Fresh journey Oslo (3)

Days: 10 days

Time: June

Per capita: 26000 yuan

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Published on September 14, 2014 16:16

Ski jump originated in Norway, also known as ski jump. In 1860, two farmers performed the jump in the first national skiing competition in Oslo. Later, it gradually became an independent event and was widely carried out. Holmenkolen ski resort is located in the holmenkolen mountain, which is 13 kilometers east of Oslo and 371 meters above sea level. It is the largest and most advanced ski jump platform in the world. Every year, the snow jumping events of the Winter Olympic Games are held here. The 65 meter high platform is built on the slope. Under the platform, there is a 58 meter long artificial ski path illuminated by vanadium light. The athletes can take the elevator to the top of the platform tower, then jump up in the air, perform the stunt flipping performance in the mid air, and land for speed skating.

Our bus directly drove up the mountain and stopped in the service area. This is a small space. There are a row of small houses on the hillside behind, which are elevator hall, souvenir shop, game room, etc. The front is the top-level viewing platform, and the top of the head is the ski path. Go to the top to see the edge of the stage, look up, there is a flying in the air of the snowman, very realistic. Looking down, a layer of steep concrete steps from the foot of the far stretch out, see dizzy. Then stand to the side and look up, but see covered with stainless steel net, cantilever ski jump path, with beautiful inclined curve hanging in the air, as long as 69 meters. Some of the group members went to the game room to play video games and experience the thrilling feeling. I went to the hillside on the left side of the game room. On the side of the road stood a bronze statue. It was frichov Nansen, a famous Norwegian explorer, scientist and diplomat. From 1893 to 1896, Nansen completed more than three years of Arctic exploration, and collected a lot of valuable information about the Arctic ocean current, floating ice, hydrology, temperature and sea life. In 1906, Nansen was appointed as Norway's first minister to Britain. In 1922, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work as high commissioner of the League of nations.

The guide asked us to go down the mountain to see the panoramic view of the ski resort. As I went down the slope, I looked back. The ski jump in the distance was like a huge gray dragon, head up to the sky and up to the sky. Further down, the panorama of the ski resort is gradually revealed. Standing on the ramp, from the side, the whole ski resort is like a phoenix bathing in fire, flapping its wings to fly. When you walk down the slope, from the front, the ski resort looks like a peacock with an open screen. The top of the tower is the head, and the long slide is the neck; The steel truss of the two wings of the platform is enlarged at the end and stretched out in the air, especially the wings of a peacock; The basin-shaped grandstand is like the tail of an open screen. It's magnificent and beautiful. I've never seen such a wonderful stadium before. Today is an eye opener.

There is also a skiing Museum at the foot of holmenkolen mountain, in which there are several pairs of skis from the stone age and pottery age in Norway, as well as skiing equipment used by famous Norwegian explorers Amundsen and Nansen in those years. We did not visit them.

Holmencullen ski jump platform

Fridtjof Nansen

Holmencullen ski jump platform

Fresh journey Oslo (3)

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