[2015] entering Norway 10: Luther fjord

Days: 21 days

Time: August

Per capita: 19000 yuan

With whom: husband and wife

Play: free walking, photography, poor travel, hiking

The author went to these places

Luther fjord

Sermon stone


Hadowell fjord

Published on October 16, 2015 at 16:09

On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, we left the hotel after breakfast and walked about 10 minutes to the dock. Our destination today is Luther fjord. We will take a ferry from the pier to Taiyu, then take a bus, and finally walk to the preaching stone in Luther fjord. Strictly speaking, our exploration of Norwegian fjords today is on land, overlooking the fjords from high altitude.

In the early morning, there were few pedestrians on the street of Stavanger. When we arrived at the wharf, we saw that there were already tourists waiting in line for the next ferry. It was really "early morning, Mr. Mo". At the ticket booth near the pier, she swiped the card to pay NOK 300 for their tickets. The girl pointed to the map and said something, but she didn't understand it. Anyway, she saw other tourists buying tickets and asked them if they were visiting the Luther fjord preaching stone. In addition, the map she drew was also a picture of the preaching stone, Therefore, it is safe and bold to buy tickets. Then I took the 08:40 ferry to leave Stavanger's Wharf. After boarding, I went from bow to stern, from cabin to deck. The whole ferry carried both cars and passengers. The internal facilities were very good. After that, I spent the voyage watching the scenery on the deck of the ferry.

When the ferry leaves Stavanger, it can see the sea crossing bridge and the neat villa houses by the sea. When it enters the wide sea, it can see the dark clouds all over the sky. Occasionally, the scattered sunlight from some areas falls on the sea through the gaps of clouds, which gives people a sense of vast sky. Today is a rainy day. We kept praying on the deck of the ferry, hoping that God would take more care of us. On this ferry, the majority of tourists are tourists. One of them, a foreign girl backpacker, put a Norwegian flag outside her huge backpack. In the northern Europe free travel, you can often see tourists dressed like this, their bearing hardships and outdoor sports look is very enviable. This is the real "donkey friend".

Within 40 minutes, the ferry arrived at Taiyu wharf across the sea. After getting off the ship, you can take the bus waiting by the dock with your ticket. The bus will drive for about 20 minutes to reach the sermon stone parking lot. According to the tourist map indicating the road, there is less than 4 km walking distance from here to the sermon stone scenic spot. We queued up to go to the toilet, looked at the tour map carefully, and then we started our hike to the sermon stone.

At first, there is a gravel road in the mountain forest. With the rise of the height of the hillside, the width of the gravel road becomes narrower, and then there is a stone step road. In the beginning, the stone step road looked like a little road, but in the later, it was the product of "smoothing" in the process of stone piling. Such a primitive hike is a bit unexpected. Based on our past experience, we know that today's 4 km hike is definitely a very difficult outdoor sport. Of course, it's not difficult for the European and American people who love outdoor sports. Many European and American tourists walk by us in great strides. Relatively speaking, many tourists from China can't walk on such roads. We can only make fun of ourselves and say: foreigners who eat steak are bullish.

In this hiking journey, there are many mileage signs, which clearly mark the distance from the starting point to here and from here to the end. They are both road signs and signs, which are very clear at a glance. In addition to indicating the current location, the map on the way also indicates the height of the seaside. In this part of our hiking trip, the altitude will rise from 270 meters to 604 meters. With the rising of altitude, we feel panting in exhaustion, but as we look back at the parking lot, the scenery in front of us is more desirable. Because in the high mountains, we can already see part of the scenery of the distant fjord. The various lakes in the rolling forests of high mountains also show us another version of the scenery of lakes and mountains. The scenery of lakes is reflected in the scenery of mountains.

Although the dark clouds in the sky are still piling up, and even though we can feel the stronger wind coming from the high mountains, the God didn't rain all the way, so he took care of us. After about 100 minutes of hiking, we arrived at the preaching stone scenic spot in Luther fjord after passing a large open granite hillside. Although I have seen the picture of this preaching stone for many times, I was shocked by its magnificent towering on the fjord sea for the first time. With a height of 604 meters, the natural beauty here is absolutely shocking.

Standing on the rock plane of the broad preaching stone, facing the straight height, it is a shock from the side, a terror from the top, a enjoyment from the top, and a magnificence from the wide view. The quiet fjord seems to flow quietly under our feet. Occasionally, a cruise ship swims from below, which is so small that people can hardly feel the existence of the cruise ship. Compared with the hadowell fjord and Songen fjord that we have seen in Bergen, although there are not many beautiful landscapes on both sides of the LUser Fjord, we can appreciate the well-known fjord beauty of Norway in another way from the high altitude. What I feel at this moment is: it's worth the trip.

Tourists from all over the world, on the uneven plane of the limited sermon stone, try their best to get close to the edge of the rock, so that they can combine their figure with the fjord more perfectly and keep them in their camera or mobile phone memory. Looking around, there are standing, sitting, lying, dancing and lying, but the pleasure of excitement is to release and display. Although the wind on the stone is very strong and sometimes it feels unstable, people are still reluctant to part with it. Apart from taking photos, most of the tourists are still sitting in the shelter nearby. After taking photos, we found a rock to take shelter from the wind and sat down safely. Facing the unforgettable natural beauty of this life, we ate the fruits and bread we carried with us and talked about our inner happiness again. After a lot of hard work and great physical strength, it's very worthwhile to watch such beautiful scenery. This is the meaning of tourism life.

After visiting the sermon stone, we started the return hiking down the mountain. Because most of the hiking trails are original stone roads, and there are often streams flowing through the mountains, the uneven stone surface is slippery due to humidity. On the way down, I slipped and fell because I didn't step steadily. Fortunately, there was no accident. However, we stepped on every step more carefully, so that the speed of down would not be much faster than that of up. In addition to climbing Wuzhi Mountain in Hainan Province, we seldom encountered walking on such a primitive trail in the past. There are a lot of tourists here, including many Chinese tourists, so you can always hear the familiar local accent along the way.

When I went up the mountain, I was full of hope, because there was still some space to see the blue sky in the sky at that time. When I went down the mountain, I was full of joy, but the sky was completely covered by fast-moving dark clouds. Moreover, the thickness of floating clouds is increasing, and the wind in the mountains is also gradually increasing. It's a bit like rain is coming, and the wind is full of buildings. At the moment, we are very grateful to God from the heart for his kindness to us today. It rained continuously last night, but it cleared up for a while this morning, and let us successfully arrive at the preaching stone to see the beautiful scenery. If it's raining, it's really daunting to walk on such a difficult trail. With the passage of time and the change of weather, we are more worried about the rain, so we try to speed up our pace.

Finally, we arrived at the preacher parking lot. Coincidentally, it began to rain about 20 minutes after we arrived. God is so proud. We took the return bus to leave the sermon stone parking lot in the rain. Many tourists took this bus, and the corridor was full of tourists. The bus company arrived at Taiyu Wharf in about 20 minutes. At this time, the rain was getting heavier and the ferry had not arrived. We waited on the bus for more than ten minutes and boarded the ferry from Tayu to Stavanger in the rain.

The ferry arrived at Stavanger wharf after about 40 minutes' driving. At this time, the rain seemed to be much less in the sky. In the harbor near Stavanger wharf, we saw the oil drilling ships moored and the oil storage tanks on the shore. According to the information, after the 1970s, due to the development of the North Sea Oilfield, Stavanger became a base for the maintenance and logistics of oil and gas field facilities and ships. Therefore, Stavanger is also known as Norway's famous "North Sea oil capital". The oil and gas production here affects every Norwegian's life. After landing, we made a detour to visit the old town of Stavanger. Unfortunately, it didn't go far. Light rain began to gather in the sky again. So I bought persimmon peppers, mushrooms, lettuce and grapes at the roadside shops and then went back to the hotel as soon as possible.

[2015] entering Norway 10: Luther fjord

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