2700km self driving to unlock the lonely planet: Iceland

Days: 10 days

Time: September

Per capita: 20000 yuan

With whom: husband and wife

Play: photography, self driving, free travel, save money

The author went to these places



Golden Circle

Thingvellir National Park

Golden falls

grand geyser


Black beach

Glacial lake

Eastern fjord


Blue Lagoon

Highway 1


Published on November 17, 2018 12:16


Whether you admit it or not, on a boring afternoon, you will always spend a little time in daydreaming. This little seed will not disappear because of time, but will slowly ferment and precipitate into another appearance. The seed in my heart began to sprout at the moment when I was planted by the beautiful world in the movie. Finally, at the moment after a long time, I put on my backpack and went to see the lonely planet Iceland that I expected【 [aura of leading role]


Our itinerary

9.27 Day1 Shanghai - Copenhagen - Reykjavik 28 Day2 hallgr í mskirkja Reykjavik Cathedral TJ ó rnin teyoneng Lake accommodation: NJ á lsgata 86, Reykjav í K, 101 (air B & amp; B) 29 day3 Golden Circle Route: Thingvellir National Park singhville National Park - Gullfoss Golden Waterfall - great Geysir great Geysir (Seljalandsfoss) time reason: HR ú tafell hrutafell guesthouse, Eyjafjallaj ü kull, South 861, Iceland (air B & amp; amp; gt; B) 30 day4sk ó gafoss skoga falls - wreckage of the plane - vikvik town - reynisfjara black beach accommodation: HR ú tafell, hrutafell guesthouse, Eyjafjallaj ü kull, South 861, Iceland (air B & amp; B) 10.1 Day5 Canyon Hof Hof turf house diamond beach jokulsarlon glacial lagoon / jagulon Lake accommodation: hrafnavellir í L ó Ni, hrafnavellir, 780, booking 10.2 Day6 Eastern Fjord gufufoss steam waterfall see ð isfjör ð Ur sezisfieuze accommodation: hafnargata 4, Sey ð isfjör ð Ur, 71010.3 day7dettifoss - M ý Vatnmi Lake - geothermal scenic spot - godafoss God falls - akerei accommodation: bjarmast í GUR 2, Akureyri, northeast 600, Iceland 10.4 Day8 whale watching (storm weather cancelled) - akureyrarkirkja, Akureyri, Iceland akerei cathedral a ð alstræti 58, A ð Alstr æ Ti, Akureyri old church accommodation: skjaldarvik, Akureyri, 60110.5 day9kirkjfell, West, Iceland Straw Hat Mountain - stiksongrum accommodation: hafnargata 4, stykkish ó lmur, 340 stiksongrum 10.6 day10ytri Tunga black beach seal - kevlavik - Blue Lagoon accommodation: faxabraut 30, keflav í K, 230 kevlavik

[about the cost] air tickets 19584, car rental 4800, gas supply 2530, hotel 8000, food about 2000, shopping about 2000, total about 4W, per capita 2W. Because of the weather and physical reasons, several local tours that had been scheduled before were cancelled, and none of them went to the glacier hiking, glacier lake cruise, whale watching, blue lake hot spring, Therefore, the money for tickets is saved. When we go shopping, we basically have to do the meals by ourselves, so the cost is very small. We originally made a budget of 5W. In the end, we even made a total of 4W for shopping. It is suggested to apply for a full currency credit card, so the exchange rate conversion fee is exempted. Iceland has no way to use UnionPay, only visa or master card can be used. Iceland can swipe cards everywhere, basically without preparing cash

A treasure of survival

Eating in Iceland is a big problem. It takes 2 or 300 yuan per person to eat a meal in a hotel. Leishi's Restaurant Western food set meal is about 5000-6000kr per person, and lobster meal is about 400 +. As a person who has requirements for eating and doesn't want to spend money wrongly, if he doesn't want to eat hamburgers and sandwiches every day, cooking by himself is absolutely a good choice. If you want to eat well and save money, you need to book the B & B with the kitchen as much as possible. We also need to bring all kinds of tools and seasonings. We learned from the experience of going abroad several times before. This time, we bought an electric kettle that can cook soup and porridge. It's better to keep warm, portable dishes and chopsticks, as well as a thermal insulation bag to hold the unfinished dishes or to keep the food fresh. Seasoning, oil, salt (generally, there are oil and salt in B & B with kitchen), soy sauce, cooking wine, chili powder, pepper powder, soy sauce, scallion, ginger and garlic are all prepared in separate boxes. Rice, soy sauce and some strange sauces can be bought in supermarkets. Things like cooking wine and soy sauce must be provided by themselves. Of course, there are also a few packages of instant noodles, instant egg soup, dried fish, chocolate and other snacks. The cheapest supermarket in Iceland is bonus. Just look at the pig.

The price of chicken wings and drumsticks in Iceland is very low. Basically, 500kr can buy 8-10 extra large chicken wings, which is only about 30 yuan, followed by chicken legs. Chicken breast is more expensive, about 1800kr for 10 pieces of very thick lamb chops, about 1900kr for nearly 1kg of large piece of pork with skin, and beef is very expensive, about 5-6000kr for a very small piece. So it's best to eat more chicken. There are not many kinds of vegetables in Iceland. Cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce have a high exposure rate. Green leafy vegetables are basically salads. The students who like to eat salmon in seafood have welfare. The salmon here is still very cheap and the meat quality is good, but it's a little greasy. The price of shelled shrimp is reasonable, and it's really better than that in China. The meat is compact, elastic and delicious. Originally, I wanted to buy some lobster in the supermarket to cook by myself, but only a very small one, so I bought a foreskin shrimp, The price is a little expensive, about 10 Kr, only 6000 Kr, steaming directly and adding some sea salt and pepper taste good. The self driving route between Icelandic scenic spots is very long, and there is no restaurant for a long time. Many travel notes say that it depends on eating snacks at noon, so it is necessary to master the correct cooking rhythm. The rhythm of our daily cooking: before staying in the hotel, we should buy three meals of food materials. The first thing we do when we go to the hotel is to find the kitchen to cook, make enough dinner and lunch the next day. After dinner, we should pack the rest of the lunch box. The next morning, we should heat it up and put the insulation bag as lunch. In the morning, we should fry an egg with ham or porridge. It's just.. Perfect.. Here are some of the meals cooked these days. Sometimes they are even better than what we eat at home^_^

Northern Europe's airplane food is really beef B. It's well prepared. The main meal tastes good and fresh. It's not even better than the Bento in the fast food restaurant. Unlike the domestic airplane food, it doesn't stick together for a long time

[Reykjavik, new to northern Europe]


The flight from Copenhagen to Lei city was delayed for one hour, which delayed the arrival of the already late flight until 12:30 at night. The bus ticket from the airport to the nearby hotel was ordered in advance on mahogany, and the 12:30 flight was postponed to 1:30. After getting off the plane at kevlavik airport, take your luggage and come out is the gate of the airport. There is not even a clearance counter for entry and exit. On the left, there is a bus liaison in orange. In addition, there are also car rental and money exchange counters in the airport. We have replaced the remaining 50 euro from our last trip to Europe. But in fact, it's very convenient for Iceland to swipe credit cards. We can swipe credit cards no matter we stay, eat, refuel or shop. So that in front of all the cards have forgotten the cash thing, the last day with some, and finally left as a souvenir. Reykjavik on a rainy night really gave us a glimpse of the cold winter night in northern Europe. After getting off the bus, we had to walk for a short time to get to the folk custom. The cold wind and light rain came in front of us. After a short time, our pants were wet. Fortunately, there was heating in the room. After a while, the whole room was hot and we could finally have a good sleep. Day2 said that the weather in Iceland is like a child's face. It's cloudy and sunny. It's not surprising that it changes in 10 minutes. On the first day in Leishi, although it's cloudy, there will be a gust of wind or a heavy rain from time to time. Walking in the street, no matter the size of the rain, almost no one on the street umbrella, probably because the wind is too big. Everyone wore thick coats with hats. When it rained heavily, they went to the small shops on the street to hide. After three or five minutes, the rain became weaker. Walking in the light rain was probably a normal for the local people. At this time, we can see how important it is to have a waterproof coat. The scenic spots in Lei city are not far away, almost within 15 minutes' walk. Of course, the most famous must be Reykjavik cathedral. It is one of the tallest buildings in Iceland and the largest church in Iceland. It took almost half a century for the church to complete due to its fund-raising and believer donations. Today, the church has become a landmark in Reykjavik due to its novel design and organ structure.

The church is not only like an organ in appearance, but also inlaid with a huge pipe organ sounder inside. As long as someone plays an organ sounder placed in the church, it will make a strong and surging sound

In front of the church, there is a statue of sigsong, a gift given by the United States in 1930 to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the founding of Iceland. The figure depicted in the statue is the father of Icelandic independence, Rafer sigsong

About 15 minutes' walk from the cathedral, TJ? Rnin is the most famous small lake in the center of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. It is the habitat of waterfowl all year round. There are many ducks, seagulls and swans on the lake

The rain was gray, and I felt that my down jacket was getting wet, so I had to stop for a rest. By the way, I bought a lot of ingredients in bonus and went back to cook.

Wool is a major specialty of Iceland. Sheep can be found wherever there is grass in a week around the island. Therefore, Icelandic wool products are almost a must buy commodity with good quality. The price of jacquard sheep sweaters in the store is 1000 +, so we bought more affordable wool balls in the store. Who let me have a skillful mother who can knit sweaters

[knock on the blackboard, Icelandic self driving, what you need to know]

Save yourself a day to catch the jet lag. The next day in Iceland, the self driving trip officially opened. Considering that we often drive to the gravel road and climb snow mountains around Iceland, we rented a SUV Toyota Rv4 this time. The car rental company we chose is hertz. Icelandic car rental only requires a translation of the driver's license and passport, as well as a credit card to pay for it. The translation can be applied for free on the rental car. In terms of cost, even the cost of basic insurance is more than 4800 RMB in eight days. In Iceland, gas is very expensive, which is twice as expensive as that in China. Basically, it's about 225-234kr / L. our car needs 10000 Kr when it's full. Basically, it needs to be refilled once a day. If the fuel volume is less than one third, it's better to refill it in advance. Sometimes we can't see a gas station for a long time. Iceland's gas stations do not have staff service, all on their own, using a visa or Mastercard with all currency credit card is the most convenient. After selecting the number of the machine and inserting the card, the machine will first give the options of fuel quantity, from 1000kr to 10000kr, full of fuel. We usually choose 7000kr when there is still a quarter of the car. Enter the bank card password, carry the gun and refuel. When we picked up the car, the staff of the car rental company stressed to us three times that ice might form on the road around Iceland. It's not as easy to drive as it is in summer. We should be careful of some dangers. At that time, we were still thinking, it must be a fuss. How could it freeze? After all, it's still autumn. What if it's winter, As a result, on the third day, when we went to the watner glacier, we met the ice road, and the next few days, the snow mountains turned over one by one. Iceland's road is unable to help to make complaints about it. If the road of a large area is very narrow, every direction is almost a lane, and there are still single lane bridges. Almost all the major scenic spots in Iceland are near the No.1 highway. Some of them need to turn to the small roads. The quality of the roads depends on the number of roads. The No.1 highway is the most flat. Some of the roads with hundreds of roads are gravel roads or even earth roads full of pits. At this time, we must be cautious and slow. We are not afraid of other things. We are afraid that the stones will splash on the glass, and the loss will not be worth the gain. Of course, car rental companies also have glass insurance. The price of SUV is about 1700kr / day. We didn't buy it. We were very careful when driving and tried to avoid it. It's very safe.

[Golden Circle, rare good weather]


When we first came out of Leishi, we were very excited to see the snow mountains beside the road. As a result, we found that we could see the snow mountains every day, big and small, far and near, white and black. Besides, we not only saw the snow mountains, but also drove over them. There were at least seven or eight snow mountains on the way

The golden circle is in the southeast of Reykjavik. Because of its close distance, it is basically a classic one-day tour. The golden circle consists of three major tourist attractions, namely the former parliament site (singhville National Park), geysers and golden falls

Meet a rainbow

Across the river is the site of the Council

The weather is still fine, and the wind is not too strong. We decided to make the first UAV test flight in Iceland. To be exact, before we came to Iceland, we only had one test flight in the park near our home, and the control technology is still very unskilled. When the UAV was turned on, it just rose to about 3 meters high and suddenly fell down unexpectedly. In an instant, I felt my heart scream. The UAV fell heavily on the lawn not far from the river. One propeller flew directly 1 meter away, and another two blades were broken. We rushed to the new UAV and saw that there was an obvious scratch on the bottom of the UAV. We felt like crying. Fortunately, we didn't fall into the river, or we would cry... The painful lesson tells us that before flying, we must check the standard operation of various parts, especially the installation of blades.

Great Geysir is located about 80 kilometers northeast of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. It takes about 40 minutes to drive from the former parliament site. In fact, there are many small spring outlets in geyser scenic area, the largest one is not far from the entrance of the scenic area. Basically, there will be a big eruption in about 5 minutes, and the water column will rush directly into the sky, reaching more than 10 meters.

Golden falls is not far from geyser, just a few minutes by car. This is the first large waterfall we saw in Iceland. Not yet close, far away can feel the oncoming water vapor. The water volume of the waterfall is huge and the momentum is magnificent. For us who live in the gentle water town of Jiangnan all the year round, this kind of shock is very powerful.

Come out of golden falls and go to the residence.

On the way, I met the super spectacular and gorgeous fire clouds. I felt very lucky for a moment, but I didn't have time to go to serigaran falls


"It's a fine day today. Let's watch the sunrise."“ OK "" what should I wear? How about a skirt? "" I can't freeze you to death. "" then I'll wear a pair of autumn pants in my skirt, ha ha! "."......

"How to feel the sun is false" has frozen

"Oh, my pyjamas seem to be exposed."......

[black beach, the end of the world]

American island magazine lists the black beach in wake town as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. After natural carving, basalt has become black sand after thousands of years, and is also famous for "game of power".

Renis rock standing in the sea is one of the shooting sites of game of rights

As night falls, we come to the black beach again. Without the sun, the black sand beach has changed into a completely different look. Fade the golden light flashy, restore the loneliness. Standing on the natural piano keys on the basalt mountain wall, there are endless reveries about the outer planet. I feel that only such places can explain the end of the so-called world. Once can destroy everything hot lava in the ice cold sea wash into delicate soft black sand, in front of time vicissitudes.

Vick town

Originally thought that this is a rare scenic spot, at least it back and forth 8 km walking distance has been daunting. But I never thought that there were dozens of cars parked in front of the entrance without clear instructions. On the way to the wreckage of the plane, it was surrounded by vast wilderness, no trees, no mountains or even no grass. Only the fence along the way indicated the direction. The wreckage of the plane is in a low-lying place in the direction of the sea, so we can't see anything except the flow of people in the first 95% of the time of nearly an hour's journey, and we can even feel a little despair in the middle of the journey, supported by a little faith. But when the plane appeared, the whole person's state was different and became excited. Seeing the wreckage of an old plane with only half of its fuselage eroded by time, and parking alone on the black wasteland like an alien planet, the shock is that even if there are many tourists, I can't help but open my chin and try my best to praise, but I only know how to describe the loneliness and strangeness.

Let's play with the snow


Start from Vick and move on to the northeast. The scenery outside the car window changes from mountain to tundra, forming a huge mushroom shape. Gradually, there is more snow on the top of these "mushrooms". If you go further, the surrounding area becomes snow land and snow mountain, which makes you feel like entering the snow covered area

As a child who has not experienced heavy snow for many years, he has the impulse to rush into the snow and play happily when he sees such an open snow. At this time, a pair of waterproof boots is particularly important. Of course, the equally important thing is the car with the function of drying shoes.


It's still a long walk from the parking lot of the canyon to the viewing platform of the canyon. The slope is very steep and covered with ice and snow, so we can only go forward step by step

Through Hoff's turf House Church

[diamond beach glacier lake, isn't this really Antarctica

From Hof, I drove through mountains and rivers, passed by the watner glacier, and looked at the vast snow from a distance. Although I didn't take part in the glacier hiking, I could still make up the spectacular scene of walking through the ice sheet in Star Trek. The mountain circuit has been running for more than an hour. When it turns around a mountain, suddenly a sea appears on the right side. On the beach, there are crystal clear ice cubes of different shapes. This is the famous diamond beach. On the left hand side, the jagulon lake makes people feel as if they have entered the Antarctic. The blue glaciers that only appear in the Antarctic information film actually appear in the lakes surrounded by wasteland and high mountains. The ice washed down from the jiegulong glacier lake is pounded back and forth by the waves. As the river enters the sea, it is stranded on the black sand beach, so quiet that the whole world feels silent. Although the weather is cold and rainy, without the comfort of the sun, these ice cubes that have been washed and drifted here for thousands of years are less glorious and more profound stories.

Diamond Beach

Jiegulong lake, also known as glacier lake, once read an article explaining why the iceberg in Antarctica is blue, because after a long time, the glacier ice becomes more compact and hard, and the bubbles in it gradually decrease, which is the scattering of time. There are tiny bubbles in the glacier ice. Due to the strong diffraction ability, the red and orange light with longer wavelength penetrates, while the blue light with shorter wavelength is scattered, This is the same reason why the sky is blue as the sea.

Although Hepburn is far away from the village in the evening, it seems a bit desolate, but it is overjoyed that the room is a single family villa, facing the field and back against Cangshan Mountain, which has the flavor of northern Europe.

After checking Aurora now Aurora index, it can reach level 3 after 9 o'clock, which is also the first time in these days that it has exceeded Level 2. It's just that it's raining after 7 o'clock. Can we really see the aurora? We doubt that. The rain finally stopped around 8 o'clock. But there are still thick clouds all over the sky in the night. Brother Liao has given up lying down to sleep, and I'm still fixing films. Before I went to bed, I was lucky enough to go out to have a look. Suddenly I found a light flowing cloud in the sky. Although it was not so clear, it was obviously different from the surrounding clouds. I couldn't tell whether it was the Milky way or the aurora. Excitedly, I ran back to the house and woke up brother Liao, who was still keeping his saliva. Without time to get dressed, I put on a big down jacket, picked up the tripod and camera, and ran out. The wind will soon blow a lot of clouds, Aurora hiding in the clouds, vaguely can see the sky with a little bit of green light, like a ribbon, constantly changing shape. Nevertheless, it has excited us


Sunrise in the morning

[Eastern Fjord, just to meet you]

After a restless night, the most dangerous part of self driving in Iceland is the eastern fjord

Many of the roads in the fjords are along the sea, and even some sections are through the steep cliffs

In the turbulence, brother Liao has fallen asleep. He drives on the gravel road. The road gradually becomes steep. After turning a few corners, he sees that the road in front of him has become a 60 degree steep slope. The bare mountain has gradually become snow. The rain has also become snow. So he trembles to the top of the snow mountain. Suddenly, Yu Guang accidentally sweeps out of the window into the snow far away. A group of elk are foraging.

[steam waterfall]

The most impressive scene in Daydreamer should be the scene of the man asking the little boy to change his skateboard and driving along the mountain road. This section of the road is on the way to sezisfieuze, a few kilometers away from the town, but now both sides of the road are protected.

One of the scenic spots is on the edge of the steam waterfall. I believe that every "Daydreamer" fan can't help but want to imitate the classic posture of the man once again

Steam waterfall

Finally, I met Sey at the other end of the snow mountain ð isfjör ð Ur Town, which is as beautiful as a fairy tale, was one of the shooting places of Daydreamer, but the bar had been changed

Sey ð isfjör ð The first impression of ur town is that it is beautiful, small and exquisite. The light rain covered the town with a thin mist, like a blushing and shy girl with her cheeks, but it was hard to hide her pure and throbbing youth.

Fine waterfalls flow down from the mountain stream, into streams and rivers, running through the whole village.

The quiet reflection of the lake was scattered by the rain

Such a place just want to sit here for a while, experience the twists and turns, I just want to meet you

Northern Iceland

Day7 continued to go north from the eastern fjord. Originally, it was planned to go to the Daiti waterfall. As a result, the road was closed and the only way was to make a detour. The distance would be two and a half hours longer. Today's destination is akerei in the north. It's a long drive and we have to give up the Daiti waterfall and go on to Lake MI

The sheep on the roadside Baa Baa

Along the way of the snow mountain, snow can not cover up the bottom of the black surface, looks cold and proud

[Mihu] Mihu is the fifth largest lake in Iceland. It is surrounded by craters, hot springs and lava fields. It's only an hour's drive from akerei, so it's also a good choice to come to Mihu to soak in hot springs

Huier volcano

In front of Zhongshen waterfall, I pass a geothermal area. I can't remember its specific name, but as long as I see a snow mountain from a distance, most of the mountain has turned into Loess and wants to be lit, and it is steaming.

Walking at the foot of the geothermal area, the land becomes muddy and slippery. The steaming hot air comes with the familiar smell of sulfur. There are too many geothermal outlets on the ground. It feels like entering a big bath

Not far away is the gods waterfall. The gods waterfall is the largest waterfall in Iceland. I don't think it looks that big. Maybe it's because of the distance

[acrelli, leave some regrets for tomorrow]

Day8 acrelli

The whale watching tour was scheduled for the morning of the 5th before arriving in acreli. Husavik in Northern Iceland is the best scenic spot in northern Europe. It's 80km away from the urban area of akerei. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive over a snow mountain. Oh.. Only our luck is really good to the extreme. On the day of whale watching, a gale of force 7 suddenly blew up. Although we had expected that the whale watching boat would be cancelled, we still had a fluke and a little bit of expectation. One and a half hours' drive came to the front desk of whale watching company to apologize. Due to the weather, the sea waves were too strong, and all the sightseeing vessels could not go to sea, so they had to go back to acreli. If you can't make a whale, you can only make a sculpture and a shadow of the whale's tail in the rain. Looking at brother Liao's grievance, you really feel so sad


On the way back, there is a long legged Europa about 10km away from acreli

There is no whale to watch, and the plan is empty. It's lovely in sunny days. It's a good choice to go around. After all, it's the second largest city in Iceland. However, the gale with force 7 is still accompanied by heavy rain, which makes people feel at a loss. I want to go to the cathedral to have a look. As a result, I met someone who got married in the church and stopped visiting

Super heart-shaped traffic lights with love

Originally, in order to see the aurora hot spring riding, we reserved a hot spring hotel far away from the urban area, but due to weather reasons, the horse riding project of the hotel's Racecourse was suspended. The hot spring also depends on the weather, so you can only enjoy yourself in the hotel.

There are sweaters, hats, gloves and some decorations made by the landlord's mother in the hotel. I bought a nice Beret

Towards evening, the hot spring is finally developed. Hahaha, fortunately, I caught up with one. It's really comfortable

[Mount Sinai, review the classics]


With the regret of not being able to ride or even touch the horse, we set out from acrey and went on. In the morning, the temperature dropped to below zero, and the car kept giving the warning that the road was icy and slippery. After driving for a while, I suddenly saw several horses standing close to the fence and got off immediately. I don't know if the horse under the cover of Qi bangs is particularly curious about the world

After a while, I met a group of Icelandic horses. This time, they were a group of Icelandic horses with super camera sense. Almost all of them stood still in the same direction. They looked a little chilly, but their partial hairstyles made people break down in a second.

It's a 400km drive from acrey to mount Sinai Peninsula. There are no scenic spots along the way. The only thing worth mentioning is rhinoceros stone. However, it's far away from Highway 1 and it takes two hours to go back and forth, so it's not included in our plan

The last part of the journey to caomaoshan is full of sand and stone roads with pits. After driving for nearly an hour, it feels like a long way off

This is the famous Straw Hat Mountain, also known as church mountain, and Jill mountain on Google map. From a certain point of view, it's like a straw hat. There is a small waterfall next to it. To tell you the truth, the mountain itself is not so strange. From the perspective of modeling, there are so many beautiful Icelandic mountains. Maybe it's because of the power game and the beautiful waterfall, it becomes the photographer's love, It's true that the Cao Mao mountain photographed by the slow gate has a sense of loneliness

The game of power

Tonight's stay is in the town of stykkish ó lmur on the Sinai Peninsula. When she first arrived in the town, she was attracted by her delicate appearance and couldn't wait to go out with her camera on her back.

The shape of the cliff on the other side of the port is very special. I don't know why the red lighthouse on the top of the mountain always feels like a big mailbox

I vaguely remember that this town has something to do with Daydreamer, but I can't find the stills of that scene. It was only when I was walking in the harbor and a Taiwanese aunt came to ask me if I knew where a picture related to a movie on her mobile phone was, that I suddenly realized that this is the opposite of our B & B!


In the early morning, the weather in the small town is excellent. I want to climb to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise, but I have to watch the sun slowly rise.

On the top of the mountain, the bright red lighthouse stands quietly on the edge of the cliff

Overlooking the town, facing the sea, backed by snow mountains, everything is so comfortable and quiet.

A bunch of sunshine on the iceberg melts the coldness of the iceberg

There are a few horses scattered on the snow mountain

Black beach is a wild scenic spot on the Sinai Peninsula, and there is no sign to show it. Except for a few local tour groups who come by bus from time to time, few people drive by themselves. Before I saw it on the Internet, because it's a shoal and sharks can't swim in, so seals often appear on the beach in groups, especially in summer, so I have a glimmer of hope. But it's all up to luck to watch seals. No one can tell. We started from stickson rum and drove about 4 or 50 minutes to the beach. Along the way, the weather turned from sunny to overcast, and the beach was also a haze, which made it particularly desolate. We walked on the stone beach for a long time, but we didn't see a seal, leaving us only the sound of waves and wind.

Super design Church

[goodbye, blue lake, the last glow after the storm]

It takes about 2.5 hours to drive from black beach to kevlavik via Leishi. In the middle of the journey, when I passed a mountain, there was a strong wind. At that time, our car was still at 100 yards, and the wind came from the side. I felt that the steering wheel moved by myself, and the whole car floated. I stepped on the brake slowly, and the number of cars in front of me flashed double. The speed dropped to about 60. There were still several cars on the side of the road waiting on other slopes, This is the legendary level 8 gale, which has reached the storm level. It is said that there is a tunnel to Leishi, which is the only toll section in Iceland. However, we only saw a toll booth not far from the entrance, but no one and no machine paid for it. We didn't even see a car parking, so we went through the tunnel and thought we would pay at the exit. As a result, we entered Leishi directly after we came out. The tunnels in Iceland are really simple, with naked mountains all around them. It seems that the infrastructure of China is relatively perfect. When we got to kevlavik, we passed by a KFC company. My dear grandfather felt very hungry. He went in and bought a chicken wing barrel. The price was about three times that in China. This has become our only and most luxurious meal

Blue Lagoon, also known as blue lake, is the largest hot spring in Iceland. It takes about an hour to drive southeast from Reykjavik, and about half an hour to drive from kevlavik airport. Blue lake is a famous geothermal hot spring in Iceland. But hot spring tickets need to be reserved at least one day in advance. We originally wanted to book tickets for the hot spring two days ago, but when we saw the weather, it was a gale of magnitude 8 and it was raining, we were afraid. Who ever thought that the weather would gradually clear up at 4 or 5 o'clock, so he wanted to go to the blue lake to have a look.

The blue lake is surrounded by layers of volcanic ash, covered with moss. There is a special access to the hot spring, and a small part around the blue lake can also be visited by tourists. Although the water near the boundary does not reach the temperature of the hot spring, it is also warm. With the wind, the familiar smell of sulfur came from afar.

The last sunset will come down, just like a journey will end in joy or worry. After seeing all the mountains and waters, all the worries seem to be able to be taken lightly. Or the distance of the open wasteland, or the majestic waves on the shore, in a moment to form an eternal, film like printed in my mind, at some time later calmly recall those surprises and embarrassments, but also smile live time. Goodbye, blue lake. Goodbye, Iceland

2700km self driving to unlock the lonely planet: Iceland

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