Aurora's journey to the North

Days: 4 days time: February

1 Oslo Opera House Munk Museum wigrand Statue Park Norwegian Palace akhus Castle Oslo City

2 Oslo central station Stockholm City Hall Stockholm Metro Station

3 Stockholm Skansen park open air museum vasa shipwreck Museum Nordic Museum

4 old city

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Day 1


General plan of northbound journey. The second part records the journey through the fjords to Oslo, then by train to Stockholm to visit the two northern European capitals.

The first thing to do when you wake up in the morning is to climb on the deck and see where you are now. Out of the corridor at the stern of the ship, the cold wind blows on the face, and the morning of the vast fjord filled with mist unfolds in front of us.

There was a white chill on the water. It's like the sea with giant water monsters in Nordic mythology movies.

A small town along the mountain

In the early morning, the cold wind in the fjord made my face ache. An old man who had been on the deck had been taking pictures there without gloves, and his skin was all red with cold. Can't help but sigh, grandfather, you are a loser!

By 9 a.m., we had arrived in Oslo. Huge cruise ships break through the shallow ice and enter the harbor. From a distance, you can see the opera house with a big roof in the corner of the white ice covered sea.

Sculpture on the sea in front of the theater

After getting off the boat, anyway, I went to the hotel and went to the theater. It's a pity that the big roof in winter is closed and can't be accessed.

The wooden core inside the theatre

Inside the theatre

After settling in the hotel, we set out to walk to the Munch Museum( Oslo is really not big. It's a ten minute walk to the Munch Museum, which is located on the edge of the map. When I came to the museum, I saw a notice on the door that the exhibition was closed during the season. I had to go into the hall, buy a postcard in the open museum store, and then go out disappointed.

One person's Park. Wigrand sculpture park. All the sculptures are made by the master alone.

Ice rink outside the park

Bridge on the main axis of the park

One of the sculptures on the bridge

The famous angry boy

Make a snowman by the river

Footpath in summer, ski resort in winter

The white hillside is equipped with a dung beetle to push snowballs

The climax on the main axis, an altar that doesn't seem to go into some kind of altar

From vigland park all the way southeast, is the Royal Palace of Norway. No doubt, don't compare with the Forbidden City

Patrolling guards

Akhusburg is by the sea. Climb to the middle of the mountain and overlook the frozen sea.

Some kind of door opening. I like the texture of this big stone

The sun in northern Europe always floats so low in the lower part of the sky, giving off light carelessly, which makes everything warm and yellow. But the air is not like that kind of yellow warm, cold wind, sunshine and snow pull out long blue shadow.

The setting sun of the Grand Theater

The red color on the big column in the square in the center of Oslo always looks like learning words

Find a hidden Norwegian restaurant in the evening. Once in, there is a fishy smell and an indescribable flavor of spices. I ordered a special lamb chop and a main meal of all kinds of meat. It's not bad.

Day 2


I left Oslo railway station for Stockholm before dawn. Fortunately, the hotel provides breakfast from 5:30 (I remember it seems to be, otherwise it is 5:00), so that I can fill my stomach before departure. There are already many Oslo people in the street. It seems that Nordic people get up very early!

I got to Stockholm by bus for most of the day. The town hall is not far from the central railway station. It's not too late, so I went to have a look. This is where the annual dinner after the Nobel Prize is held. All the dishes are in the charge of a small restaurant near the city hall. It is said that the price of that restaurant is not expensive at ordinary times, but we will close then.

Blue hall. The Nobel dinner hall. The hall originally intended to be decorated with blue was found to have a good effect after building the red brick wall, so it was no longer painted blue.

Town hall, Council hall. It used to be a flat roof. I thought it would be nice to keep the upper structure exposed, so I kept it.

A hundred domes. The little domes add up to a hundred. Below is the wall sculpture of St. John's Dragon Slayer.

Golden Hall. The place for the dance after dinner.

The giant organ on the top of the blue hall. Made in Germany.

The colonnade between the inner court and the outer court of the town hall.

The hotel is located in Slussen. A gathering place for boys and girls. In the evening, I went down the mountain from the hotel to visit the old city of sking. From the mountains overlooking the lavender night in the old city. One word, beauty

Katarinahissen sightseeing ladder. Closing. Otherwise, it would be great to see the old city in this elevator

Nordic design store

An alley on Xiashan Road

Night in Swann

I don't know what's on the other side. It looks like Mount Saint Michel in France

The night of the old city

The old city of sking is definitely a place to compete with Prague. There are all kinds of small shops, comic shops in otaku paradise, grocery stores selling diving helmets, and many antique stores.


Northern Europe is famous for its high price, but even if the price is high, do you have any hamburgers in M's memory... On the left is the luxury version of hamburger I ordered, and on the right is the ordinary version of hamburger of the teacher. I see the difference between the size of hamburger!

The subway station in sking is definitely a place worth visiting. It has the title of the world's longest Art Museum. Taking the blue line subway station by station is a good way to kill time.

Kungstradgarden station

Kungstradgarden station

T-central station   Mobile panoramic mode

T-central station

T-central station

T-central station

Radhuset station

Radhuset station

Radhuset station

Day 3


Morning of sking

Frozen drain

Today's plan is to go to the Scandinavian Peninsula. Down the hill from Slussen, take a boat at the harbor and head for the opposite peninsula.

Skansen is an open-air museum. It has more than 100 cottages and farmhouses, which are bought from all over the country and moved in. At the same time, there are many Nordic animals, which show the Nordic life in real life.

Nordic children in one piece winter clothes

Squirrels digging out bird's nest

It's snowman

Squirrel across the street

Giant Grey Owl. Looking forward to its instant return.

Talking about the Vasa, it's a very dark thing. In the 17th century, the king of Sweden ordered to build a magnificent warship. Before sailing, he heard that Denmark's flagship had double-layer cannons, so he insisted on adding double-layer cannons regardless of the hull structure. As a result, the warship capsized and sank in less than one nautical mile. The cannons on the warship were salvaged from the sea, but the sunken ship remained silent in Stockholm bay for hundreds of years before it was salvaged again.

It's really an amazing ship

Scene reappearance of shipwreck in Museum

Museum appearance

The exhibits in a hall. Swan plate. The back of the swan was dug out to make it a container for barbecue. This container was used repeatedly, because Europeans at that time had no concept of hygiene and food shelf life. It's disgusting to think about it

Day 4


I will take the polar train to the Arctic Circle this evening. The task of the day is to stroll around the old city of sking!

Katarina hissen in the sun at more than nine in the morning

The old town wakes up late on Sunday

The old man through the crack of sunshine, a square in the old city.

The streets near the palace. The morning sun lit up the orange house behind.

Skein Cathedral

The statue of St. John killing the dragon in the cathedral. It's made of expensive materials, and the dragon's horn is Reindeer's horn.

Inside the palace

The changing ceremony of palace guards at noon

Get on the train in the evening, go, North Pole!

Aurora's journey to the North

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