to eat out or in a hotel, charter a car, rent a driver and round-trip air tickets, and the cost (excluding shopping) is close to 40000 yuan per person. For several days, it cost nearly 1000 yuan / day to eat alone... There's no way to save food. Thinking about spending so much money to come to Iceland, how can you miss the delicious food... So we started the mode of eating.

Travel and accommodation

This itinerary is thanks to the completion of the production of IChO, our travel partner. We didn't make a particularly detailed strategy before we set out. Only email the driver the places of interest. The route is modified and improved after listening to the driver's suggestions. Looking forward to the glacier lake, I stayed in the glacier lake for two days in case of bad weather.

Day 1: http://hotels.ctrip.com/international/555728.html

the second day: http://hotels.ctrip.com/international/262910.html

on the third day: http://hotels.ctrip.com/international/519617.html

the forth day http://hotels.ctrip.com/international/262873.html

Day 6: http://hotels.ctrip.com/apartment/reykjavik831

Practical website

Official website of Icelandic Tourism Administration: http://cn.visiticeland.com/ Map of Iceland: http://atlas.lmi.is/kortasja_ EN / Aurora forecast data: http://www.gi.alaska.edu/AuroraForecast Famous blue lagoon hot spring: http://www.bluelagoon.com/ It is recommended to book tickets on the official website in advance. Iceland weather forecast: http://en.vedur.is/ Iceland road conditions: http://www.vegagerdin.is/english/road-conditions-and-weather/ Bus stop and schedule at kevlavik International Airport: https://www.re.is/flybus/

Icelandic cuisine

Before I went to Iceland, I heard that Icelandic food was expensive and delicious, so I was ready to eat biscuits, bread and instant noodles all the way. What is the price level? Do you all know that??? We eat a simple meal near the rest station. It's a bit like mutton covered rice, which is equivalent to 140 yuan. In the hotel restaurant or general restaurant, at least 200 yuan per person, a staple food and a bowl of soup. Although the price is expensive, after the first dinner in Iceland, I exclaimed that the food is delicious and the taste is much better than I thought. I even ate the most delicious lobster in my life in Iceland. There is wood, there is exaggeration!!! All four of us were about to lick up the plate. Lobster soup or fish soup is very popular in Iceland. It's very thick, but it's salty.

Reykjavik old island

This restaurant is recommended by the B & B owner. It's very close to where we live. It's about 10 minutes' walk.

Icelandic soup is quite salty. I pour half a bottle of mineral water to dilute it.

Here are some pictures of food taken by iPhone. The effect of depth of field is not very good

With 760d and 35mm 1.4 lens, it's a lot more pleasing to the eye

The meat tastes fresh and tender, and the frying temperature is appropriate, so that the flavor of seasoning can be fully immersed in the fish.

The restaurant of humarh ü fninni in the small town of H ü FN

Nordic laws forbid fish to be fed any additives, so fish in Iceland can be safely eaten. In addition to fish, the delicious seafood is the lobster produced by humarh ó fninni!

(it's highly recommended to have the same set of pictures!) To exaggerate, the most delicious lobster I've ever eaten in my life is in the small town of H ü FN, Iceland. The lobster marinated with honey and spices is quite delicious after cooking. The cooking temperature is in place to keep the lobster's freshest and tender taste. After sucking the juice on the lobster shell, I pry open the shell. The fat shrimp meat is served with fresh lemon juice and dip sauce, Finally, I licked the sauce on my fingers.

Lobster restaurant near Reykjavik - fjorubordid

This is a famous local Lobster Restaurant. Our driver, SS, knew that we missed the lobster in the small town of H ü FN, so he took us to this lobster restaurant near Reykjavik. Official website address http://www.fjorubordid.is/ It's about 40 minutes' drive from Leishi, focusing on lobster and lobster soup. Their lobster belongs to the rough type. The four of us ordered one each and served a large basin. It's a different style from the lobster in H ü FN. Fjorubordid's lobster seasoning is not used much, it is more close to the original flavor. Personally, I prefer the lobster in humarh ó fninni restaurant in the small town of H ü FN.

The dip sauce on the bread before the meal is very special. I can't say what it tastes like. You can only taste honey

Fjorubordid Reykjavik fiskmarka ð urinn(the fish market)

[UNK]223361;9668Main Street, 101 Reykjav http://fiskmarkadurinn.is/

This one is open only in the evening. It's better to book in advance. Otherwise, you may have to wait at least half an hour on the spot. It's dark inside, the food is not very good-looking, and I only brought my mobile phone. So there are no pictures of delicious food, and the taste is not as amazing as I imagined. Maybe it's because we ordered tasting menu, which has too many dishes, one after another. At the table next door, a Dane who seemed to be very strong told us that he was too full to eat.

This should be considered as the most expensive meal in Iceland, about 600 per capita. The most profound impression is too support!!!

Their dishes are very creative. They may be too hungry at first. The bread amazes me. The most impressive dish in the whole meal is it!

Unknown restaurant passing by

In a restaurant in Leishi, I have no special memory of food after eating...

The pizza in the rest area is crisp and delicious.

Mutton, which can only make do with the taste, is about 140 yuan per plate.

Day1-2 Leishi caomaoshan

All four of us met at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and flew to Iceland by wow. The capital airport of Iceland is called kevlavik

International Airport, about 50km from Reykjavik. The airport bus just has a stop at our home stay. When you get out of the airport hall, you can find the bus ticket to and from the airport. The ticket price has been forgotten. Airport bus stops and schedules: https://www.re.is/flybus/ I took some pictures along the way with my mobile phone

The apartment in Leishi on the first night has a good location.

Iceland has the purest tap water in the world. The note that the landlord left us specially wrote, "you don't have to go to the supermarket to buy mineral water. Mineral water is also bottled in tap water, and it lasts longer than tap water. Our tap water is the purest in the world!" Cold tap water has no peculiar smell, while warm tap water has a peculiar sulfur smell of Iceland. We all screamed when we saw the beautiful sunset and the rainbow in the evening. In Iceland, you can see rainbows almost every day, so you are very calm when you see rainbows later.

Icelandic milk is particularly delicious, yogurt is also very thick!

On the morning of departure, we bought some grain in the big supermarket bonus in Iceland.

Icelandic bananas are hanging like this, which is very interesting. Our IChO students want to match a banana every time they drink coffee. She said that coffee with banana is the most perfect match in her mind.

Two children ran shyly to ask my name.

When I asked their names, I was even more shy and answered me while hiding. Cute little Icelandic girl

After breakfast, wait in the room for the driver to pick us up. We started our journey along one of Iceland's best roads, route 1

Wild blueberries

Scenery along the way

Most of the photos on the road are captured with a telephoto lens while sitting in the car, so we can't tell the location. We didn't stay in non scenic areas. After all, we were short of time.

It's a popular joke in Iceland. What do you do when you get lost in the forest? It doesn't matter. If you get lost, keep going and you'll find your way. It may be incomprehensible if I have not reached Iceland, because there are almost no so-called "forests" in Iceland. I have only seen forests composed of large trees in a National Forest Park in Iceland, and the remaining forests are almost "forests" composed of small trees less than one meter long or just a few big trees. So if you get lost in the "forest" of Iceland, you never have to worry about not finding your way home.


One of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland is about 1.5 hours' drive from Reykjavik. It is 60 meters high. Visitors can walk through the path at the bottom of the cliff behind the waterfall to experience the waterfall. When we went there, it was drizzling. We took a few pictures and left without going in.

It's not far from Seljalandsfoss. I remember this photo was taken with a telephoto lens when I was sitting idly in the car with my tripod beside the car... I haven't been near the waterfall

Sn æ fellsnes in the Sinai Peninsula is located in the west of Iceland, about 90 km long, known as the concentrated Iceland. There are canyons, lava, glaciers, and mount sneiffel. Western Iceland tourism website: http://www.west.is/enSn æ fellsj ü kull National Park was founded on June 28, 2001. It is a young National Park. The only national park in Iceland bordering on the sea. The purpose of the park is to protect the unique landscape, indigenous plants and living animals, as well as important historical relics in the park, and also to make it easier for visitors to understand the area.

Round little fat sheep can be seen everywhere along the way. The sheep in Iceland is the fattest I have ever seen. Its round body and several bamboo legs form a sharp contrast, like a ball of cotton with several matchsticks under it.

Deildartunguhver hot spring

It is the largest hot spring in Iceland, with temperatures up to 97 ° C. At the same time, it is also famous for its fast water flow, up to 180 L / s, which is the fastest hot spring in Europe. Part of its water is used to heat boganes, 34 kilometers away, and aks, 64 kilometers away.

Reykholt -- hometown of prose collection of gubingdao

Along the way, we passed a small town called reykholt reykholt. It is the origin of Icelandic history and culture. The well-known Nordic mythology originated here. Many fairy tales or movies, such as the Lord of the rings or Thor, have subtle connections with Nordic mythology. The former residence of snorri Sturluson, a famous poet in the middle ages. Snori Sturluson is a famous Icelandic historian and poet. To this day, his works are still the root of many Viking cultures.


Hraunfossar waterfalls

Lava falls, also known as herrenn falls, are located in Borgarfjordur in Western Iceland. They are formed by the confluence of streams flowing on the original edge of the hallmundarhraun lava, and then flow into the glacier River hvita (the source of golden falls is also the hvita River, although it has the same name, but it is not a river). Lava falls are widely regarded as the most magnificent waterfalls in Iceland.

Lava falls are beautiful in season, colorful and long exposure with ultra wide angle. But the wind was strong, so the leaves were shaking.

In addition to the panorama, parts of the details are also photographed. The 135mm focal length is a little closer here. The 50mm fixed focus lens with 760d is just the right distance. I love the picture below. I can see the trail of the waterfall flowing through the lava.

Northern Sinai Peninsula - kirkjufell Church Hill waterfall

Church Hill waterfall is located in the town of grundarfjordur on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula along highway 54 in the Sinai Peninsula. Church Hill looks like straw hat from the front, which is called straw hat hill. The weather is not beautiful. I'm afraid of the cloudy day when I shoot the scenery.

Below is a panoramic photo of iPhone

It's very windy. We're all wrapped up like this in front of the waterfall. If the weather is fine, it will be beautiful!

I was in the car is a burst of snapshot, not let the scenery along the way

Look at the shape of the waves and feel the wind

There are many summer houses in Iceland's Lava area, which are built by local real estate companies to rent to holiday makers. This is also a major feature of Iceland. Every summer in these summer rooms, children play from morning to night. Why are they so happy to play instead of going to bed? It's probably because they've had enough sleep in winter and it's time to come out and play in summer.

The next night we stayed in hellnar's hotel. The sunset nearby was beautiful.

When you get up in the morning, the light is great.


The west is the oldest land in Iceland, where the mountains are about 10 million years old. For thousands of years, these mountains have been flattened by heavy glaciers and various natural forces. Access to mount Sinai National Forest Park is via arnerstapi, where there are toilets and coffee breaks.

Walk along the coast to the huge monument in the village of arnerstapi. The prototype of the stone monument is B á R, the semi mythical protagonist of Sakya ð ur)。 Facing the sneiffel glacier (SN æ fellsj ü kull), he stands upright, guarding the magical peninsula.

The stone pile on the right behind me is the monument. Behind the monument is the SN æ fellsj ü kull glacier

Just around here, we experienced hail, gale and rainstorm in just ten minutes.

Westfjords DJ ú pal ó nssandur black beach and cliff in Western stapi fjord

DJ ú pal ó nssandur black sand beach and cliff are relatively small travel destinations. We got up early to shoot the sunrise here.

Tang Tang focused on shooting scenery there. After we exposed a few scenery films, we began to take photos.

It's very windy here. I feel it may blow away every minute. The two foreign photographers risked their lives to shoot on the edge of the cliff.

The wind blew silly, put on the down jacket immediately after shooting

Only in the National Forest Park can we see such a dense forest.

The unknown places are also photographed in the car

Mount Sinai National Park

This is the entrance to a glacier... I forgot my name

J ü kuls á RL ó n Lake jagusharon

At the south end of the watner ice sheet, there is a dreamy place called ice lake. Anyone who sees it will fall in love with it. The reason why I fell in love with Iceland at first sight is because of its unique beauty. The Icelandic name is j ü kuls á RL ó n. Tomb Raider, Batman's moment of war and game of rights have all been shot here. In the evening, we arrived at the gerdi guesthouse near the glacier lake J ü kuls á RL ó n, which we are looking forward to most. I stayed here for two nights in order to photograph the glacier lake. I dreamed that I could see the aurora in the glacier lake. We didn't see the aurora for two nights, but fortunately we got sunrise and sunset in glacier lake. Lake jagulon is located in the Varna Glacier National Park. After wandering in the Pearl Blue jagulon glacier lake, pieces of floating ice from the glacier tongue flow to the Atlantic Ocean through the estuary. Jagulen glacier lake began to appear in 1934-35. Due to the massive melting of Icelandic glaciers, it expanded from 7.9 square kilometers in 1975 to 18 square kilometers today. The lake is 200 meters deep, the second deepest in Iceland.

In the morning, we drive all the way to the J ü kuls á RL ó n glacier lake with sunrise

The ice shows different colors. The transparent and deep blue ice shows ice blue because it is squeezed deeply in the glacier and becomes denser. Once the air enters the ice, the density of the ice decreases and becomes milky white. edit

The wind here is also very strong. If it's Qi bangs, it will be destroyed in a second, such as me. IChO took off her coat against the strong wind and rushed to the shooting point. I photographed a lot of moments when her face was covered by her hair. The wind was so strong that I could take a series of shots. Finally, I finally got the picture I like very much. The wind blew her skirt just right, though it was really cold. edit

I sacrifice my image to show you the wind. It's too cold, so I brought two cashmere scarves.... edit

Set up the expression, suddenly a gust of wind hit the hair on the face... edit

The heart is roaring, cold death fairy board editor

On the other side of the road is the entrance to the ice lake of jagul salon. Some broken ice floes will float to the Atlantic Ocean under the flow of water, and some ice floes will be pushed back again and again by the surging waves. So you can see that the gray and black sand beach beside the glacier lake is covered with giant rock candy. Pick up a piece of ice, taste the taste of ancient times, and drink it with coke to ensure that this is the most special coke you drink in your life, and the longest thing you eat.

It's very suitable for photo shoot here!!! We shot each other and focused on the scenery. The picture below is thanks to the capture of panda!!!

Vesturhorn Mountain

Vesturhorn mountain is about 16 kilometers away from the small town of Hepburn, which is not very easy to find. GPS 64.254951-14.995539

It's easy to blow sand into our eyes. At last, we have to turn our back to Fengxing.

Icelandic horses all have long manes, some of which are long enough to cover their eyes and have to look around when the wind blows. In Icelandic language, horses are called "Faxi". The driver told us that the ancestors of these Icelandic horses came from Mongols, migrated to Iceland through Russia, and later evolved into the appearance of ponies. There are two explanations for the ancestors of Icelandic horses: first, Equus scandinavicus from Scandinavia and Northern Europe. It is said that some of these horses were separated when the mainland drifted, some of them hybridized with horses with external blood, while the remaining ones evolved into Icelandic horses. Another is that Icelandic horses are relatives of exmoorpony in the UK.

I plucked some grass from the ground to feed the horses by the fence. Little white horse is closest to me. He comes to me. His gentle eyes can melt the ice left for centuries. I touch his nose and feed him grass. Accidentally, he was electrified by the fence and the little white horse was electrified. Suddenly, he backed away from me and let me call again, but he didn't dare to get close to me. After finishing the photos, I found that little white horse was smiling at me when he was eating grass.

The driver took us to visit a farmer near the sea. Lovely shepherd, too warm! Maybe it's unusual for strangers to be intimate. In the face of the sudden attack, my expression was so frightened that I had to mosaic.

Vikvik black beach

Located in the southernmost tip of Iceland, it is only 180 km away from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Vik town is a peaceful and harmonious town. Behind the town is the boundless sea. The most famous town is the black beach. In 1991, the American archipelago magazine named Vik black beach as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

The church in Vick. Almost all churches in Iceland look like this, as if they were mass-produced from factories.

The front of the article stressed, do not go too close to the sea!!! Otherwise, the big waves may take you away or even kill you.

The cliff of organ rock echoes the black sand beach. One by one, the columns are arranged orderly in the steep cliffs beside the black beach, like an organ carefully carved by nature, which is the basalt of Iceland. The basalt with columnar joints is formed after the magma with temperature higher than 900 ℃ erupted from the volcano flows into the sea and cools rapidly and contracts instantaneously. The inspiration of Reykjavik Cathedral may come from this.

Vick black beach

The black sand beach is the treasure of Vick town. The black sand and stone deposited by volcanic ash after volcanic eruption cover the beach and gradually form a long black sand beach. These lava particles are free of impurities, silt and dust. Be sure to hold a handful of sand from the ground to feel the residual temperature of volcanic ash. The black hourglass passes through the fingers, but the hands are not stained.

Passing souvenir shops and handicraft shops.

Golden Circle Route in Iceland

The golden circle consists of three major tourist attractions, namely the former site of Parliament (pingweilier National Park), geyser and golden waterfall, which can be visited in one day. Singville National Park is located near Reykjavik. It is known as the most beautiful "Scar" on the earth. It is the boundary between Eurasian plate and American plate. Singville National Park was listed as "World Heritage List" by UNESCO in 2004.

Singhville National Park

This is the "site of the world's oldest democratic parliament", the most famous place for political activities in the history of Iceland. Many important historical events have taken place here, from the establishment of the first Icelandic parliament to the conversion to Christianity in A.D. 1000 to the independent establishment of the Republic in 1944.

As a result of the crustal movement, the plate drifted, the unstable parts of the continental plate cracked, and the magma burst out. Iceland is just at the junction of the North American and Eurasian plates. The Eurasian continent seems to be lifted high by the God of the earth, making the drop between the two plates more than 10 meters. It is said that the two plates continue to separate outwards at the rate of 2 cm per year. In a few years, Iceland will be divided into two parts here. Volcanic rocks on both sides of the fault belt meander for several kilometers

We followed suit and tossed a coin here to make a wish.

Singhville National Park

Singhville National Park

Singhville National Park

Skalholt Church in singhville National Park

Keri ð Crater Volcano Lake

When we got here, the sun was setting fast and the light was beautiful. No one went to work at the ticket office. We put the money in the box. I remember the ticket price seems to be 10 or 20 RMB

The weather is terrible at the geyser. Took a few pictures and left

Gullfoss falls

Jude waterfall, also known as golden waterfall, is the most powerful waterfall in Europe and one of the ten most amazing waterfalls in the world. With a width of 2500 meters and a height of 70 meters, it is the largest fault Canyon waterfall in Iceland. Here, the Tahe River forms two waterfalls, the upper and lower, and the lower channel narrows into a torrent. In 1975, the owner of the farm gave it to the Icelandic government as a nature reserve. Under the sunlight, the splashing water of the waterfall refracts a rainbow and radiates the luster of forging gold, so the waterfall is also named. Find a good angle in summer, you can take a rainbow. The films "putomiseus" and "Star Trek" were shot here.

Listening to the sound of water flow, looking at this waterfall from afar, sighing the infinite power of nature

Most people will take a panoramic view of golden falls. In fact, it's very beautiful to shoot some parts with telephoto, because the water flow is very fast, so it doesn't take too long exposure time to shoot the water mist like waterfall

There is a lot of water vapor. I stand on the top to take photos, and the water vapor will also cover the lens.

Reykjavik Cathedral

Hallgrimskirkja is a famous church located in the center of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. The church, one of the tallest buildings in Iceland, was laid in 1940 and completed in the late 1960s. The appearance looks like a row of pipe organ, which makes people think of the organ cliff rock beside Vik black beach. The top of the church overlooks Lei city.

The tallest building is Reykjavik cathedral


Hara Reykjavik concert hall and Convention Center in Reykjavik

Harpa concert hall and Conference Center are the landmarks of the capital of Iceland, second only to Reykjavik cathedral. It has won the most prestigious Architectural Award in the world, the European Union Contemporary Architecture Award, and the 2013 Mies van der Rohe award. It is a large-scale music and Conference Center newly built in Reykjavik in 2011. It is a brilliant architectural symbol after the great recession in Iceland, It costs as much as the Sydney Opera House. The surface of more than 1000 pieces of glass is cube shaped and can change colors according to the light intensity during the day. The cube is inspired by the aurora borealis and the unique natural landscape of Iceland. The concert hall is located at the junction of land and sea. Its huge and radiant sculpture reflects not only the sky, but also the harbor space. At the same time, it is a representation of the city's dynamic life.

Harpa Conference & Concert Center

The architectural facade design is inspired by nature, and the geometric unit structure is inspired by the local basalt. The steel structure supports the glass curtain wall to form a 12 sided geometric structure.

Sunlight refracts a rainbow through the glass walls of Harper hall

Wandering aimlessly in Reykjavik

Blue Lagoon

A geothermal hot spring, 39 km from Reykjavik and 13 km from kevlavik airport, is a famous tourist attraction with blue and milky water and rich in volcanic minerals. Ticket booking: tourists can go to the blue lake tourist center on the same day to buy tickets, or they can buy tickets online in advance. In peak season, tickets may be sold out in advance, so it is suggested to purchase them in advance. The official website is http://www.bluelagoon.com/ The cheapest ticket price of blue lake ticket is 40 Euro, only including the ticket to and from blue lake. The ticket does not provide bath towel, lockers, hair dryer and other public facilities; We ordered the most basic package on the official website in advance.

If your hair is accidentally wet by the hot spring water of blue lake, it will be very dry, so you can go to the bathroom to apply a layer of conditioner to protect your hair before entering the hot spring. There are so many people soaking in hot springs!!!! There is also a volcano mud mask on the lakeside, which can be painted free of charge on the face of the volcano mud free. We don't have make-up on the day of hot spring. In fact, we can still draw a waterproof make-up, so that we can take pictures!

With a waterproof card camera, so the pixels are not very good.

There is a large area of moss outside the blue lake!!!

Iceland's gift: the northern lights

The aurora often appears in the two annuli near 67 degrees north and south latitude, and Iceland is located in this area. Aurora has no fixed form, and its color is mostly green and blue. Occasionally, red and purple appear when Aurora erupts. The best time to watch the aurora is from 10 pm to 2 am. The aurora can be divided into arc Aurora, ribbon Aurora, curtain aurora and radial aurora. Aurora has a nice name called "Aurora". Aurora is the youngest daughter of Odin, the God of northern Europe, and the goddess in charge of the aurora in Nordic mythology. In Iceland, we chased the aurora for four nights in a row, but we didn't catch the aurora for the first three days. To be exact, the first three nights are waiting for the aurora, only the last night we try our best to catch the aurora. It's not so easy to see the aurora before winter in Iceland. The driver was very knowledgeable about the aurora, and he took us to the outskirts of Reykjavik. The night before I left Iceland, the aurora index was five to six. For this season, the Aurora was more active that night, but the weather was worrying. We broke through the dark clouds all the way, and the driver drove towards a sunny area according to the trend of the storm. The clouds were soon dispersed by the wind, and the sky became clear. Our car parked in the open lawn, quietly waiting for the emergence of Aurora goddess. There was a faint green light in the sky. Looking at the sky in the direction of the driver's guide, the light green can only be observed carefully. All of a sudden, the green light turned into a light curtain, pouring down, like smoke with color dancing with the wind.

Clouds around the lighthouse began to thicken, blocking the aurora. So the driver took us after the aurora and drove to another very open place. We saw more spectacular aurora.

Aurora is getting brighter and brighter. Now the sky has become a magic stage. Aurora sways her colorful skirt and dances in a beautiful waltz. Every time she spins, she will use a skirt? Draw a gorgeous fireworks. It's magnificent, brilliant and natural.

That night, I saw the magic green light for the first time and made a wish to aurora. There was no regret in my heart. Although we have been waiting for many times and disappointed in the cold wind, we insist that we finally meet the aurora and dance with Aurora. Just like life, always need some persistence, no yearning, even if calm, will not end well. Sunflower can not see the sun will bloom, even if our life is difficult, also need a persistence.

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Iceland, a lonely planet left behind.

Hongxia Sun