A daydream trip to Iceland (northern part) (2)

1 seydishfordur myvtan, route 1, Iceland

2 Akureyri Iceland Highway 1 godfoss myvtan hverir geothermal reserve krafta volcano myvtan dimmoborgir Dark Castle hverfall crater Akureyri

3husavik Akureyri Akureyri botanical garden Akureyri Museum Akureyri Church

Day 1


Icelandic travel notes 2: previously   on  《 Iceland's daydream Tour (southern part), around the island from Reykjavik to egilstaddir in the east by the counter clockwise route, all the way to see the waterfall, step on the black beach, climb the iceberg, swim the ice lake, if it's n days of Multi Country Tour in northern Europe, it's time to go home. But our Gran   Turismo   goes   In the second sentence, the couple from Mordor will go all the way north, focusing on experiencing Mihu, which is known as Iceland's diamond circle. As the journey slows down, Iceland's strange geographical features are more and more shocking. Jibber   Jabber finished, please enter the picture speaking mode together.:)

Today's plan is to arrive from egilstaddir in the East and stay in Akureyri for three nights to take seydishfordur, a small fjord town in the East. It's mainly on the way, but the surprise is still there.

After a big summer, there is not much snow on the snow mountain, black and white, just like a cow lying down to sleep.

It's about 30 minutes' walk from route 93 to seydis hfjordur, the most beautiful town in the east of Iceland. The town is located in the deepest part of the Fjord, Ragnar 1200 years ago   Lothbrok are going to play England and France from a similar harbor.

Along the ring road running through the town, there are actually two lanes, surrounded by two lanes   A small three story house.

It's a pity that the handicraft museum will open again in winter.

Icelandic relatives of rouge shop in Shanghai~~

Once the traces of World War II, an allied battleship is still sinking in the harbor. This is the original fort on the ship, such as a genuine fake.

Tired of walking (in fact, you didn't take a few steps) rest, behind the waterfall, in front of the Fjord, Icelanders are so close to nature, the morning air is very fresh.

In fact, Icelandic people are very hardworking people. They all work hard and have to rely on themselves when their economy is in debt. However, their happiness index is still in the top ten in the world. They are envious.

Have a cup of tea and walk the dog

In winter, the white snow mountains and colorful houses are reflected in the harbor. The charming scene can only be YY at the end of September. Go on the road after a rest.

Generally speaking, No.1 highway is a well paved asphalt road, but the northeast section near Akureyri over the ridge is gravel road. According to the Icelandic traffic regulations, the speed limit is 80, so we need to pay special attention to driving. Fortunately, we didn't encounter rain and snow in this section, otherwise we will be afraid.

Mihu is just next to Highway 1, so if highway 1 is around the island, you won't get lost and can't find it. When you have lunch at a parking lot, you can already smell the thick smell of rotten eggs outside the car. In the distance is the geothermal vent.

I'll plant a flag for you tomorrow~~

In the evening, stay in lonsa, a suburb of Akureyri (it's only 5 minutes' drive from downtown)   At first, I was worried about whether there would be any hard injury in a night less than 300 RMB, but I found that it was a very warm place to stay. A total of 7 rooms, share 2 bathrooms and a kitchen, a large living room. During the three days here, the tenants came and went. Like the local people, we took this place as a home to rest and relax when we were tired. It was very interesting.

Day 2


Today is a big battle around Mihu.

It's a big sunny day to get up. It's a shame. The original picture is straight out without any PS trace.

But after walking for a while, there will be rain again.

Seeing the snow mountain again, I want to take photos. It's so windy that it's extremely difficult to wear a coat outside.

It's about an hour's drive to the waterfall of God. Why God? It's because in 1000 AD, when Icelandic people converted from Nordic theology to Christianity, they pushed down the original statue here. It's so cruel. I don't know that Odin's anger is frightening. I don't know that brother Thor is very popular recently.

I really don't experience the wind and rain, and I don't see the rainbow.

Close observation shows that the water is amazing and the wind is very strong. I dare not get closer. The European and American people who can play continue to move forward.

The mainlanders are here as a memento, while the Europeans and Americans have set foot in the distance.

The windward area is so big that I really take the northwest wind.

There are also geothermal hot springs near Mihu. At first, we thought it was here, but it turned out that it was an undeveloped geothermal lake. This afternoon we went to experience the blue of Mihu   Lagoon, in the picture? I'll tell you if you didn't bring a waterproof case and brought a mobile phone. You slipped twice at the entrance of the hot spring and the mobile phone got into the water.

The most famous geothermal reserve, hverir, is selling eggs, and it stinks.

Scalding mineral water above 80 degrees

It's gate   to   It's not too much for hell.

Successfully landed on the surface of the moon, on the big island of Hawaii, Moana   After NASA training base at Kea peak, we went to the moon in disguise again.


Iceland's unique landscape is due to geothermal vents and volcanoes. The nearby krafta volcano is said to have erupted in the 1980s. Now the smart Icelandic people have built power plants here.

As long as you walk a short distance, you can go to the crater. You ask me what I have, the volcano Lake in the crater.

In the wilderness of a blue lake, like a mirage of unreal.

It's not easy to find food around myvtan. Many travel notes say that around Mihu, even if TripAdvisor ranks first and second, it's all kinds of problems. I can't help worrying.

However, after abandoning a 4-star hotel restaurant, the smart owner found a restaurant in the cattle farm. The beef soup was cured, and the amount of leg of lamb was barely eaten by both of us   Stewed's mutton makes us wait, but it's almost ready to melt. The stomach of European people is really big. Delicious is not expensive, but also the sun to see the scenery. The sun is so warm that we are going to eat in heatech.

When I'm full, I'll walk around the farm. The main task in the afternoon is hot spring. Of course, before that, I have to plant a small flag around the lake.

Another well-known scenic spot, dimmoborgir, translated as dark castle, I want to Google it and find a band. It is also one of the results of geothermal steam activity. Walking in a small park, digesting the leg of lamb just now, I can't help sighing. In fact, Iceland also has autumn   When you come to Iceland, you can see the season limit.

Suddenly there is a sense of seeing Pingdingshan in journey to the West. Where are you, King Jinjiao? Do you feel me~~~

The PPT of any geography lesson is boring here. There is the principle of geological journey at the corner of the park. In a word, the geothermal steam sends the magma to the ground and cools rapidly, leaving all kinds of holes.

Inadvertently through a tundra covered volcanic rock, the harsh geographical environment in the red flowers, proved that this land can also be conquered.

I don't know which tendon is pulling. I told the master that I wanted to climb a real crater. This time, I really climbed up the mountain road from the foot of the volcano. The steep road is not the key. The wind is so strong that a 90 Jin girl can't stand the wind. google   The pit in the satellite view on the map is really a pit, pit. All the way down, the energy at noon was consumed.

No matter how dangerous the road is, no matter how heavy the wind and rain is, we still go forward hand in hand. Stop to have a look at the road we have passed, and we have become the scenery.

Climb a good volcano, there is no other physical strength to conquer the lake, straight to the hot springs of the lake. Compared to later being near the airport, blue   Lagoon, there are fewer traces of artificial maintenance in the hot springs here. Of course, the smell of rotten eggs is stronger. If it's a student, there's a special price with a good student ID. After bathing in hot spring, I'll take plain clothes all over.

The sunset at 6:30. Recently, the circle of friends in Shanghai has been blown up by the sunset, but my favorite is the clouds in Akureyri.

This fat like a ball is the Icelandic sheep, super interesting, several times in the roadside blocked us, more funny to see the car came, panic will wrestle.

Day 3


Yesterday, I experienced all kinds of primitive landforms around Mihu lake. Today, I want to return to human civilization, mainly urban landscape. The most famous thing in Husavik town is watching whales at sea. It is said that there is a 98% probability of seeing whales at sea. However, considering the miserable experience of being expensive by boat in many travel notes and the problem that the owner should be afraid of when he sees the Chinese garden dog, we have to give up. I wanted to visit Husavik   Whale   Museum, as a result, they also closed down on the official website and started to implement it on September 1, ha ha.

Following the navigation, I went the wrong way and bumped into a grassland, snow mountain grassland and Icelandic horse. At this time, I should listen to music, "the boundless horizon is my love."

Husavik is really a small town. Almost all the industries are around fishing and whale watching. So are restaurants and souvenir shops. However, in order to make this trip worthwhile, we have bought a lot of souvenir here. Please give me your compliments if you receive them or if you are about to receive them.

As a little red guy growing up in the south of the city, he has a special plot about the boat.

It turns out that little baby can take it like this. It's eye opening.

Even if it doesn't open, I'll come here and sign it.

Kiss my whale

Some kind of whale tooth

It's strange to think about going out to sea in such a boat. It's wise to comfort yourself not to go out to watch whales.

Yesterday at guesthouse, we found a car museum on the way to Husavik. On the way back, we finally followed Google's navigation

It's a relatively old but orderly garage to push the door in. We are received by the current director, the son of the museum owner, in a wheelchair. Although the museum is still closed (preparing for the opening in winter), the second generation of Museum owners still warmly let us in.

The details are all made of all kinds of car supplies.

He specially told us that there is a bigger garage after all, which is not surprising. All kinds of Chevy, Ford and Pontiac are mainly American cars.

Does this car have anything to do with the panther in Forrest Gump's story.

Unique design of inner wheel hub in USA

It's so strong

It's a cute two seater

Isn't this Dr. Ali's beetle

It's much more refined than the model car of matchbox

Ha ha, do you collect epitaphs of vehicles

Silver Mustang, the benchmark of American muscle car in 1970s, the small triangle on the wheel hub is super handsome.

Red Mustang, this tail lamp has become a classic.

It's all in.

The wall clock of New York railway station? I feel like a station in Harry Potter. Ha ha

Finally, write down our message to the museum register, great   museum   and   awesome   collection,Wish   all   the   best   for   museum.

After shopping Husavik in the morning, you can go back to Akureyri's home at noon. If you have a small owner, you don't have to worry about eating. The COD you buy in the bones supermarket can be served with soup, some sausages and vegetables, together with Nongxin's cakes and chili powder, you can have a military pot~~

Around the island, boss and rainbow

double   Rainbow

Or a whole rainbow, I feel that I have used up all my rainbow quota these days

Have a good lunch and visit the city of akureli in the afternoon. Here is their West Nanjing Road. The four signboards are very eye-catching.

Well, it's a little bit like a small European town. There are very few people here, isn't it. This is their downtown. There are museums, hospitals and schools.

It's a small botanical garden. It's 175 meters from the south gate to the north gate, but it's really exquisite. Take a walk here to seize Iceland's precious autumn.

Yixiu said: have a rest, have a rest

one falling leaf is indicative of the coming of autumn

Next to the botanical garden is a lake. It's so quiet that you can hear the sound of water flow. In addition to us, there is another pair of foreign couple in the whole park. If it's a botanical garden in Shanghai, it's not so cold (quiet) in Leiden during the long vacation.

You look at the scenery, I look at you. Time had better stop at this moment

The akurelli museum will be open in winter from September 16. It will be open from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. yes, it's really only three hours.

Scared to death, Nordic version of the sea monster.

You can see what it means by looking outside the museum.

The old version of the geographical map of Iceland, the northwest is really fjords. From a distance, it feels like an inflatable puffer fish.

The weird world in saga, Iceland, is a little scary.

Finally, angel came to warm the atmosphere.

He is a little match girl, and my wife is a little star movie girl

Icelandic for everyone in Iceland   It's almost as popular as our national bed sheets.

Meeting between the first elected woman president and big nose president in the history of Iceland

Akurelli used to be a small fishing village. Since the villagers mastered the skill of salted fish, the industry has changed. At present, the two major fishing villages in akurelli are located in Beijing   The company is also a major contributor to Iceland's GDP.

Girl, you have to put the printing paper when you type. Poof~~

This phone is said to be able to dial out

Icelandic children's toys, I feel like IKEA tastes strong

Haha, they also have 28 inches, but everyone in northern Europe is tall and big. There is no pressure on them.

Akurelli's oldest living photograph.

On the way back, I took a look at akureli's church. The designer was involved in Reykjavik's famous normal distribution cathedral. I feel that this is the result of slightly lower sampling rate.

From the platform of the church, you can see the panoramic view of akureri. Indeed, according to LP, Reykjavik is the only city in Iceland, and the rest can only be regarded as villages.

I went to the local NOA in the evening   Seafood, a big meal to celebrate the national day. In memory of my third and last night in akureli. So far, Iceland's tour around the island has gone more than half, and the time difference has basically adapted. The road, mountains and water of Iceland are no longer the two-dimensional pictures on the travel notes website before, but the road and scenery. On   the   next   Episode (West): we will travel through the Sinai Peninsula, shelter from the strong wind and heavy rain in the cabin, travel all over Iceland's most famous Golden Circle, and enjoy the second hot spring in blue lake. to   be   continued...

A daydream trip to Iceland (northern part) (2)

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